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Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

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Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire is the eponymous restaurant from the French Michelin-starred chef and one of the founding forces of the molecular movement of gastronomy. The menu, like the restaurant experience itself, is characterised by delight in the unexpected and a constant element of surprise. From the surrealist touches in the decor (watch out for that narrowing corridor to the bathrooms, and the mirrors inside), to the elegant sense of theatre invoked by exceptional serving staff, Reflets occupies a plain of its own in Dubai. Service is impeccable; performed with a warm tone, an imperceptible anticipation of a diner’s desires and a practiced flourish that increases the wow factor of the food. The menu, which changes regularly in accordance with the French seasons, contains multi-faceted dishes rich in flavour. Expect variations in texture and outlandish combinations of ingredients – although some can require a little benefit of the doubt. Within this feminine setting, the rococo combination of chandeliers and mirrors, in purple tones, creates an intimate and sensual space, ideal for the sorts of occasions; where memories are made.
Open daily 7pm-11pm. InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Festival City (04 701 1111).

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Posted by: hashaam sheikh on 04 Mar ' 14 at 16:18

one of the best restaurants in dubai!! amazing food.

Posted by: marina on 30 Jan ' 14 at 13:13
  • Best for: Romantic

We go to Reflets once or twice a year and have been for the last 5 years. I am afraid to say that it has gone from WOAW to BOF (as the French say).
At first everything was perfect; attentive service, incredible tasting menu, wonderful setting...

Over the years there has been a evident decline - to name a few issues: the tasting menu has been reduced, the service is a lot less attentive (e.g. waiting an eternity for the sommelier to take the wine order and a further 20 minutes for the bottle to arrive, having half of a dining party served and their food explained while the rest sit with no food, having staff who struggle to articulate the complex food which is being served).

It is still a very nice restaurant, but a far cry from its flawless debuts.

And to add insult to injury if you happen to be there when Chef Gagnaire is there too, do not expect any small talk or social mingling. In fact, if you get a mumbled "bonsoir" you will be lucky!

All in all, a disappointing result as Reflets used to be one of THE best restaurants in Dubai.

Posted by: Matthieu Fassy on 15 Feb ' 13 at 08:16
  • Best for: Romantic

‘C'est si bon’, lovers say that in France when they thrill to romance It means that it's so good! Yes, Reflets by Pierre Gagnaire is never a disappointment and as time passes, just like a good wine his chef Olivier Biles improves and matures… Surprising, original, creative, the ‘Menu de la Saint Valentin’ was smashing!!! I was stunned by the ‘Cockles velouté with water cress, lichette of pata negra’, blown away by the ‘Scallops from Normandie in a suc of Calvados cider, lichette of farmhouse camembert cheese’ and bewildered by the ‘Filet and pascaline of veal Demi-Deuil’ generously accompanied with some grated Black Truffle! I am not that much of a fan of deserts in general especially after a hearty meal but the ‘Brittany sable with wild strawberries’ closed the party very lightly and elegantly! As for the wine pairing there was no ‘faux pas’ and I was thrilled to discover a fresh Roussane, Cuilleron 2010 as well as a powerful Californian Pinot noir 2006 (Morgan “Twelves Clones”). Voila!!! On top of that flawless culinary experience, the service was impeccable!!! ‘Chapeau Bas’ to whole Team for the show and thank you so much to Olivier and Hugo you guys really rock!!! C’est si bon la Vie en Rose!

Posted by: Tina on 14 Feb ' 13 at 04:53
  • Best for: Romantic

Im no food critic, but that was by far the worst experience I have ever had and I paid 1,250/- for it.
A piece of lamb that was 90% fat, a chocolate mousse that was raw and "potato gratin"...Im sorry but that was sand.
What felt like a pooly managed franchise fell short to Dubai pearls like Gary Rhodes and Table 9 by Nick and Scott. Puff pastry...really?
Worst part, I left the restaurant telling the manager I had a good night.

Posted by: Katy on 27 Jun ' 12 at 22:02
  • Best for: Business lunch

Amazing food , Wonderful Restaurant and Highly Professional Staff!!!
I'll be back soon and suggest to everyone!!

Posted by: JB on 31 Jan ' 12 at 13:44
  • Best for: Romantic

An unforgettable experience, from the pleasure of the eyes to the pleasure of eating this place is the best in town far away from any other which becomes “Bistro” instead of restaurants ! I am not even talking about the Chateau Monbrison we had which was a nectar.... Special thanks to the assistant manager who was extremely nice with us until we leave the place (at half past midnight !!!)
Cant wait to go back with an event to celebrate !

Posted by: Gigi on 13 Jun ' 11 at 05:51
  • Best for: Romantic

Food was on par with Gagnaire's London restaurant Sketch more than his eponymous 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. The decor was also quite Sketch-inspired, with kitsch pink chandeliers and completely mirrored toilets. We had the "grand menu" composed of 7 dishes and though the gambas dish was uninspiring and had only a few measly mini-gambas in a broth that made it seem like pub food more than anything. The other dishes, however, were sublime, including a wonderful pigeon main course and an inventive cheese course. Our maitre d' and sommelier were both very knowledgeable and service was generally good, except for one instance where the gentleman with the digestif cart kept ignoring my girlfriend's request to have a cognac, instead insisting on fruity schnapps which were "more pleasing to women". When she insisted that she wanted a cognac, he then suggested an Armagnac because it had slightly more "feminine flavors" and that she would like it more. A very odd (and somewhat sexist?) misstep coming at the end of what was otherwise excellent service. Will definitely go again: though you pay a lot you never feel cheated as the cuisine is one of the best in Dubai, the portions are generous and you are constantly given free things to nibble on.

Posted by: Moza on 20 May ' 11 at 21:50
  • Best for: Business lunch

The best French cuisine in Dubai so far!
Highly recommended, everything I had was so tasty and nicely cooked!

Posted by: Lars on 28 Apr ' 11 at 08:09
  • Best for: Romantic

I have been traveling for a while and I have seen a few restaurants out there. However the Reflets certainly is among the best. Outstanding service, decent and prompt attentiveness, fascinating quality and perfect ambiance. A truly unique experience and certainly the best Restaurant in the UAE.

Posted by: Zain Al Thawadi on 26 Apr ' 11 at 08:50
  • Best for: Romantic

From the second we arrived in, to the very last second we left, we were attended by the most wonderful staff and service. The food is a work of genius. The experience was astonishing, and we are so lucky to have access to it in the GCC. This is something we will be talking about for the rest of our lives.


Posted by: Danielle on 07 Apr ' 11 at 15:35
  • Best for: Romantic

The service is impeccable. I have visited twice, and the staff remembered me! Incredible commitment to their job, and always unfailingly polite, with a smile on their faces and a genuine interest in your welfare. The food is always beautifully presented, and innovative, with combinations that I have never seen before, and I am experienced in the art of fine dining. While not for those on a budget, the value of the meal is most definitely worth it, as it is not a meal, but an experience. The decor is stunning, so different, and sets it on a higher level than other Dubai restaurants. I cannot wait to return.

P.S. Service starts from the moment you step out of the private elevator into the restaurant to getting your car from the valet.

Posted by: Gareth Hopkins on 01 Apr ' 11 at 06:33
  • Best for: Family friendly

We had a family birthday celebration here a day after they won their restuarant award, which was well deserved. I have not experienced service like it in Dubai or for that matter in some of the so called well to do establishments in London. Hats off to the Maitre'd, the Sommelier and their well trained staff.
I don't mind paying extra for the kind of art in the form of food served up here, which sacrificed nothing in taste or quantity at the expense of aesthetic presentation.
Absolutely, outstanding. Others in Dubai should aspire to achieve the same to justify their price tag but without the delivery of all round quality!

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 19 Feb ' 11 at 17:36
  • Best for: Romantic

My wife and I came here on the 17th of Feb. to experience what the best of European restaurant has to offer without burning too big a hole in the pocket, so we settled for a 3 course business lunch.
My red lunch wine was a mixture 3 different wines of which 2 distinctive ones which I could appreciate were Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The mocktail ordered came in 3 shot glasses of different coloured juices made from never heard of combinations of fruit and vegetables. The colour and presentation was wonderful.
The amouse bouche were exactly that and came as 3 different preparations to savour.
Then came 3 different preparations of sweet onions. One of these was changed to a succulent lamb steak as in view of mushroom allergy which was taken note of beforehand.
Main dish was seabass. Here the flavour was distinctly lacking which was a surprise, this being the main course. Rice or some other side dish was desirable here.
3 different sweet treats. One with pistachio beat the rest. To bring the event to an end chocolate truffle and chocolate mascarpone were presented.
The service was non intrusive and thankfully devoid of "how is the food", to which you can only mumble one thing unless you're really upset and don't mind being nasty.
Would like to come again and try out from either the a la carte or special Chefs menu.

Posted by: devourbyk on 01 Feb ' 11 at 12:50
  • Best for: Romantic

I love this restaurant and have been there several times since the opening and it has never dissapointed.

Truly magical gastronomic experience.

Posted by: Jessica on 06 Nov ' 10 at 07:44
  • Best for: Romantic

The most spectacular restaurant in Dubai by a mile!
The food was exceptional, service outstanding the overall experience was unforgettable. From the greeting at the door you know you are in for something really special. This restaurant is the perfect place for a special occasion or if you really want to treat yourself to fine dining at its best.The pace was set so that we could take in all the flavours and experience.
The Manager Dennis has created a fantastic attentive team who are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
We will be back!

Posted by: ANNA on 27 Oct ' 10 at 11:41
  • Best for: Business lunch

I just had the most beautiful lunch today..2 years now in Dubai and I must say it is one of the best experience... really amazing. everything was excellent....taste, presentation and service. And top it all, Chef Pierre was there today to say hello!

Posted by: Marc on 26 Oct ' 10 at 07:15
  • Best for: Romantic

Amazing experience, especially that Pierre Gagnaire himself was there...

Posted by: Stefan on 01 Oct ' 10 at 14:13
  • Best for: Brunch served

For a romantic, friendly gastronomic dinner that's the place in the Middle East... Incredible service.. Incredible food experience comparable with the best tables in NYC, Paris, Tokyo or London really international high end standards. For lunch or for brunch (180 dhs ONLY !!) you can have a sample of the magic of among one of the best French cuisine in 2010...
A must try place !!

Posted by: UAE Monticristo on 25 Jul ' 10 at 18:58

i have been three times to the Reflets Restaurant i can garantty you its worth your time and experience for your taste buds.

the chef never faile's to amaze you with the menu. and the restaurant assitent manager Mr. Dennis Tels, is always there to fix or even to make sure yo are getting your oney's worth for this exqusite culunery expeience.

as for the review for Mr. Ahmed i can only say its a shame that your not at the level to understand true michlen star restaurant experience.

i can definetly garantee that this will not be my last eperience at this restaurant.

Posted by: Ahmed on 23 Jul ' 10 at 12:16

The service was amazing ,but the food was disappointing.
In general, I didn't understand anything from the menu which made me asking the waiters for help. They were helpful and too chatty.
The food was like little bits with unbalanced mixture btween seafood to lame to cheeses. I paid more than 1,200 Dhs without alcohol drinks. I think the food was overpriced.
Honestly.. I lost my trust with "timeout" recommendations.

Posted by: Liewy (UK) on 14 Jul ' 10 at 12:55
  • Best for: Romantic

The highlight of a recent visit to Dubai. Food and service were nothing short of AMAZING!! Myself and my company opted for the tasting menu. Each course was exciting, imaginative and perfectly executed.
This was the meal of my life....so far. Pretty sure it will be hard to top!!
Many thanks to the staff and long may you success continue!! An absolute must visit for anyone visiting Dubai!!!

Posted by: Dimo Valev on 17 Jun ' 10 at 09:41
  • Best for: Romantic

“Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire” is an absolutely amazing and unique experience you should try at least once in your life. We enjoyed every single minute spent in this magic place, where harmony and perfection meet together. Each dish was a pleasure for the eyes and the palate, and this faerie of sensations was complemented by the great wine selection. The notion of time disappeared completely, and we felt like floating on the waves of happiness.

Special thanks to Mr. Dennis Tels, the assistant manager, and to all the other people from the restaurant who made our stay unforgettable.

Posted by: Lena on 23 May ' 10 at 11:05
  • Best for: Romantic

Sublime experience, the food exquisite and the service impeccable, each perfect dish perfectly balanced in flavours and texture. The wine list can be intimidating but super-friendly sommelier is on hand to guide you through.
The décor is beautiful, tables set far apart so ideal for a romantic evening.

All in all perfect and by far the best restaurant in Dubai – the only reason I wont return is I cant afford to!

Posted by: Noor on 06 Apr ' 10 at 17:37
  • Best for: Romantic

We had a great experience here. I especially appreciated the non alcoholic Champagne.....and the story behind each dish....
yes you will pay much more for the chicken dish in this restaurant and the reason: the chicken in reflets is given a whole room to run in rather than congest so many in one place !!! This is one of the stories they will tell you.
Not to forget about the drop of aged soya sauce...aged for how long? 50 years!!
Nice experience but prepare for the huge bill (in our case 1900 dhs a dinner for 2)
Oh yeah.....they dont mention the prices in their menu....otherwise you will jump out of the window before the start of the meal.....!

Posted by: Thomas Norberg on 05 Mar ' 10 at 15:52
  • Best for: Romantic

Out of this world. French Three Star Michelin finally arrives in Dubai.

Posted by: Thomas Norberg on 05 Mar ' 10 at 15:48
  • Best for: Business lunch

Great Food. Great Service. Sets the standard for fine dining in Dubai. Restaurant Director, Etienne Haro is on the top of his game.

Posted by: Jean-Louis on 31 Oct ' 09 at 11:26
  • Best for: Business lunch

Reflet's business lunch is an amazing bargain. It is everything you might expect from a three-star Michelin chef. We are lucky to have this restaurant in Dubai. We will be indulging in the amazing 3 course menu at least once a month. Amazing experience, food and service. You can understand why this restaurant is ranked in the top 100 in the world. (Number 100 on the list, actually)

Posted by: Andrew on 26 May ' 09 at 09:12
  • Best for: Romantic

Simply outstanding food and service. Wine prices were on a par with other restaruants in Dubai - though the wine flight which could be chosen to accompany the tasting menu was excellent value given the quality of the wines on offer. Wait staff were excellent and knew all the details of the food and wine.

Posted by: Ali on 15 Feb ' 09 at 08:08
  • Best for: Romantic

This was an adventure, unique dishes, very brave ingredients and fantastic wines. If you want top quality food from a diverse menu then this is for you. The service was also very good and the sommelier was outstanding! Can't wait to go back.

Posted by: bobby chops on 23 Oct ' 08 at 07:05
  • Best for: Romantic

Amazing. Has to be the first port of call when Mitchelin start handing out stars. Wine prices, as everywhere in Dubai, lets it down on the value. Special praise for the Enter The Dragon-style toilets. Certainly somewhere everyone should visit for tea, Mr Braithwaite.


Highly Commended