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Armani/Amal, as you might expect, is by far the most stylish Indian restaurant in Dubai. Once you’ve worked out where it lies amid the honey-tone walls of Giorgio’s minimalist first hotel, you are invited to have a mini mocktail in the peaceful bar area, before being seated either under one of the large low-flying lamps inside, or under a canopy on the terrace outside, overlooking the sparkling lights of Downtown and the Dubai Fountain. Service is also professional and slick without being intimidating or intrusive: waiters are present when you need them and gone when you don’t. The food itself is similarly sophisticated: beautifully presented and sumptuous, and, refreshingly for an Indian restaurant in Dubai, portion sizes are manageable. Expect flavourful curries with rich, creamy sauces and innovative combinations. Our only complaint? The menus stand out as shabby in the surrounds – but, thankfully, this is something one can easily get over once the food mentioned upon them is delivered to your table.
Open daily 7pm-11pm. Armani Hotel Dubai (04 888 3444)

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Posted by: Rahul Chokshi on 25 May ' 13 at 22:50

Brilliant Food, amazing ambiance & attentive staff!
Keep it up!

Posted by: Govind Rao on 15 Nov ' 12 at 07:08
  • Best for: Romantic

We recently visited Amal as there have been a fair amount of views and reviews expressed. So my wife and decided to check it out for ourselves.

It was a weekend and I made the reservation around 7.00pm for a 9.30 pm dinner. As a part of the standard Modus operandi with most restaurants , they do not guarantee you outside seating on the terrace, but assure you of the same if available.

Now the whole experience will be much more enjoyable only if you manage to secure terrace seating. We were fortunate on the particular evening and did get a great table bang in the centre of the terrace seating area..

When you first walk into the restaurant, you are warmly welcomed to a plush waiting area and offered a complimentary wellcome drink while your table is being readied for you.

You are soon ushered to your table along a warmly done interior of the restaurant to the outside terrace area seating. Now the first thing that hits you is the awesome ambience and the fantastic views of the down town area and the dancing fountains. Frankly the view alone is worth a million bucks. And with weather being what is right now, it was simply perfect.

And now lets talk about the main subject, the food. The menu is extensive with lots of options to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes.They even have a selection of set menus with or without matching grape beverages. Being vegetarians we opted for the set vegetarian option and were not disappointed.

The set vegetarian option kicks off with a platter of 5 starters to be shared by 2 persons. You get choice of grilled paneer (cottage cheese)stuffed with nuts that just melts in your mouth, grilled hara bhara kebabs which are simply exquisite and so many more.

This is followed by a selection of 5 main dishes, each better than the other. As matter of fact, I can say without the slightest hesitation, that this is best Indian cuisne I have tastedi in the UAE. And trust me, being a restauranteur (Sydney) myself , I know what I am raving about.. The mains included Hyderabadi aubergine, Black lentils, paneer, and a couple more very creative dishes.

At this stage we were really stuffed but were enjoying our meal so much that we could not resist the desserts.Once again you get a selection of 5 desserts and man it was an expeerience by itself.

FYI the service was warm, friendly and at same time not obtrusive. The floor staff are knowledgeable and know just what to recommend once they have sussed out your preferances. They also have an amazing list of grspe beverages to go with your meal.

The set vegetarian meal is for AED 325pp while the non vegetarian option is for AED 350pp. A decent bottle of of the grape beverage starts around the 300-350 mark. So an evening at AMAL should set you back around 1K. But it is most certainly well worth it.

So on the whole it was a very enjoyable evening. We are looking forward to our next visit soon. Would I recommend it ............MOST DEFINITELY YES!

My 2 bits worth of advice........Dont wait for an occassion......Make your meal at AMAL the occassion.

Posted by: Fatima on 24 Oct ' 12 at 06:03
  • Best for: Family friendly

Truly amazing service and food. The staff were very knowledgeable about the menu and the food served, also the waiter's recommendation on what to eat was spot on! What I really enjoyed is that you can see the kitchen from where you are sitting and can see the chefs preparing your meal. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the fountain in Downtown Dubai. Simply a wonderful experience overall and would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine.

Posted by: Raj on 12 Apr ' 12 at 01:37

We went there for our anniversary and were disappointed by the service. We didn't want a big surprise or any major special treatment but a mere acknowledgement of our annivesary from the staff would have sufficed and made us feel that they also care about our special day.
We have been married for 10 years and have always gone to fine restaurants for our anniversary and specials occassions whether it be in Dubai, the UK or other countries.
At all venues and on all occasions the staff made an effort and wished us a happy anniversary.
I thought I'll book at the Armani Hotel this year. We had heard a lot positive feedback about the great food and customer service at the hotel but I am sorry to say it wasn't up to our expectations.
The food was good nothing exceptional but the service was a big disappointment. We wouldn't go back.

Posted by: vinod mani on 16 Mar ' 12 at 17:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: vinod mani on 16 Mar ' 12 at 17:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Sonal on 12 Jan ' 12 at 12:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

We are very regular to Amal. When are we go to Amal we are amazed. Most of the staffs know our family very well and also knows our preference. Without ordering anything, they bring what we need. Which is very personalized service. Sitting in the terrace over looking the Dubai fountain, this is the best place to spend the evening with your family and friends. Staffs are always very welcoming and accommodating. Chef and the Manager visit all the tables which is also highlight of this place. Thumps up to Amal.

Amal is the Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai.....

Posted by: SS on 26 Dec ' 11 at 08:46
  • Best for: Family friendly

We went to celebrate our daughter's birthday on 25th Dec. Nothing special for Christmas. The welcome drink iced mint tea was superb. Food quality was good, but the Naan was very dry. The Biriyani and panneer dish were very good. But the portion of Raita is too little n just enough for not even 2 people. We were 4 and had to order a second..........

No finger bowls or sweet supari or sugar candy served at the end.

Overall the ambience is good and the attendants are very respectful and well trained.

Posted by: bebe on 28 Jul ' 11 at 20:45
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Jassem on 24 Jul ' 11 at 20:20
  • Best for: Romantic

Of course i will recomment this Fine restaurant to my friends and colleagues.
Because I went to Amal to celebrate my 7th Wedding anniversary with my wife.From the entrace until we finish the meal the whole experience was fantastic. We started to have the welcome drinks in the entrance which was very nice ice tea. And then we ordered the Fish jalfrezi, Tandoor chicken,chicken curry and the garlic naan, we also ordered gulab jamun and carrot halwa for dessert, all the dishes were delicious. And dessert presentation were very good however carrot halwa portion is very small. At the end amaizingly they ( staffs) came to know that it was our anniversary they gave us nice cake with happy anniversary on it. we were surprised with that final touch that shows they are very professinal and it is Armani touch.

And it was not that expensive as you think about Armani Amal, It was only AED620 for 2 people and I also got 25% discount on my bill by paying by Visa card so I end up of paying only AED 465 for the fantastic dinner in Amal.

So it's your time to dine and experience Armani Amal

Posted by: Shaun on 23 Jul ' 11 at 08:15

I had read the reviews of the others on this page, and almost didn't go to this restaurant because of them, but that would have been a huge mistake. The service was exquisite from the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left. We were treat incredibly well, the staff were attentive and I never once had to pick up the water or wine bottle to refill my own glass - they were always there before me.
The food was good - good sized portions for sure and the tastes were divine - I'm not sure who Timeout sent to review this, but I disagree - the food was nice and spicy and had a nice zing to it.
Yes, its costly - the bill was over 1000AED for two there, so not somewhere you go every day of the week, but for the experience, the food and the excellent service, this is definitely worth checking out

Posted by: Syed on 22 Jun ' 11 at 07:53

Would anyone know the portion size for curries, biryani and accompaniments (daal makhni)? How many people would each be good for?

Posted by: SALIL on 21 Mar ' 11 at 12:39

Outstanding experience - each of the 4-5 occasions we dined !! Staff was courteous (being regular may have helped, though slightly). Great views of the Dubai Fountain thru the meal. The 'No children' policy is what they definately need to reconsider. The best part of Amal is but of course the food - hats off for a simply superb Vegetarian spread. We were quite surprised the first time, as we expected the typical average food dished out at any swanky/upmarket restaurant - esp. an Armani @ the Burj. For the price & experience - 2 thumbs up! A must eat for any Indian vegetarian at least; try it - you WILL love it ! Cheer$

Posted by: gagan on 19 Mar ' 11 at 14:11
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Sanih on 15 Feb ' 11 at 08:38
  • Best for: Romantic

had a wonderful time...as it was valentines i had requested for a terrace but as it was closed due to windy conditions they arranged a table next to the window so that we could have a view of the dancing fountain.
staff was very quick in service and always around...

Posted by: komal on 28 Jan ' 11 at 07:09

Posted by: RR on 20 Jan ' 11 at 18:27

Kids not allowed.............. how weird. A Family restaurant only for adults...... can someone justify pls .......

Posted by: karl on 24 Dec ' 10 at 13:27
  • Best for: Romantic

Reading some of the negative reviews,i took me a while to visit this restaurant and i am happy to say that my own experience was just perfect, sitting on the terrace with my partner with the best fountain and burj khalifa view in dubai though they need to improve little bit of light on the terrace.
the waiters were very attentive and knew what they were doing..extyremely polite and make you feel very special.
food was modern indian and not so much of fusion as expected and the flavors definately justify the whole theme of the restaurant.
i was also informed that AMAL won the Gulf connosieur award for the best fine dining restaurant in the middle east and it does justify that.
i thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would recommend you to try the Armani Amal experience......

Posted by: Rahul on 30 Aug ' 10 at 19:28

An overrated restaurant to begin with. The service & ambience was the only thing that was top notch and expected from a fine-dine/gourmet restaurant like such.
As far as food is concerned, it would of a very sub-standard quality. I ordered a veg & non-veg starter. The veg was fairly decent, but the grilled chicken was horrible. It came poorly cooked for the first time and we sent it back, the second time also it came equally bad and some pieces were actually part-raw (pink color meat).
We left after the starters and went elsewhere to eat the remaining course of meal.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there.

Posted by: jrr on 05 Jul ' 10 at 21:41
  • Best for: Business lunch

The restaurant itself has a good location, with a lovely view. While the food was good, it was nothing different from other high-end Indian restaurants that cook food with ingredients more palatable towards intercontinental tastes.

What really left me, and my group, disappointed was the manager. Being a fellow Indian, we found him to be quite rude and tend toward the belief that his actions are racially motivated.

We made arrangements for dinner, on the 5th of July, for a group of 45 people consisting of men, women and children. Now, if you're in a large group you cannot expect us to sit on our chairs and socialise, so obviously, we were standing around our tables for quite some time.

For some reason, the manager had problem with this. He approaches our group, opens the balcony door, and with a condescending tone asks us to move outside if we would like to continue standing. In my opinion, that is no way to treat your customer, especially, if your customer is the group that dwarfs the only other 2 tables being served during that evening. Two members of my group argued with him, and questioned his reasoning. We asked if he would have the audacity to ask us to move outside if we were Emirati nationals, to which he replied "Yes, indeed I would". I don't want to comment any further.

While his claim maybe legitimate, I completely disagree with it. We were not being disruptive, we were merely chatting amongst ourselves, which we could not possibly do if sat at different tables.

I will stick by my ratings, and I will admit that they may have a negative bias. Purely because of this incident, he ruined what could have been a joyous evening. Not only has this damaged my impression of Amal as a restaurant, but as it was my first time to the Armani Hotel, I have a negative impression of Armani as lifestyle brand, and because of this I would never recommend this restaurant to anybody.

Posted by: Raj on 29 Jun ' 10 at 07:57

I was looking for a family dinner over there, but at the time of booking I was told that they will not be able to accomodate children below the age of 10 years. Surprising, that meant that families are not invited. Never mind, try other family and kid friendly places.

Posted by: mukund dee on 09 Jun ' 10 at 08:29
  • Best for: Romantic

i would definately recommend this restaurant, my experience definately lived up to the expectations....evening satrted with refreshing welcome drink and nice little starter.
starters presentation is just spot on, creative, neat and all indian look and bursting with flavours.
my maincourse- lamb shank was a treat with pickled potaoes, fish jalfrezi was fiery and balanced with lot of flavors along with the best veg. tasting saag aloo and lentils.
service staff was active, london trained chef veejay was extremely courteous to look after us and making sure that we were happy with the food.
desserts again were delight,coconut mousse with saffron bread was the best...something i never tried before in the indian restaurant.
overall, a winning formula, indian rest. in armani hotel- burj khalifa tower.

Posted by: vinasksh on 21 May ' 10 at 13:20

wonderful...amazing restaurant...the best one in the town....views...food and ambience...superb!