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Treasured Hindi singer Asha Bhosle’s restaurant, winner of Time Out Dubai’s Best Indian award last year, does away with tradition in favour of creating a modern, contemporary space. It’s all dark oranges, browns and deep reds, colours reminiscent of the East, and the restaurant’s low lighting and soothing background music affords a cosy romantic intimacy. There were few surprises on the menu when we last visited – expect butter chicken and Khadai paneer alongside goshts and masalas – however, at the time of writing, the list was being revamped. But rest assured, care and attention goes into each dish, from their preparation to the background stories that accompany some of them on the menu. Knowledgeable, proud staff will also explain them to you in further detail, should you still be undecided. The quality of food is of fine dining standard, but you won’t feel the sting of fine dining prices when the bill arrives. It’s a wonderful restaurant with outstanding food, that’s well worth a visit.
Open daily 7pm-midnight. Pyramids at Wafi, www.pyramidsrestaurantsatwafi.com (04 324 4100).

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Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 17 Sep ' 15 at 07:53

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

Visited during the coastal festival on 9.8.2015. The sesame prawn served with tamarind sauce was good. The Dakshin salmon tikka was average and didn't justify the price tag. Service was better this time, didn't have to struggle to get noticed. Sesame prawn(6 pieces): AED 45 Dakshin Salmon tikka (4 pieces): AED125 Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc; AED 55.

Posted by: Nimesh on 11 Aug ' 13 at 10:59

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

We just 'ended' up there to be honest because we were looking for a good place to go for some North Indian dining. To be fair, the service and the ambiance were really good but the food was very average and too expensive for no reason. And they were really oily. I wonder what Asha had to do with food, more than the rest of us? Quite a miss-able place in my view.

Posted by: murli on 19 Feb ' 13 at 18:19
  • Best for: Family friendly

espicially after hearing the below bad reviewsss...................

Posted by: Arif on 30 Jan ' 13 at 21:38

The food is awfully expensive and tasteless. I would not recommend this restaurant to any one.

Posted by: JD on 01 Jan ' 13 at 16:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

As advised by management, Asha's is not an authentic Indian restaurant rather it is 'contemporary' Indian cuisine. That is highly debatable given the dishes on offer and presentation - names are 'athentic' Indian and so is the presentation - basic. Management should visit Indigo by Vineet Bhatia to get a feel of contemporary Indian food !

Moving on... visited Asha's (Wafi) thrice (mix of business dinners and family visits) and believe I have narrowed down on what to order. Stick to the non-veg kebab platter, daal makhani and roti/naan and AVOID everything else (if you are from the sub continent). On the other hand, my colleagues from the West love the food !

Posted by: Jassim on 06 Oct ' 12 at 06:17

We (Family of 7) went to the relatively newly opened Asha's at the Mall of Emirates yesterday.

Being a friday night, the place was crowded but the hostess was really nice and managed to get us a nice enclosed place within 10 minutes.

Raj, the waiter attending to us was patient and helped us in picking the right dishes, especially important when ordering curries/gravy dishes since the base of most are common and you risk ordering similar tasting dishes.

We ordered malai chicken kabas (Excellent) and the prawn starters (Pathetic, tasted bland and was only palatable because it was deep fried and had a crunchy exterior).

The drinks (Mocktails, Lassi's and the fresh orange juice) were OK.

The three main dishes we ordered were a disaster (Methi Chicken, Laal Maas and Goan cashew chicken). The dishes were flat, tasteless and devoid of any flavour. The meat did not come across as fresh.

The breads (Naan/Tandoor Roti/Kulchas) were over baked and lacked flavour.

Towards the end of the dinner, the restaurant manager Pankaj approached us an enquired about the food and we gave our feedback to which the response was that the food is 'not authentic indian' 'contemporary' 'aimed at a wider customer base of arabs and other nationalities' who have a lower level of tolerance for spiced food.

I guess i will have to agree with Pankaj on this (No sarcasm intended), Asha's seems to be an upmarket and pleasant restaurant for the average diner who would like to try out Indian food. For an Indian/Pakistani diner this would be really flat and bland. I kind now understand how a Chinese/Italian/Mexican would feel if he/she visits one of these Chinese/Italian/Mexican restuarants in the US or India.

Overall we were happy with the ambience and the service but the food was very dissapointing.

Posted by: Kishore on 04 Jul ' 12 at 13:42
  • Best for: Business lunch

First time to Asha's place.........pretty good actually!

Posted by: Sanjay on 22 Jun ' 12 at 10:19

Very disappointed with food and service.

Equally disappointed on the Time Out Dubai award!
its time somebody should review the requirements for the award???

The food was below average, Tandoori rotis were horribly stale and hard to crack, after expressing our displeasure, delivered freshly prepared soft one. Service was below average, we ordered sheek kebab and they delivered tandoori chicken. No courtesy extended to replace on stating the wrong delivery???

Definately not value for money !!!

Only ambience/decor is good.

It was my birthday, and a spoilt treat for my friends and family after spending all the money...

Wake up Asha and Time Out, its TIME OUT

Posted by: ginelli on 11 May ' 12 at 20:42
  • Best for: Family friendly

Terrible, probably the worse Indian restaurant I've been to, probably ever.
It is unthinkable Timeout has given them a prize for Best Indian. There are only two options:
1) Timeout does not know much about food
2) A favour is being made to a friend
Although this is not the first time I've thought option 1 was the case, option 2 is the more probable scenario in this case.
Tarnishing your own branding and reputation to help a friend is not a good strategy to follow.....
Please stop losing credibility and recommend only truly good restaurants.

Posted by: Biswadarshan on 20 Feb ' 12 at 12:54
  • Best for: Family friendly

The Decor and service staff are definitly worth mentioning. But the food is below average and it is not at all value for money. Its surprising that this is supposed to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai...they should work on their food for sure...

Posted by: Marwan the local on 27 Nov ' 11 at 08:46
  • Best for: Business lunch

it used to be one of the best indian resturants at town but it seems that things have taken a turn for the worst.

I was there yesterday, we ordered Murgh Awadh Biryani and chicken tikka masala, the Biryani was great but the Masals was louzy.

Posted by: MK on 20 Nov ' 11 at 15:49
  • Best for: Family friendly

Seafood platter VERY GOOD;
Vegetable tandoori NOT GOOD - too dry, too less spices, find it hard to chew and swallow
Keema with secret spice recipe NOT GOOD
Dal Makhani VERY GOOD
Apple Jilebi NOT GOOD - it just sticks to the teeth, certainly not recommended at fine dining
Warm Chocolate pudding - GOOD - combination of chocolate pudding, Mango sorbet and Mango Syrup taste strange.
mmm....have to really think before visiting again.

Posted by: Cedric Braz on 14 Oct ' 11 at 13:26

Ashas MOE
Food - Baingan Barta - Bland n Green no one eat, Vegetable Masala- good flavour- Dhal Makhani - Too much cream and sweetish, Veg Biryani - the worst one could find in a fine dining restaurant-Had a korma like masala and was also sweet. ( overall food was heavy and oily)
The staff & Manager polite but displayed no customer service skills or concerns towards guest feedback.
A disapointing meal.

Posted by: Rajani Kanth on 16 Aug ' 11 at 08:32

Visited on my daughter's birthday on Aug 14, 2011.
Decor : was pretty good
Service : Was a bit slow. Had to try a lot to catch the waiter's attention
Food : Papads and mint chutney was very good and tasted even better as they were complimentary. We had ordered veg kebab platter which was two pieces each of seekh kebabs, paneer and some green colored starter tasting only of butter (i could not make out what it was). They were very bland.
The main food ordered were Hara baingan barta (supposed to be Asha's mai's favourite), Kadai veg, potato kulcha, paneer kulcha and gobi kulcha. The kadai veg. was ok. Though I personally liked the baingan barta, it was not liked by other members. The kulchas were heavy on the dough and light on the stuffings.
There was an additional service charge of 10% on the total bill. I dont know whether it is to correct on their part to charge the same. If somebody can elighten me.
The cost was generally high especially water. A large bottle costed AED 18, which i feel is atrocious.
The music was non-descript and there was lot of noise around.
Overall it was a pretty ordinary experience and I would recommend people to avoid it.

Posted by: Tanurag Nayyar on 14 Aug ' 11 at 07:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

Decor: Amazing
Service: Don't expect a quick delivery of your order. Although you will be attended to promptly.
Bar: Good
Music: Indian light music. Predominantly Asha's own numbers.
Price: High. Around 180 AED per person without drinks!
Value: Low

Posted by: anil gupta on 22 Jun ' 11 at 09:48

Horrid experience!
the barra kebab was served cold, and aloo mutter tikki was stick from inside. dania murg has no taste just boil chicken in a bland gravy, worse dal makhani i ever had it was too sweet. if you eat with your eye close you think you are eating dessert.
Dishes names are exotic but taste very bad
Waiters forget to bring cocktail and at the end give excuse
Worse Cocktail I ever had
When I spoke to manager (prasanth)he seems to careless, and arrogant. in place of lisening to me he said thankyou very much we are very busy please dont come back. i only went because i have the discount voucher but now I will never go back there even if they offer me free
and definitely not recommended to anyone.

Posted by: poikilo on 09 May ' 11 at 12:56
  • Best for: Family friendly

Buying a bottle of water in Asha's is equivalent to buying a subzi in a
moderately priced, good Indian restarsunt.

Posted by: Maryam on 16 Apr ' 11 at 15:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

amazing food, we ordered many different appetizers and main dishes, and they were all fantastic. Their tomato soup is also remarkable and tasty.

I celebrated my birthday there and the cake they got me tasted phenomenal, very rich, and very fulfilling.

Posted by: KS on 06 Apr ' 11 at 11:30

I went there for my birthday and it was the worst decision i would have ever made in my life. The decor and ambiance are deceptive to cover up for the pathetic food served there.
Sheer waste of time and money

Posted by: gaurav singh on 01 Apr ' 11 at 05:50
  • Best for: Family friendly

really had a very good time in asha's.loved it especially leg of lamb.really worth trying

Posted by: Ishmeet on 28 Mar ' 11 at 17:37
  • Best for: Romantic

The best resaturant ever visited, will recommend to others, the decor is wow, the ambience is wow, the service is good,
the food is great, will recommend others too...

Posted by: heena on 28 Mar ' 11 at 09:16
  • Best for: Family friendly

we had a wonderful meal last nite.i was invited by one of my friens's father and we were amazed by the hospitrality we got especially delhi devil is to die for.foos was good,cozy atmosphere and lovely waiter.it was one of the best dinning experience i had here in dubai coz i am on visit.definately will love to come back next time i am here.

Posted by: martin on 28 Mar ' 11 at 09:11
  • Best for: Family friendly

I have recently been to this new restaurant by a friends recommendation. It was a nice dinning experience for me and my friends. The food is different than other indian restaurants, the currys were amazing and the best biryani i ever had. Good hospitality

Posted by: Dhinakar Chandran on 21 Mar ' 11 at 07:46
  • Best for: Business lunch

Asha's used to be a great place for Indian cuisine with fine food, service and value for money. I guess the fame has taken its toll on this once fine restaurant. My last 3 visits to this place has been anything but a waste of money and time. The food still remains the only highlight of this place. The service and the attitude of the staff is anything but appalling. You don't even get greeted properly anymore. The waiters are never around and it is common sight to see guests trying hard to get the attention of the waiters. It is not like they do not have enough of them, but they are too slow and do not have the intention to provide prompt and courteous service. They act pompous and do not smile, show an urge for hastiness all the time that results in their obvious display of impatience. The food is served very late and almost cold too. Any negative feedback about service or the food to the waiter is met with no regret whatsoever. The pricing is ridiculously high. A lassi costs AED 34 and breads are AED 16 a piece. i don't think that needs any more comment. I will never return to this place again. Even for a corporate sponsored gathering, this place is not a choice. The money is better spent at another Indian fine dining places like Zaika, Ashiana, Options, Indego, etc.

Posted by: Kanchan Honrao on 19 Mar ' 11 at 13:33

Asha's at Wafi was one of my favourites and was looking forward to celebrate my 14th wedding anniversary.

However we were very disappointed with the place....Asha's at wafi has lost the exclusivity and its standards there is no consistency either in food or service.

the music played was pathetic loud remix punjabi pop on the ocassion of Holi..there was no holi songs or ashaji's songs..I was disheartned that my special eve was ruined by this venue....Aasha's at wafi was known for its FOOD SERVICE ...THE MUSIC AS IT REPRESENTS HER AND THE BRAND.

I truely wish that Ashaji reviews my comments or visits her resturant at wafi to see and feel the disaster....

The service was bad the staff could not hear our request or order as the music was loud ...similar to a pub....there was no sign or resemblence of the brand the place was just like any PUB....the food was bad salty ..

I would have preferred going to aquiet place rather then visiting a restuarant which has disguised in a PUB.

Me and my husband were sad that we choose this place to celebrate our special moment of our life. I would recommend all my frnds and family never ever visit this PUB....asha's at wafi was a disaster.

Posted by: Kaz on 09 Feb ' 11 at 05:47
  • Best for: Family friendly

Went there for the first time and it wasn't all that bad as put by some of the reviewers.
Appetizers were very good. Mixed Kebab Platter and Barrah kebab or gosht was very impressive. This itself was quite filling to begin with.
Ordered Daal Makhani (quite nice) and Butter Chicken Masala (alright) for the main course. One plate of bread is probably good for 2 ppl as we assumed 1 plate per person and ended up with lots of breads.
Service was good though it does take time for the meals to arrive but its not too bad if your in good company.
Bill for 4 cost us in the zone of 500dhs - excl. any juices or soft/hard drinks.

Being an Indian and not so much of a regular Indian diner, I would definitely put this up worth visiting atleast once.
As i said in the beginning, its not all that bad - Good family restaurant this is! Hope this helps

Posted by: Nikku on 19 Jan ' 11 at 11:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

Good food, especially the chicken tikka, daal makhani and butter chicken. Kabaabs are also amazing. I love the pappad with all the pickel...

Music is a bit loud.... However, I will go again for the sake of food only.. keep it up ashas.

Posted by: martin on 18 Jan ' 11 at 15:20
  • Best for: Family friendly

had a great evening yesterday...gr8 food and lovely ambience. will go back again.

Posted by: Rupa on 17 Jan ' 11 at 12:17

Horrible service, bad food, they were so bad that they had served us spoiled Ras Malai. When I got to their attention , they were not even sorry for it.
Waste of time and money

Posted by: Asyeh Abdelhamid on 03 Jan ' 11 at 09:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

Food is awesome, prices are resonable, friendly waiters
The best Indian food i have had.

Posted by: pratik on 26 Nov ' 10 at 11:48

beast food in town will go back again..

Posted by: martin on 26 Nov ' 10 at 11:34
  • Best for: Family friendly

its a beautiful restaureant....and i love the food its a best food in town

Posted by: Amit on 24 Nov ' 10 at 05:03
  • Best for: Family friendly

The experience that we had at Asha's for a family dinner was really bad. The food was lousy, cold and bland. The restaurant was freezing cold. It was amongst the worst experiences on eating Indian food. Its not the rist time we have been to Asha's but the quality for sure has deteriorated.

Posted by: Rowen Naicker on 09 Nov ' 10 at 13:31

I was once a staff member at Ashas's. It really makes me sad to see the poor comments that are posted here. When i was there back in 2003/04 the people loved us. I personally recieved a full 10 out of 10 from a Magazine journalist. I really am sad that the place as lost its class. I will however be back to 2011 to check this place out as a guest. watch this space!!

Posted by: rahul on 02 Oct ' 10 at 07:05

Food: anyone fond of kebabs would not enjoy them 'cold', we were served just that and on letting the staff know of the same....nothing happened. Then came the food which was warm although not steaming hot, something you would expect from food that's just come off the burner.
Staff: They've just been taught how to greet you but not how to address to customers concerns or evet serve them swiftly. It took them 10mins to get me ice for a warm lassi they served and on complaning for the cold-warm food-'i'm sorry, this is the best we can serve you'

In summary, inefficient staff, cold kebabs and warm lassi dont go well for any indian restraunt. Would not recommend.

Posted by: rafiq on 03 Sep ' 10 at 12:11
  • Best for: Romantic

i went to asha after a long time.but this time i enjoyed it again.wonderful staff piyali was our server.great food.best ever cocktail i had in indian restaurant.congrats to asha thai for such a wonderful restaurant.

Posted by: DansihJafri on 31 Jul ' 10 at 20:08
  • Best for: Family friendly

I went to Asha's with a free gift voucher... I found myself lucky that I didnt spend from my pocket to eat there. There are much better places in Dubai with half of the price charged in Asha's
Its the most expensive food in dubai and the fact is its not worth paying for the quality of food served.
The service was nice I didnt have any other issue. The food was OK butbut that delicious...
I wontrecomend anybody to go there with own pocket. You can go there for coorporate dinners etc but with own pocket NO WAY.

Posted by: payal on 18 Apr ' 10 at 09:28

i always go to asha's for the cocktail.but frw days back it was horrible...they have new bartender..worse cocktail taste .....asha's management should do something for that.food was very good .we has a b.day and it was lovely celebration..

Posted by: S_Iyer on 08 Mar ' 10 at 11:26

I couldn't agree more with some of the comments made by other customers. I was one time a regular at the place but always had to go through a nightmare trying to get a table. The food is nothing great and too pricy. Service is pathetic.

Posted by: Sabah on 14 Nov ' 09 at 10:37

The worst Indian food i have ever eaten in Dubai. Tasteless food. Service is bad. It takes ages for the food to arrive. The lights are so dim that one's eyesight wil surely become dim. Top it all super expensive. Sorry Ashaji but yr restaurant is horrible.
Please people dont waste yr money going there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Mrs Ali on 25 Oct ' 09 at 14:14
  • Best for: Romantic

had a great evening yesterday. Read the user reviews and was reluctant to go but i would have missed the gr8 food and lovely ambience. Service sure has changed at Asha's. they are very friendly and the one to one service gave a warm feel to our dinner. For a small group or couple....or and evening with your spouse, gf/bf gr8 place.

Posted by: Shreya Joseph on 10 Oct ' 09 at 09:24
  • Best for: Family friendly

We went to have a dinner for 2 in this restaurant. First time visit and the first impression was best. In this time of recession very rare to see restaurants full but that day night the restaurant was overflowing. it was a week day. we were surprised to see the crowd. on seeing the crowd, we decided to know what is there? We asked for a table but the staff couldnt find one immediately, and kindly asked us to wait in the bar till the time a table is available for us. we waited for about 30 minutes to get our table. the food was amazing and the service was impeccable. though the servers were running busy didnt compromise on anything in major. yes onething we found was the staff seemed to be short but our experience was great in this restaurant.
this could be our favourite restaurant in dubai. though we are yet to decide on one. a must visit indian restaurant in Dubai.

Posted by: Dany on 01 Oct ' 09 at 09:10
  • Best for: Business lunch


My friends and I used to be regulars of this initially excellent restaurant, which we dined at at least once a week. Then in late 2007, the new management started developing an "attitude" towards customers. You would call to book a table 10 minutes or 10 days in advance and they would give you the same lame answer like "oh sorry we're full all week but you can come around 11 pm and try your luck"... We then started going there without prior reservation to find out that often more than half the tables were empty and were not even occupied throughout our stay - on the many times they "miraculously" gave us a table after a 10 minute wait. They ofetn ask you if you'd like to wait at the bar, which, if you do, would yield better profits from the drinks they serve than from the food. Yesterday was the time we made the mistake of waiting at the bar and ordering drinks... We were told our wait would be 20-30 minutes because we had no reservation for a table for 3. Fine. As we were sipping on our drinks, a group of 3, who, like us, came in with no reservation and sat next to us at the bar. They order drinks and after 10 minutes, the head waitress comes to the bar, looks at them, then looks at us and decides to give them the next table. At this time we realized this restaurant obviously doesn't need to retain customers and decided we're better off having spending money somewhere else, where you'd get decent service and good food - which both can no longer be found at Asha's. On a side note, the bartender who prepared our drinks simply ignored our repeated order for poppadums but the entertaining part of our 45 minutes was watching one of the cooks through the kitchen window behind the bar licking his fingers while switching his hands between through the different ingredients...

On the brighter side of things, we ended up having a delicious Indian dinner at Zaika in Murooj Rotana. Excellent service, friendly staff, great food, and far better value for money.

Posted by: RAJESH on 08 Sep ' 09 at 20:24

You need an experience which will give you nightmares, proceed to Asha's. For the amount that you pay for food which in itself is mind bogling, the service that you get is outrageous. We a group of 10 family members on a very specail occassion with all enthusiasm and craving to visit Asha's landed up there and unbelievably had the worst expeirence of our life. We were seated in such a place which was near the entrance thereby paving the path towards the initial discomfort. There was absolutely no cooling and inspite of our repeated appeal, the support staff etc. preferred taking it into deaf ears. None of them even had the audacity to even comfort us. They didn't even seem to value their customers. Probably customer relationship management has to be taught to them. Overall the service that you get from them is disgraceful. The attendants are unreceptive & hostile. Mentioning about food, it was unsavory, flavorless. As an example even when you get into a simple restaurant, they offer us soaf an item which generally closes up the dine. In this case not only were we offered, but inspite of requesting, the staff around made it feel as it was a big task to get it along. It was a frustrating experience. Conclusively, it is not at all recommended to any one. Please do not venture into it even if you are Richie Rich. It is not at all a value for money.

Posted by: Ramesh on 01 Sep ' 09 at 14:02

We a group of 10 family members went to Asha's after prior booking, and were given a table near the main door. it was very hot ... we were asigned a person, but he was also attending to other 3 tables, service was very poor. when told that it is hot ... they did not mind. The waiters did not know how to serve... price of items are very high .... for roti's it costs 12 Dhs each, water 18 Dhs .. plain juice 25 dhs ... and with such a hopeless service, were were really bugged ,... with a bill of 1250 Dhs , with very little items ordered, with no satisfaction, it is a sheer waste of money

Posted by: Ajmal on 31 Jul ' 09 at 09:10

Nothing great....just over-hyped.....the food was just ok-ok....options are very less...

Posted by: Shweta on 31 May ' 09 at 08:02

Was very disappointed by Asha's especially since we were taking family who were visiting Dubai there for a special treat. They have very few options for the vegetarians at the table. The service is absolutely pathetic - there are not enough waiters to keep up with the tables on a busy Friday night. After we had finished our meal, we had to wait for an hour for them to get us one birthday cake and the bill. Overpriced and overhyped. WIll not be recommending this to anyone.

Posted by: paula reed on 20 Mar ' 09 at 10:32

i felt it is average in all aspects.

Posted by: miruna thoma on 18 Mar ' 09 at 22:34

Very mediocre in all stature

Posted by: charles edmund on 18 Mar ' 09 at 20:19

it startd well but now its gone

Posted by: Anil Khurana on 18 Mar ' 09 at 04:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

Excellent choice in Non-veg food, Veg could do with more varirty.

Posted by: ramesh on 17 Mar ' 09 at 19:43
  • Best for: Family friendly

Its ok but nothing great bout it,...


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