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Located in the Convention Centre at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Options by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor serves excellent Indian fare with panache. The interior might shock initially, with its plush seating, huge chandeliers and regal look, but it doesn’t matter when the food and service impress to no end. Familiar foods from the restaurants Kapoor runs feature without fault – the butter chicken is moreish, quite possibly the best you’ll find in the city and should not be missed. There are plenty of ‘options’ to choose from and staff are on-hand to help with recommendations. While it’s expensive, the quality of ingredients and overall experience makes this restaurant worth it, especially for special events like birthdays or anniversaries. And Kapoor has opened a second branch in the Mövenpick Hotel Deira, obviously catering to demand for the exquisite dishes served. Options is a must-visit for lovers of authentic Indian cuisine.
Open daily 12-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Ground floor, Convention Centre Office Tower, Dubai World Trade Centre. www.optionsdubai.com (04 329 3293).

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Posted by: Asha on 30 Nov ' 13 at 20:21
  • Best for: Business lunch

It was great night in options. Salute to sanjeev kapoor what a amazing restaurant and food. we had our staff party and every body liked and enjoy the meal. We would like to meet sanjeev kapoor on our next visit.

Posted by: Roland Marian DSilva on 09 Nov ' 13 at 07:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

9 of us were there last week as part of a mini office event. The food was 'decent to good' - 5 on scale of 10. I have had way better at 'street food' restaurants.

The service was spotty. Waiting staff were polite enough, but the standard was not what you would expect when paying USD 800 for 9 people (I have deducted the value of alcoholic beverages in this calculation). This is pricey by Dubai standards and you expect food and service to be well over par at these prices. Orders were forgotten and no apologies were offered - a big let down. Seems like they have a set of regulars and couldn't care less. By the end of the evening I was almost apologetic to our visitors from abroad.

This restaurant needs to up their game to justify what they charge. Latching on to a famous chef's name is not good enough. Needless to say, I will not be going back until I see better reviews....

Posted by: AJIT on 09 Aug ' 13 at 13:19

I had a nice & wonderful time with my family at OPTIONS to celebrate Eid.we will came back soon,

Posted by: JULIE on 09 Aug ' 13 at 12:54
  • Best for: Romantic

OPTIONS Friday brunch, i just love it, i was just waiting to over Ramadan to enjoy options Friday Brunch, thank you so much to whole team of OPTIONS, we will come back soon.

Posted by: Rinku Jatwani on 08 Aug ' 13 at 16:26
  • Best for: Family friendly

Thank you so much to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, I had a very nice ifter with my frienda & family... I had 3 get together during this ifter time.....we have to wait for 1 year to have that ifter again......good job done....nice ambiance & nice service by the staff....keep it up...for syre we will come back soon....

Posted by: Raj on 07 Aug ' 13 at 13:42

My family and I have been to Options on many occasions. We have no issues with the ambiance and the quality of the food served. We love the live piano music although at other times, some soft music at lower volume would definitely help. My main grouse is with the service. It is going from bad to worse. The last time we had been there for Iftar dinner, which started at 1915 hours; we were told in advance that the Iftar buffet would be over at 2030 hours. We had no problems with that. Our friends and we were chatting after the dinner when we were asked by the staff to vacate our table at 2045 hours since at 2100 hours a la carte would be starting. Stunned by their rudeness, we left, not without a bad taste in the mouth.

Posted by: Mushtaq on 08 Jul ' 13 at 18:39

I had a birthday party for my daughter on 5-july-2013 at Options, Deira. I had high expecations from the restaurant. But the food was too bad and definitely not of Sanjeev Kapoor's standard. The food was delayed to be served for more than a hour. The manager on duty Mr.Farhad was rude and totally unprofessional that he forgot what order we had placed with him at the time of booking. Will never go back again.

Posted by: Venkat on 12 May ' 13 at 09:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

Had been to attend a birthday party. Having been a good fan of SK, I think he should have a personal look into the kitchen and not let it run on its own team. Surely he could teach how the paneer should be marinated before made into a tikka. You cant make the paneer salty by adding green chutney over it. Surely the salt should taste from within. Maybe the restaurant will sustain just by people going there for the first time or corporate Dinners/ Lunches. Going by the name I have more OPTIONS than driving upto WTC and get below average food.

Posted by: Kapil on 20 Apr ' 13 at 16:13
  • Best for: Family friendly

Horrible place,
On booking the table in advance I was offered a table that was in a dingy corner without Air condition, the food portions are very small, the food was below average, the Mutton starters had stale smell, there was a time gap of almost an hour between the starters and main course by the time we had lost the appetite. The portions were very small the fish gravy that we ordered had large pieces of capsicum and fish was no where to be seen, the mutton gravy was taste less, totally below average, I don’t think I would ever go back or recommend this place to anyone

Posted by: Jagadeesh Panicker on 17 Mar ' 13 at 12:27
  • Best for: Business lunch

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

Actually i visited your restaurant with much expectations and trust, but i cant believe the quality and service of food they served on 14 th mar 2013 evening. we ordered grilled seafood including lobster,prawns large,hamoor ect... believe me it's all frozen and not fresh even..a reputed man cant do this type of business for just money...The service is so bad..time consuming and the order is getting late and half the food supplied.supervisors are just asking the quality and service but complaining they are not even noticing or asking the details, just smile and go.. Mr. kapoor if you have time and open mind please contact me i will take you to some restaurants and try the quality and service.. Regards.jagadeesh Panicker

Posted by: Ansh on 21 Jan ' 13 at 18:44
  • Best for: Brunch served

I brought my family here first time on18 jan for Friday brunch,and we all love it. WOW I love this restaurant. The staff are incredibly helpful and the food and desserts spread was wow presentation is excellent. Thank you for being consistently excellent! I will go back Again again and again Love you Options keep doing good

Posted by: Mariah on 18 Jan ' 13 at 20:54
  • Best for: Family friendly

I went here with my family for the Friday buffet. I felt the decor and loud music coupled with kids and adults chatting away loudly was a bit much. Could not wait to get out of there. There were mostly veg options, the only meat dishes I saw were the butter chicken, chicken biryani and kebabs. The kebabs were tough and not tasty, the biryani was ok the butter chicken was too rich. The desserts choice was very poor. The rasmalai that I had was not as soft as the way other restaurants make it and was also too sweet, the gulab jamoon was sickly sweet, the fruit salad cocktail type thing that came in a glass was nice but some of the fruits like apples were sour, the Gajar Ka Halwa was awful very dry and tasteless. You would think for the prices on offer the food would be good but no way will stick to Gazebo and Masala House! We posed with Sanjay Kapoor who was kind enough to oblige for a photo which thrilled my folks however that was the only highlight of the afternoon.

Posted by: Ankush on 29 Aug ' 12 at 07:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

Too good !! Too delicious !! we really enjoyed the food. Everything we ordered was outstanding the gulab Jamun, Kulfi with falooda is very innovative and tasty looking forward to visit again.

Posted by: Anshi on 02 Aug ' 12 at 22:14
  • Best for: Romantic

I was at OPTIONS last night for my husband's birth day, we really enjoyed, food was really good & the service also...we would love to go back again..

Posted by: SA on 02 Aug ' 12 at 08:32

Just a query - has timeout deliberately altered the grammar of all the above reviews?? the reviews really did make me smile :)

Posted by: NAWAZ on 20 Jul ' 12 at 10:48
  • Best for: Romantic


Posted by: Ruchika on 27 May ' 12 at 04:22
  • Best for: Brunch served

Enjoed a lot, We are from India visit to my Sister & we had a friday brunch buffet, It is great food, good sprade, Enough choice, we was
shoked after hearing the price of buffet its only 120/-dhs per person.
Back in india mumbai, if we go to taj president or lila kampanski takes 1050/- per person buffet.

Thanks a lot to Sanjeev Kapoor for keeping good range buffet with good price, we will be back.


Posted by: Ms. Rawat on 29 Apr ' 12 at 03:28

I been in to OPTIONS yesterday for dinner 10 of us.
all my family members were from mumbai, we know lot about OPTIONS
IN MUMBAI ONLY. They are realy good. food is excellant .
would like to give thanks to Chef Sanjeev, & tel him keep up the good work.


Posted by: Him yari on 22 Apr ' 12 at 13:16
  • Best for: Family friendly

Food is fantestic ! the sprade was cool, Once in friday we go there at options for brunch. every time we found of good food.
enough nonveg & veg choice in buffet, & we love all of them. we will go back for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Dilip Chorera on 20 Apr ' 12 at 15:56

Absolute no value for money atleast for the vegetarians
Prices are exceptionally unreasonable, with low quantity and not so great taste

Infact, very few choices as well

I woudn't recommend this restaurant to anyone ever

Posted by: Nassir Ahmed on 14 Apr ' 12 at 09:45

This is rocking place now a days!

1, friday brunch is rocking
2. food is awesome
3. sprade of food on buffet is huge
4.dessert choice lot
5.Music Seclection brilliant

we had nice time yesterday brunch at options.

Posted by: usman on 14 Apr ' 12 at 09:29
  • Best for: Family friendly

We had a nice time at OPTIONS..
The food is really good & staff were polite & gentle enough to explain several times. We recomended by friend from uk.

we really had lovely time.

Posted by: Lakshman on 31 Mar ' 12 at 04:45

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

The comparison that comes to my mind after finishing a Friday brunch at Options is the recent Bollywood movie Mausam. Helmed by Pankaj Kapoor (eerie coincidence) considered one of the best actors in the country, we all knew how the movie fared. Same here. A 2 month advance reservation, all the hype and the skipped breakfast (we even had a light dinner, unheard of on Thursdays), we found the whole experience very disappointing. Ok I am a vegetarian but I am struggling to recollect 1 item at least that I could have taken home straightaway despite a more than adequate veggie spread. The bhatures and puris could have made into nice pillows (they taste the same as well), the chole was strictly ordinary and the bhaji, the lesser said the better. The Sabjis, methi malai mutter, palak paneer and Veg. Jalfrezi I guess tasted as if they are strictly prepared for European audiences or am I missing something? The vegetable biriyani was the one that disappointed the most. Being a staunch opponent of food wastage, I literally had to stuff the thing in which believe me, is not a pleasant experience. Ah and the sweets part - The rasagollas tasted like soaked cotton balls (Ok I have never eaten a cotton ball but you get the drift), the Gulab Jamuns were ok and the rest of the assorted sweets tastefully (pardon the pun) displayed, tasted the same. I would give the following Options (pardon the pun again) if I were to ask a close friend or relative who wants to visit Options: (A) No, (B) Not in a million years (C) You kidding me

Posted by: james on 25 Mar ' 12 at 17:34

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

the food doesnt worth the cost.

Posted by: Shetty on 10 Mar ' 12 at 14:58
  • Best for: Brunch served

Went for the Friday Brunch during Holi, place was packed but still the waiters were quite service friendly, large variety of chats, starters, and good food...
Downside is that it is pretty expensve

Posted by: Shaymol. on 25 Feb ' 12 at 11:21

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

It was great evening for us, we was there last night, we had Sanjeev Kapoors Signeture dishes Murgh Makahni, black dal, Rail way mutton Curry we have got those Name from the bill and thouse were Delicious we were speech less and just Eating, Those dishes recomended by william Montero Captain. He is Fantastic. Good service, Good Pianist, and the D.J. lady was Cute too, Keep it up all the time Thats what i want to say . Thanks.

Posted by: ziaul haque on 22 Feb ' 12 at 18:47

Deliciously Different ! Thats what they say all the time,
It is realy good , we had lunch to day after Gulf food Exhibition 8 of us,
we got recomendation from my Boss of the Company.
we was with Uk partners they loved everything overther. I was Happy Coz: They realy enjoy those food by Sanjeev kapoors Recipe,
Great service too, Thanks to options team they saved my job.

Good work Keep it up,

Posted by: K.Watkar on 22 Feb ' 12 at 17:30

All i want to say My visit @ options was good decision !
I been there So many times & I found them Updated. Me and my family
visitors from Uk we all enjoyed till end.

The food, Service, Beverages Quality very very good.


Posted by: pushpa on 22 Feb ' 12 at 16:42

It was great experiance at OPTIONS !!!

we was there 6 Couple for valentine Celebration & it was very Romantic ambience, Music, food, piano, DJ, everything were enjoing with us we felt. There is lounge @ mezznine floor for Smoking was the Coolest place i must say. we was there for some time and server was coming going every body doing there job set,

Good place in town to be Honest !!!


Posted by: K.Watkar on 22 Feb ' 12 at 16:27

All i want to say My visit @ options was good decision !
I been there So many times & I found them Updated. Me and my family
visitors from Uk we all enjoyed till end.

The food, Service, Beverages Quality very very good.


Posted by: AA on 24 Jan ' 12 at 13:25

We were arguing before landing in options between Delhi Darbar, Zaika & Options and thanks to the rating by Time Out we ended in options. It was a surpirse to see that evening 8:00 pm they were still preparing.

To cut it short food was bad and cold, order taker delivered wrong item, they tried to upsell Jagjit Singh menu over there regular menu... i guess options have fallen aback with time and requires to refresh and restart again.

Posted by: Gaurav Kaushik on 31 Dec ' 11 at 05:45
  • Best for: Business lunch

We went for a Friday brunch which am sorry to say turned out to be a complete disaster. Given the fact that this is Sanjeev Kapoor's restaurant and having eaten at Khana Khazaana, we were quite excited about having food there. The service was poor and so was the food. The starters were cold, the chick peas were a disaster, the gulab jamuns tasted vierd. Honestly, we will never visit Options again but will definitely continue to patronize Khana Khazaana.

Posted by: abbas on 18 Dec ' 11 at 07:09
  • Best for: Family friendly

i had visited this place for friday brunch with my freinds ........ we were 10 of us and i can say we all liked this place a lotttt ...... food was good ...... ambience is perfect ........ i was little very little disappointed with the service but overall it is a great restaurant.

Posted by: Vaibhavi on 03 Dec ' 11 at 09:42
  • Best for: Romantic

Amazing place! We visit it atleast once a year because of the delicious food and excellent ambience and service!
Of course its expensive but its a lavish experience.
We tried vegetarian dishes since i am a pure vegeterian and evryrhing was tasty! VERY TASTY!

Must must go at least once!
You will love it (:

Posted by: Aubree on 26 Nov ' 11 at 16:28

We ate at Options today and had a terrible experience. The chef changed our order without telling us, and the maitre'd told us he'd bring rice and naan bread, and then they charged us a lot extra for it. The portion sizes are not big enough for "family style," but the waiter split up our entrees among us without asking. The food was just okay. Will NEVER go back. Stay away!

Posted by: Asha on 16 Oct ' 11 at 15:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

Dear All,

I would love to say No body is 100% perfect.
But Options make me feel near to the perfection.
I was with my Childhood friend after long time we meet at Options
and they made it memorable evening ever............
The food, service, ambience, songs, piano everything was just perfect ! thats all i want to say. thanks to options team.


Posted by: Deepak on 10 Oct ' 11 at 16:46
  • Best for: Family friendly

Went for Friday brunch, wow it was awesome. Chef was serving and describing the food him self, I feel like I am eating in a 7 star restaurant!!!
Love to go in options again and again again

Posted by: vikas on 18 Sep ' 11 at 13:13

went for the friday lunch buffet which really dissappointing
really bad food selection

Posted by: Radha on 24 Jun ' 11 at 11:21
  • Best for: Family friendly

Hey !!!!!

This is one of my f.Chef Sanjeev kapoors Restaurant. When ever i come from india i visit this restaurant and they are Awsome. food no need to say asusual, Service Best , Friendly, Decore Good,
i visit very often this restaurant. 2es a month i come for business.
every time i found them up to the mark.


Posted by: SHELET on 15 Jun ' 11 at 07:24
  • Best for: Family friendly

It was my anniversary, the food is excellent. The staff is nice, its little bit expensive, one dosen't spending if the food is good. I will defenately go there with my family again. Its worth spending.

Posted by: Manish on 30 May ' 11 at 09:19

Hi, i had dinner last night @ options..
The ambience is very nice.. and above it the music.. the pianist was marvelous..
Ordertaker was too jolly & very knowledgeble it seems.. he judge our tates & filled us with food. but the one still the menu is same since long back.
Really enjoyable experience.. n will try to visit soon

Posted by: Sekher on 08 May ' 11 at 07:21

Best Indian Restaurant In dubai, The best Place to celebrate Birth day
coz: lovely pianist and dj akif made my birthday special. food good,
service good, all good, We WAS IN MOOD.

Posted by: Vivek obroy on 08 May ' 11 at 07:00
  • Best for: Family friendly

Hello, Just To let you all know that its awesome food, fantastic place to be there, staff's are polite, Experienced Manger, Over all BEST

Posted by: sanjay on 21 Apr ' 11 at 09:04

Posted by: Rahman on 20 Apr ' 11 at 19:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

Fantastic in a one word, that's all I want's to say

Posted by: Deepak on 20 Apr ' 11 at 10:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

Best of the best Restaurant in Dubai no confiscation about it. We were 15 of us on dinner on 18th April 2011. The food was extremely good and the service was fantastic extremely taken care of my guest. the amazing part was beverage each and every single cocktails and mock tail were made by professionals. Over all we all are enjoyed though out the dinner, we will be back that's for sure.

Posted by: meera gupta on 12 Apr ' 11 at 07:18

just didn't like the food.no taste ,bad service.just did'nt expected this from sanjeev kapoor.
will never ever go again...waste of time and money.

Posted by: deep on 11 Feb ' 11 at 13:29
  • Best for: Family friendly

it was my first visit here b4 a week and the only word ill say options is the bestest restaurant to enjoy the real india food. for sure u will remember the taste of the food atles for a week. very nice decor & also many thnx for the great hospitality

Posted by: Soniya on 03 Feb ' 11 at 20:17

The food and the ambience were so homely the we felt very much at home and the service was also very good. Keep it up! I look forward to visit every weekend!!

Posted by: Soniya on 03 Feb ' 11 at 20:16

The food and the ambience were so homely the we felt very much at home and the service was also very good. Keep it up! I look forward to visit every weekend!!

Posted by: Madhu on 30 Jan ' 11 at 17:10
  • Best for: Romantic

Great ambience!!! The hindi songs selection were fantastic and very soothing. The food was also very tasty and served well, without much waiting. inshort a very happy and enjoyable experience and the best part was they surprized me with the small and cute birthday cake!!1

Posted by: Hema on 07 Jan ' 11 at 17:46
  • Best for: Family friendly

This is my favorite restaurant. very nice decor. Staff is friendly. I have moved in uk now but still miss Options food so i make sure whenever i come in dubai i dine at Options.... Sanjeev Kapoor is d best...

Posted by: Rajesh on 05 Oct ' 10 at 12:52
  • Best for: Business lunch

Only one word i like to share with everytbody that is
About the food not up to the satandard, service was slow even they were not busy Prices was toooomuch high, ambience was ok. but i will not recommend this restaurant to anyone. No taste only waste

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 05 Apr ' 10 at 15:41
  • Best for: Romantic

There are far too many negative reviews for this outlet to be considered among the top restaurants.
Had dinner last month with family in tow. Menu seemed identical to the other Sanjeev Kapoor outlet, Khazana. This was my third chance to let Sanjeev Kapoor win me over with his food preparations. I must confess that I don't see any special spark and my initial doubts about the greatness of his dishes stand confirmed. There is an overpowering taste of spices and various ingredients with nothing that tantalizes the tastebuds. Neither is there a uniqueness of the dish regarding the taste. Just senselessly done masala(spices).This the case with most of the dishes I've had so far. In fact, that very day my cook had prepared wonderful thick chiken curry which was tangy and one could savour the masala.

The pianist playing music was mostly hidden behing foilage and screen. Should be better located.

Unfortunately, considering the hype aroung the name of Sanjeev Kapoor, it's a thumbs down from me.
Saturday, March 20, 2010

Posted by: Shilpy Garg on 04 Apr ' 10 at 13:46
  • Best for: Romantic

Went there for my husband's b'day and our table was nicely decorated with candles and confetti all around. The live music was also very soothing and we were lucky to have Sanjeev Kapoor in the restaurant that night. However I found it little overpriced but the staff was very friendly and that made the whole experience a memeorable one.

Posted by: charles hill on 27 Mar ' 10 at 19:49

We are always in search of good Indian cooking. Visiting a restaurant linked to a well known TV chef is therefore a must. Observations are as follows:-

1. We had lunch and the atmosphere at dinner may be different.
2. Staff are polite (in my experience this is the case in UAE).
3. The room is bizzare and unappealing.
4. The wine list is short and even by Dubai standards, overpriced.
5. The menu reads well but some of the dishes are very dull in execution, although the prime ingredients are fine.
6. The most pleasing dish was a kelalan prawn curry; plenty of prawns and a good flavour.

Overall not a worthwhile experience which is a shame because with a little thought a lot more could have been achieved.

Posted by: vishal khurana on 07 Mar ' 10 at 13:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

Was regular to this place, though bit expensive compared to other India restaurants in similar lines. Though I can see many reviews on it food not great...well I liked it becuase it tastes exactly same as typical north indian rich food...
So no complaints on food
Service; Just ok
Attitude: 100 marks on it, which is the reson I have changed my mind and will never go back. Basic courtesy lacking...

Posted by: sovan paul on 11 Feb ' 10 at 07:42
  • Best for: Family friendly

very good.

Posted by: Madhu Vohra on 24 Nov ' 09 at 06:23

we had dinner there on13th nov.we were 9 people and there was only one person to serve us.he served bread first then one sabji.when we started,then came the bhindi fry and when we were about half way through then came makhani dal.because there was only one person to serve so again he took time to serve 9 people.and by that time we were done.it was such an aukward situation for me that it is difficult for me to explain because i was the one who forced them to come to 'options' only.they gave me the compliment 'wahyat' choice and i could not say anything.
on top of that music was too loud that instead of soothing our ears it was hurting ours ears.the singers were pathetic.
at last i paid the bill to cover up my mistake even though they told me not to feel bad.
on the whole even if the food was good but not served properly then what was the use?
if the music is hurting ur ears and making it difficult to sit then what is the use of good ambience?
i will not forget that evening and i will not recomend ur rest.to anyone.

Posted by: Sharan on 26 Oct ' 09 at 11:31
  • Best for: Romantic

Options - We choose this restaurant to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Our table was decorated with candles and some heart glitters . This made us feel real special. The ambience was pleasant with some songs (english and hindi). We had options to request/dedicate songs. Food is not that great comparing to Khana Khazana but the cocktails were amazing. The service was too good . They gave a surprise , cute little heart shaped cake at the end to make the occasion special. I will reccommend options for a special day for just the 2 of you !

Posted by: LK on 10 Oct ' 09 at 17:12
  • Best for: Business lunch

Way, way, way too overpriced.

After the financial crisis, with expense accounts empty and attention being paid to budgets, this place is almost empty nearly every night. Unless they cut their prices in half or lower, I suspect they will go out of business.

The food is fine, but nothing to rave about.

Posted by: Manisha on 29 Aug ' 09 at 16:30
  • Best for: Family friendly

one of the finest indian restaurants in Dubai......
will like to go always....

Posted by: silvera on 28 Jun ' 09 at 12:36
  • Best for: Business lunch

not up to the mark
good service
nice decor

Posted by: Jayshree Raaju on 12 Jun ' 09 at 06:10

Fantastic absolutely fantsatic.
No words to say.

Posted by: Manisha on 22 Mar ' 09 at 08:12
  • Best for: Romantic

best of the indian restaurant in Dubai. romatic place to enjoy your evening with your hubby whether it is birthday, anniversary or regular dinner. Don't forget to have your dessert in Lounge. place to visit.
ask for the chef and he will cook to your taste.

Posted by: promella thomas on 18 Mar ' 09 at 20:06
  • Best for: Business lunch

too far to be reached and boy restaurant is OK, but he food is good, definitely not to die for.

difficult to say whether I will go or not,may be may be not

Posted by: Paul Gall on 17 Mar ' 09 at 20:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

Enjoyed our meal, portion size was excellent value for money, food was superb, would go back again no problem.


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