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Frankie’s Italian

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Frankie Dettori’s name hangs over the door and the restaurant was co-founded by Marco Pierre White, making this Italian restaurant a true celebrity affair. Dark woods, plush furnishings and thick carpets normally add a sombre edge to a restaurant, but pictures of Frankie and Marco with their famous friends serve to remind visitors that dining out should be fun. The food is imaginative and ambitious, with thick steaks (served with a porcini and truffle sauce), veal cheeks and rack of lamb being particular favourites. Starters are more hit-and-miss – the calamari are disappointingly dry, for instance – but the excellent dessert selection, (try the cherry tiramisu), is worth the trip alone. It might not win the race, but Frankie’s is certainly part of the chasing pack.
Open daily 12.30pm-4pm, 6pm-1.30am. Al Fattan Towers, The Walk, JBR, Dubai Marina (04 399 4311).

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Posted by: Jolanda Doorenbosch on 04 Feb ' 14 at 07:34
  • Best for: Family friendly

Never again

Posted by: casper on 01 Nov ' 13 at 17:16

Let's keep it simple; one of the best places in town

Great food, great service, great staff, great ambiance, great piano entertainment

Also, they manage to renew themselves and change the way they serve, prepare the dishes. Like that

If I had to mention one thing it would be attentiveness of staff in the bar

Posted by: Food Lovers on 07 Oct ' 13 at 08:04
  • Best for: Romantic

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Horrible service! Staring from the phone conversation when we were making reservation and ending with waiter. That's a pity that they cant find proper first line staff, because food was amazing, but it all was ruined by rudeness and lack of courtesy of the staff. Who says on the phone that they don't hold reservations more then 10 min, so you should be on time?!?!?! and then makes us wait for 1hr!!!!! before we get our table. Will go back only if they improve their service!

Posted by: rick on 04 Apr ' 13 at 16:14

Went with friends for daughters birthday. Service was so-so. food was mediocre but we had problems paying for the meal. We had coupons and the manager stiffed us on the bill. She was abrupt and rude and this is not a place we will ever go back to. For the cost of the food and drink at Frankies, there are too many other restaurants in Dubai that are so much better and treat their guests well.

Posted by: mark Reddinghs on 28 Feb ' 13 at 18:39
  • Best for: Romantic

Been there many times and i always have a memorable experience.
Love to be pampered by managers Andrea and Lorena, very professional and welcoming people like the all staff as well.
i reccomend the place

Posted by: lucy on 09 Dec ' 12 at 14:39

The place is not bad but there are some terrible people.
For example: the manager Andreas Palese.
He's arrogant and presumptuous.
I recommend to avoid because he's a very rude and disagreeable person.
There are a lot of other very nice restaurants in Dubai: avoid this!!!

Posted by: charles on 24 Aug ' 12 at 12:31
  • Best for: Romantic

I am Pleased to have a pleasure dining experince with romantic in frankies with my girl friend.
From the begining warm welcomed for me at the entrance and took me to a table. hostess attention remained personal and we were looked after professionally throughout our experince
I shall not hesitate to recommend your establishment to my friends for quality of food and service. Thank you again.

Posted by: mark on 20 Aug ' 12 at 12:19
  • Best for: Romantic

Beautiful place, with beautiful people..we had a good dinner..all italian food and we spent our time at the bar...we enjoyed the crazy live music and the all staff including the managers were young and sparkling! We will come back next week! Bye

Posted by: mikee on 13 Jul ' 12 at 07:41
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Ken on 07 Jun ' 12 at 08:01

Been there twice but the 2 sitting rule (meaning you have to leave at 9.30pm) makes it impossible to enjoy because thats when the music starts so you either eat late or you end up standing at the bar....real shame as the food is pretty good...

Posted by: Neil on 02 May ' 12 at 00:24
  • Best for: Romantic

Went to Frankies last night for dinner and have to say everything was perfect. All the staff are extremely proffesional and very welcoming, especially the waiting staff. Service was excellent as was the food. The osso bucco was thebest i have tried fo a very long time. After dinner its nice to rewind in the bar area sipping cocktails and listeing to the singer on the piano. Highly recommend and we shall certainly make Frankies the top of list for a good night out.

Posted by: Heather on 12 Mar ' 12 at 09:47

I recently dined here with a group on 10 on a Friday night and I wasn't disappointed. The atmosphere is always buzzing, although there are always "tourist-looking" people who seemed to have stepped off the walk in shorts and sandals, so that kind of takes a little away from the vibe.

Unlike most places in Dubai, I've never been disappointed with the service here. No sitting and waiting for more to drink, the bread basket is always full, and they are more than happy to cater to special requests and dietary needs.

The food is delicious, albiet so good you may find yourself withing the portions were bigger... (hint hint). I've experienced a couple fish dishes, steak and risotto and all were fantastic.

The bar area was busy and seems to be a suitable place to have a post-dinner drink before continuing your night.

Posted by: lubna on 21 Feb ' 12 at 14:22
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: sera orzel gaeta on 19 Feb ' 12 at 15:14
  • Best for: Romantic

Great adult night out. Enormously fun with reasonable music (got better as the night went on) romantic. Kept me there until way past my normal bed time. Great - would recommend to couples, singles not wanting to look out of place and friends wanting somewhere sophisticated to play.

Posted by: Bradley Marshall on 15 Feb ' 12 at 14:11
  • Best for: Romantic

I had mixed expectations on this after reading several different sites and hearing from people who have been. Overall it is a great restaurant. The atmosphere is lively without being in your face and the piano playing behind the bar is a great touch. I had a great experience and will return however a couple issues were as follows:

The wait staff were not very attentive. This may vary on the night but I am a relaxed person so for it to be a bit of a problem then it is something worth noting. There was a combination of three wait staff interchanging on the table which just slowed the whole process down.

The value for money is semi there; whilst my girlfriend enjoyed this big tasty salmon steak, the lamb rack - whilst tasty and cooked perfectly, was on the meager side and with only a cheese sauce and small potato cakes to accompany, it was not really worth the price and didn’t quite leave you feeling satisfied.

Booking two weeks in advance I was not informed about the set menu for that night so on the day they kindly called to confirm the booking and only then was I informed. After talking they were kind enough to offer the a la carte menu so just a simple mistake.

Overall it was a wonderful evening in a delightful setting and was equally matched by great food. I do recommend you visit and make up your own mind. Don’t knock it before you try it. Bon app.

Posted by: EL on 20 Jan ' 12 at 10:12

The food was very good but I wouldn't say amazing. The service was less then average. It was shocking to have my espresso served in a coffee cup, in an Italian restaurant! Are u so cheap to have espresso cups? You definitely make enough money with the overpriced menu to pay a little more attention to detail and invest in friendlier and more professional staff.

Posted by: Kevin Ripo on 13 Dec ' 11 at 10:48
  • Best for: Romantic

Our first time in Frankies, and it will not be our last ! Fantastic food, service, music etc.
Veal chop biggest I've seen since I moved here.
A little bit on the pricey side but well worth it.
We will be back there soon.

Posted by: Yuri and Olga (Honeymoon) on 27 Nov ' 11 at 16:14

Beautifull location and place but bad food and waiters are snobbish

Posted by: Gala Marseiile on 30 Oct ' 11 at 10:10


As an italian I am disgustingly surprised to see this restaurant awarded as best italian... is not even a good "normal" restaurant...

There are many others EXCELEN italians in town...but for sure NOT FRANKIES...

As an Italian I refuse to come back or to reccominde this plce... ciao ciao

Posted by: Matt Lotter on 27 Sep ' 11 at 10:45
  • Best for: Family friendly

Awesome restuarant.
Best steak in Dubai according to the friends and myself. Great ambience, and good value for money. Awesome discount for Emirates staff.

Posted by: Heeyeon on 26 Sep ' 11 at 10:03
  • Best for: Romantic

Regular spot on weekends, nice food, okay music, cute bartender. Suggest to go on Wednesday.

Posted by: Mojgan on 20 Sep ' 11 at 03:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Mojgan on 20 Sep ' 11 at 03:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Nicholas on 08 May ' 11 at 08:09
  • Best for: Romantic

What an enjoyable night i had there on Thursday. It was my first time visiting Frankie's and i heard some good reviews so decided to visit it for my wife's birthday. The atmosphere of both the bar and restaurant was great. The food was equal to the entertainment with the Beef fillet steak being one of the best steaks I’ve had in Dubai. My wife had the black ink tagliolini which was also very good. The service was impressive considering the restaurant was full. We had to wait a little bit at the bar after our meal but the cocktails were well worth the wait. Will definitely be visiting this place again soon!!

Posted by: Sue Brown on 27 Apr ' 11 at 15:23

I called Frankies this evening to book a table and check about the smoking policy, I quoted that Time Out states 'smoking' this seemed to anger the manager greatly - he spat down the end of the phone - "I do not read reviews, my restaurant is full every night and that is enough" this is a shallow view of not only of Frankies but the public in general.

We will go for supper tonight and report back, last time we were shown to those dreadful seats at the back where your knees are almost on the table not to mention your chin! Service was not great either but will give another go and report back.

Posted by: Billy on 28 Dec ' 10 at 16:49
  • Best for: Family friendly

We often go for lunch or early dinner and are constantly surprised by the poor service. This week we went for lunch and the staff were ironing the menus and folding table linen, including tablecloths, in the middle of the restaurant. It looked and felt like a laundry. I had to twice go and find the waitress (there was only 3 tables in). We will go back as its convenient to our place in JBR, but I add these comments as constructive feedback which I hope they will act on..

Posted by: olimpio Giovannelli on 27 Dec ' 10 at 17:28

Posted by: MattS on 02 Nov ' 10 at 06:26

You're kidding, right? This is supposed to be one of Dubai's best Italian restaurants, yet the piano music is lame and way too loud, the servers are adequate at best, and while the food isn't terrible...it isn't special by any stretch. And please, don't take me to my table if there aren't enough chairs. I'd rather wait at the entrance for two minutes than have to stand in the middle of the dining room as my guests are seated. Marco Pierre White needs to take his name off this outpost, fast. Dubai, and Time Out, you have failed me yet again. When will someone be honest and tell the world that the best food in this city is in Karama and Diera and costs about 30 AED for a meal.

Posted by: Jill on 02 Oct ' 10 at 05:48

We had a very nice meal on Thursday evening. Some had the rolled Seabass and other the Angus steak and both were fantastic. The starter of Duck filled ravioli, Fritura and Mozzarella & Tomato salad were equally good. The service was very good too. If judged purely on the quality of the food & the service we would definintely go back,


The amount of smoking going on was as antisociable as I have ever seen. You coudldn't see through the thick smoke that had filled the room and it detracted from the enjoyment of the food as you couldn't smell the aromas of the dishes for all the smoke!! Very reminiscent of London pubs many years ago.

The music was so loud that we could not have a conversation. I think we repeated everything at least once before others at the table could hear. Cannot imagine why they need to have the volume so loud. It is a problem unless you are eating on your own or you really aren't interested in conversing with others at your table.

Lastly, we sat at one of the tables with sofas backing up against the windows. The sofas are in need of changing. They are too low and uncomfortable. When you sit on them your mouth is almost level with the table which is great for shovelling food straight from the dish into your mouth BUT with such lovely food it is a shame not to have seating that allows you to enjoy the cuisine more.

Posted by: Steven on 17 Aug ' 10 at 12:24
  • Best for: Romantic

The food was excellent. The atomosphere was lovely and the service was very friendly. I liked the fact that after our meal we could go to the bar and still enjoy the drinks specials. It is ramdan so im sorry i missed the entertainment as i heard that really gets the bar going. Ill definitely be back after Ramadan.

Posted by: Lorraine Stevens on 13 Aug ' 10 at 14:14
  • Best for: Romantic

I booked a table at Frankies specifically with ordering pizza in mind and having called ahead to check on the same day that they cooked them in a pizza oven. As we were about to place our order we were informed that pizza was not available as the oven was still broken. Very disappointed, we left without eating. I will go back because I have heard so much about the quality of food but I will not be holding out for Pizza!

Posted by: Lisa on 30 Jul ' 10 at 07:42

I was so disappointed in Frankies. Having wanted to eat there for some time, our group left feeling very cheated (and hungry). The pizza ovens were broken, our steak and lamb chops were undercooked, the lasagna was bland mulch. All of our meals were served by staff who only paid attention when it was time to push us off of the table for the next 'wave' of suckers. We left with empty stomachs and emptier wallets. Absolute rubbish.

Posted by: fadi on 10 Jun ' 10 at 06:11

I heard they changed the singer. There is a new guy now who sings and plays the piano. Anyone visited since? is this new guy any good?

Posted by: Mrs Bear on 30 May ' 10 at 11:16
  • Best for: Family friendly

Visited the restaurant last Tuesday and was surprised to find that it was very busy. Both the decor and the ambience was superb. We were let down by two things:- Firstly hubby's salami pizza was beef as opposed to pork, which he said was awful, secondly the cost of a normal bottle of masafi water at 28 AED, which is a complete rip - off. Otherwise will definitely visit again.

Posted by: Molly Brighton on 15 May ' 10 at 15:12
  • Best for: Romantic

I've been living in Dubai more than 5 years and I had dinner in many Italian restaurant but Frankie's still my favourite.
Thursday and Friday of course is very busy so I can't expect a waiter available for me all the times, but I've been there many other time during the week and I always left there happy.
There are a lot of food promotion and you can get a good deal. I love the linguini lobster, the angus is amazing, I recommend the new trio creme brulee' is delicious!
Last week I had my birthday with friends and the chef come to my table and he arrange a special dinner for us.
If you want a good Italian food go to Frankie's you won't get wrong.

Posted by: Charlie on 27 Apr ' 10 at 12:33
  • Best for: Romantic

It's not the atmosphere or the food - it is absolutely EVERYTHING! Frankies really understands the details of what you want when you go out on the town. The staff is fantastic and makes you feel like you're the only guest in the place, as you listen to the fabulous piano man playing your favorite request! I would feel comfortable taking family, friends or business associates. Frankies plays host to many regulars, but takes the time to make the occasional guest feel right at home – a great night out, at a very reasonable price......................GO FOR THE PASTA!!!!

Posted by: Emily on 13 Apr ' 10 at 07:48

Seemed very busy and lively on arrival but odespite booking in advance we were seated on a tiny table next to the kitchen service walkway. Whilst they did move us on request, the food was totally average whils the price was not. Left thoroughly unimpressed with no desire to return.

Posted by: frainko on 17 Nov ' 09 at 13:47

The food is very good ,atmosphere&service staff it was fantastic.

Posted by: carahedding on 19 Oct ' 09 at 11:41
  • Best for: Business lunch

Pompous staff, very over priced average food. If you are looking for Italian food, Bussola at the Westin stands head and shoulders above this restaurant in terms of food quality, value for money, service and, of course, view.
Don't waste your time.

Posted by: Stephanie on 20 Aug ' 09 at 05:44
  • Best for: Romantic

Was absolutely fantastic! Definitely go the osso bucco and grilled prawns. All goes down nicely with an Italian Pino Grigio. Its the kind of place you need to splurge so don't think about the money too much. I thought it was well worth it and I will go back for another special ocassion.

Posted by: Molly Brighton on 03 Aug ' 09 at 19:01
  • Best for: Romantic

Overall rating for this restaurant is perfect! Food is great and service is fast. I was a little bit surprised that the restaurant was full on a Monday night when most of the restaurants in Dubai are deserted during summer time. We had to wait a little bit at the bar but it was worth it. They make fantastic black ink tagliolini and veal ossobuco!!

Posted by: Abbie on 02 Aug ' 09 at 10:31
  • Best for: Romantic

The restaurant has a great atmosphere but we were very disappointed with the food - it was very poor. The bar, however, has a great atmosphere and we would defintely return to sit and have a drink.

Posted by: les lakin on 05 Jun ' 09 at 19:47
  • Best for: Brunch served

its a great friendly place to go for food or just a drink

Posted by: N on 13 May ' 09 at 11:35

None of the 6 or 7 taxi drivers we asked knew where al fatten towers were and that was in the marina! We never made our reservation due to lack of drivers local knowledge :(

Posted by: Robert on 12 May ' 09 at 14:47

A little pricy but I will definetly go back.The Painist is amazing and the food is very very good.It is like to be back home in Europe.

Posted by: Marco on 11 May ' 09 at 11:22
  • Best for: Romantic

Food so Tasty and fantastic atmosphere.

Posted by: Gaby on 30 Apr ' 09 at 06:49

The food is very good, rather upscale hence a little pricy. The service is relatively good for Dubai. I like the piano music in the lounge area and the comfortable atmosphere in general.

Posted by: louca w. on 29 Apr ' 09 at 15:35
  • Best for: Romantic

evry thing it was wonderful, excellent service, amazing food

Posted by: Salina Salero on 21 Apr ' 09 at 04:21
  • Best for: Business lunch

Good ambience, excellent service, amazing food. Will definately come back

Posted by: Robert Buchanan on 10 Apr ' 09 at 20:27
  • Best for: Romantic

What a fantastic meal, we where welcomed in and made to feel at home, and a wonderful surprise pudding for our 25th wedding anniversary. recommend a visit. Watch out for the ramp?

Rob & Penny B

Posted by: sal on 02 Apr ' 09 at 07:00

Marco Pierre White should be ashamed!

Posted by: Paul Gall on 17 Mar ' 09 at 20:41
  • Best for: Romantic

Not sure what i expected from Frankies, was ok , service was good menu was i felt a little bit up-market, but also had the classics Minestrone and Lasagne, not the best meal i've had in Dubai but most certainly not the worst.


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