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Cavalli Club and Restaurant

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Zebra-print chairs, bejewelled chandeliers and Gothic candlesticks: from the fur-lined elevators to the golden reptilian bottle holders, Roberto Cavalli’s homage to excess is a relentless assault on the senses. The Cavalli Club is not for everybody – that much is clear. The busy lounge/nightclub, pumping soundtrack and fashion-forward dress code is going to deter all but the most dedicated style-hunters. Those not put off by the thought of dining under crystal drapes aren’t going to be disappointed, however. Dishes fall at the modern end of the Italian spectrum, with creations like smoked foie gras with pineapple marmalade unique among Dubai’s high-end Italian restaurants. We recommend the relative simplicity of the smoked duck breast with raspberry vinaigrette before the flamboyantly presented mains (Zebra-print tortelli to match your shoes?). Substance isn’t sacrificed for style – sauces are rich and full-flavoured. Like the decor and dishes, the prices are eye-catching but worth it when you need to make a lasting impression.
Open daily 8pm-3am. Fairmont Dubai Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 332 9260).

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Posted by: Sonia on 29 Sep ' 13 at 03:21

Food okay service awful. We were served by so many waiters our heads were reeling. All very pretentious and unwelcoming. Will NOT be going back!

Posted by: Mr and Mrs Smith 24 May 2013 on 05 Jun ' 13 at 14:09

The service was terrible and the food selection was horrible..The atmosphere/ambience was ok,nothing to write home about,did not waste any picture time in the resturant..what a waste of money for the entire resturant..Hell Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai was a lot better with entertainment and cheaper..Overall a huge disappointment..

Posted by: Stephen on 16 May ' 13 at 04:29

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I have to concur with the comments of Pat Mustard of 2009; "...it’s perfect for people who judge by the price of everything but know the value of nothing" - seems like not much has changed. Having eaten at several of Dubai's better restaurants (who deserve to ask high prices), Cavalli's should be described as "wannabe" - the prices without the value.

Posted by: clair w on 24 Mar ' 13 at 20:56

stunning setting, the venue is covered in crystals and it is a perefct venue to get dressed up for.
The food was excellent, we had the lobster salad for starter followed by the rissotto and my partner had the recommeded signature chicken dish which I am ordering next time.
I would definately go back and it was a great choice for our anniversary....... very romantic

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 20 Aug ' 11 at 16:01

Ostentatious interiors with pretense of class. Had come for the buffet. The food on offer was well below average. This is a case of style over substance - table wine in a top quality crystal glass. Hopefully, it does better as a nightclub. The waiting staff were efficient and all over the place.

Posted by: Kristina Ivana on 04 Jul ' 11 at 09:33

If you are looking for a place to dwell with the most amazing crowd, then look no further than Cavalli Club. The ambiance is breathe taking and staff very well presented. We had dinner and had the honour of meeting the young yet, overwhelmingly talented Chef behind the exquisite dishes...

As the evening transition took place, the crowd was beautiful and fire shows galore... Music kept us off our seats and we never had to look for a server to top up our drinks.

What a great experience...

Posted by: tamara on 08 May ' 11 at 10:24
  • Best for: Romantic

I have been to cavalli Club recently and i must say:
amazing service (always watched my glas being full and assisted me when i wanted to stand up), gorgeous food (we had a big fish covered in salt...omg didnt have this kind of fish in a long time!!) and beautiful atmosphere (the later it gets the louder the music becomes and slowly you move from a sit down dinner to standing up and dancing next to the table)

So i can not agree with mister karl... maybe you didnt have enough money on your card ;)
nobody asked us for our drivers license or anything of that kind...

We had an amazing evening and will repeat that sooner than later!!!

Thumbs Up!!!!

Posted by: karl hartey on 03 May ' 11 at 15:00

looks great, service the worst i have sen in dubai, food poor and we told them, the result was 4 people arguing with us, when time to pay they wanted passport and driving licence details to pay buy a black amex. rude, and plenty of other choice in dubai.

Posted by: Lola on 20 Mar ' 11 at 00:37

Hey guys i wanted to go there on my birthday,tell me please is 500 derhams for one peresen or for the whole table?

Posted by: David on 07 Aug ' 10 at 13:41
  • Best for: Romantic

Amazing place, be ready to spend... but this is what makes this venue so good, great music, gorgeous people, professional staff, all is flirting to the top of Dubai's nightlife. Will definitely go back there again and again!

Posted by: Claudio on 27 Jul ' 10 at 21:01
  • Best for: Romantic

Nice place, Very good Food and Service.

Posted by: Madina on 21 Apr ' 10 at 18:16

Posted by: Sophia on 02 Feb ' 10 at 09:28

What can i say: crystalls-crystalls... No ambience -AT ALL. After some time you atsrt to feel youself like in old abandoned backstage. I didn't get the concept with all those fake-zebras lounges and dominating purple light. Moreover,and very important, service is awful! Reservation for 5,we were seated on the table for 4 and one of us had to seat on a kind of little taburet-chair .It wouldn't be so weird if the tables(and armchairs,of course) all around us wouldn't be empty . The drinks were not something special.Background music was dreary and overall the atmosphere was sad.If you ask me,would i swap it for Buddha-Bar,the answer is -NO,NO and NO. Check it out,but don't waste your time and money; Cavalli Club was made for "trend-whatever-it-is'' people...

Posted by: Liz Hilton on 13 Jun ' 09 at 18:45

Move over the Buddha Bar - The Cavalli Club has taken the hot spot. Loved every second there - the decor was out of this world - the food was magnificent, service fabulous - couldnt tell you one negative thing about it. It was romantic and i felt like a princess........cos the man i was with just makes you feel like that - anything you read that is negative is absolute tosh - it was great the food out of this world - service - and the decor - well - Let me put it to you this way - its like gold dust to get a table and i dont think that we would of got one if i hadn't told them that my name was Hilton - it was chocker block. Thanks to all those that work there, you made my night one i wont forget for a very long time - get one in London soon please. xxx Liz Hilton

Posted by: Susanne on 11 Jun ' 09 at 11:44
  • Best for: Romantic

Cavalli club is beautiful. If you have visitors, take them there to impress them but dont expect to have a great dinner. Go some place else for dinner and have a drink there after.
And girls, watch out! Staff is flirting!

Posted by: Pat Mustard on 10 Jun ' 09 at 08:25

Yes, this place is stuck up and overbearing, but that’s wholly in keeping with what you’d expect. It’s perfect for people who judge by the price of everything but know the value of nothing.

He is a fashion designer though. After all, I’d never let Gordon Ramsay make me a suit.

Posted by: sharif on 06 Jun ' 09 at 16:16
  • Best for: Romantic


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