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As would be expected from an Armani-branded venue, Ristorante is a stylish affair. There is some truth in the claim that, with its minimalist decor and neutral chic, the restaurant resembles an airport departure lounge. But the monotone hues and understated furnishings don’t deliver a sterile environment. Burj Fountain views are available, but diners are as likely to watch the artistry unfolding in the enormous kitchen that sits right in the centre of the dining room. Trust the chef to guide you through the degustation menu for signature dishes. If the season is right, then, the white truffle crème brûlée sets the standards for the meal to follow. Beef tartare with quail egg, foie gras terrine, baby squid filled with crab – not your standard Italian starters, but such is the technical ability of the Armani chefs that haute cuisine works every time. The restaurant’s Italian roots have not been ignored, with dishes such as seared langoustine risotto or open lobster ravioli proving that modern Italian and farmhouse recipes can be translated into a cool contemporary setting. Mains take the same approach. Fine-dining twists, such as the presentation of the roasted rabbit with fava beans, go to show the kitchen team are every bit as stylish as the Armani-clad waiters. Sure, you’re paying a premium for the name, but rest assured this is quality of the highest order.
Open daily 7pm-11pm. Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, dubai.armanihotels.com (04 888 3888).

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Posted by: vivette on 10 Mar ' 13 at 12:43
  • Best for: Business lunch

this is a real super stupidly designed restaurant!!
the tables are only for 5 people so we were 8 for a business lunch and we had to divide 4 and 4 in another table....what kind of business lunch can that be???

the food was overpriced, the portions minimal, and the cusine too fussy to be really italian, we were not at all impressed .>>>>

a bad experience in all and we will definatly bring our business somewhere else....

Posted by: Daniela on 03 May ' 12 at 11:39

Excellent Italian food.
If you want to go for a dessert at the end of your meal pick The Sphere!
It'll not only please your palate but also your sight, it's an incredible work of
pastry making!

Posted by: Simon in Dubai on 03 Sep ' 11 at 14:37

We went as a couple just before Eid. The experience was a let down which is a real shame as we were expecting something special - irst impressions were good.
First course was fine and the saffron risotto was quite good...we thought it was all going well...although we were trying to ignore the irritating service ...either they were all over you or no one was attending ...being within range but strangely not aware that you needed a glass filled etc.
Anyway, it really went down hill when our main courses arrived - the fish was rubbery ! the skin was soft and should have been crisp...seems like it was sitting under a hot lamp or something...my dish was also over cooked...clearly the chef was NOT checking these dishes as he was wandering around other tables most of the evening chatting with people ...then he came to ours and we told him "we were slightly disppointed" (trying to be polite)...he just said this is what it should be like...I was astounded ..and that's when we got up and left...
I can only suggest people avoid this place unless they want to waste a couple of thousand dirhams... spend your money elsewhere ....I can only hope Armani sort it out and get a new chef in who can cook consistently good standard dishes

Posted by: Luca Botti on 20 Jul ' 11 at 16:06
  • Best for: Romantic

the best one ever

Posted by: Roberto Bassi on 20 Jul ' 11 at 16:04

whatever they said, stills the best one

Posted by: Sandro on 02 Jun ' 11 at 11:32
  • Best for: Business lunch


in regards to your comment, BICE is way better than Armani Ristorante. Eventhough Roberto left, the food is very good.
If you want a relativley good Pizza, try Fratelli La Bufala, it is a bit out of town and almost always empty, but WE ITALIAN would go that far to eat good food.

Tanti saluti,

and hope Armani will improve now that Marc Dardenne left Emaar!!!

Posted by: Italiantaste on 26 May ' 11 at 08:50

I'm reading the comments from italians, like me, and I'm wondering which it should be the best italian reastaurant, in their opinion.
I'm still looking for a good pizza, I was really disappointed from the so acclaimed Bice (no comparison with the one in Milan) and wouldn't recommend to friends except for Pastas (main courses are terrible and it's not cheap at all!!).
That's why I don't understand all this critics to Armani Ristorante: atmosphere is good, the menu maybe doesn't offer many options, but the quality of ingredients is high (not so common here). Ok, the price is high but it's plenty of restaurants out there where you spend scandalous amount of money and the food is really terrible (Verre, for example). Anyway, I went there twice, this is my personal opinion for the moment. Meanwhile, wating for other valuable suggesttions.

Posted by: Renzo Fiorello on 15 May ' 11 at 09:22
  • Best for: Business lunch


I agree with Diego, you are absolutely right!!! This is not a good Italian restaurant. Sorry, but there are many better once in Dubai.
I will not go back.

Tanti Saluti,


Posted by: Diego Negroni on 09 May ' 11 at 05:46
  • Best for: Business lunch


I believe this should make you think!!!!

The food is boring, price is high and the service very bad. I was very disappointed!

I would for sure not recommend this restaurant to my Italian or non-Italian friends.

Giorgio Armani should stick to clothing, that's what he is doing best. Don't outsource any restaurants to EMAAR, didn't they just make Chef Viktor "redundant"!!! From here on it is going down.

Ciao Diego

Posted by: John on 17 Apr ' 11 at 09:53

The best Italian food in Dubai.

(It's the same team who used to work at Quatro, which was previously the best Italian in the city - even Time Out agreed on that one)

Posted by: Pietro Rossi on 20 Feb ' 11 at 07:56
  • Best for: Business lunch

One question to "DUBAI LOVER", are you working for Armani (Emaar) or are you really so blind? The food is deffenetly not the best Italian in Town and the service is very unattentive and slow. the atmosphere is blund and boring. Where do you usually dine, and what are comparing this restaurant to???

It is not worth the money.

Ciao Pietro

Posted by: Smn80 on 18 Feb ' 11 at 16:35
  • Best for: Romantic

Great atmosphere and excellent food, the only flaw was the service . In an Italian restaurant there is expected Italian waiters and with a little knowledge of Italian cuisine.

Posted by: Leonardo Baldesci on 16 Feb ' 11 at 08:50
  • Best for: Business lunch

I agree with Roberto Roggeri (see above) and he must know as he worked for BICE in Dubai, probably the best Italian restaurant in town, well, until he left!!!

The food at "Ristorante" is okay. Nothing overwealming. No feeling of being in Italy. Not that I would expect Pizza on the menu, but good Italian food can be very different than what is served there.

The "service" is really very poor. Even after so many months they have opened. Unattentive and slow, eventhough the restaurant was almost empty.

I believe they missed the point of modern, up to date service expectations.

Even Giorgio (Armani) himself said that the design is outdated. I fully agree.

Improve the service and think back to good old times :) (e.g. Bice or Splendido) You got the hint!!!


Leonardo Baldesci

Posted by: Mark Astor on 17 Jan ' 11 at 08:20

The best Italian restaurant in Dubai.

Posted by: dave on 22 Dec ' 10 at 18:04

Nice restaurant a lit bit too bright.The food was OK but the service was really disappointing, specially on the side of lady who called herself SOMMELIER. didn't know the difference premier cru, grand cru eccet...
When I asked for racomandations as I was with a guest I would expected in Italian restaurant very good knowledge of the Italian wines at least...but she didn't know the grape variety as lack of knowledge between the regions..shame....

Posted by: Deborah Pearmain on 03 Nov ' 10 at 18:59

I visited with 3 friends for the first time yesterday and the food was amazing! A little pricey but well worth it, both the starters and main courses had the perfect touches of flavour.

All four of us had totally empty plates after the main course, I will be going back soon for sure.

Posted by: Roberto Roggeri on 01 Nov ' 10 at 07:23

The food is good, but the ambiance is very very cold and certainly not "up to date". I would have expected much more. Besides that, the service seemed very slow and unattentive.
I believe it still need improvement.

Posted by: T.A. on 25 Oct ' 10 at 13:10
  • Best for: Romantic

I expected a dress code in The finest restaurant of a classy hotel, but what a disapointment was, when next to us were seated emiratis wearing t-shirts and slippers!...

Posted by: kkat777 on 27 Jun ' 10 at 06:19
  • Best for: Business lunch

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

I was very excited to visit Armani's RISTRORANTE. Knowing Chef Emiliano's reputation at Quattro and how he was able to entice us all with that fabulous Italian restaurant. I visited the restaurant with 4 of my friends for dinner and was very happy that the food was truly Italian. The Saffron osso bucco was perfectly seasoned and gorgeous, the lobster was to die for. I did not even want to cut into my lobster dish afraid that I might miss just looking at it. The pasta was good... I had the rabbit parpadelle and was sad to see that I missed the bits of rabbit that were very scarce on my plate however my friend had benefited from the uneven division og our dishes being cooked at the same time. In addition to the lack of rabbit... they had alosk forgotten to share with me the gorgeous olives that were mentioned in the menu. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices of the wines and champagne were increditble reasonable. Albeit there were a couple of out of stock situations... however the wine list looked very niche and a lot of them were small italian producers which I am very excited to try the next time I am at Ristorante. Only drawbacks was the service. ;( which could have been due to the recent opening and the popularity of the restaurant. I believe the managers should pay more attention to training their staff with all the little details that results in a more memorable experience for its guests. Also - will someone please dim the lights down at night !? I believe the restaurant would do perfectly with dimmed lights for those romantic moments. i will be back.

Posted by: dubai lover on 12 Jun ' 10 at 16:00
  • Best for: Romantic

I believe that this is the best italian restaurant in town without any doubt. the cuisine is exceptional.
Your review must be rewieved!


Highly Commended