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Despite being one of the city’s most expensive Italian restaurants, BiCE is also the most consistently busy. Regular diners know it is the place to go for premium Italian food. Visit on an empty stomach because you’ll need to sample a pasta or risotto course before going on to the substantial mains. Try the homemade ricotta and spinach tortelli with white and black truffle sauces to see just how delicate Italian cooking can be, or splash out on the house special – lobster fettuccine – for an unusual twist. Mains are universally excellent, but allow yourself to be persuaded by the seafood-loving staff. They wheel around the day’s freshest catches before every meal, and melt-in-the-mouth sea bass and juicy sea scallops work well at this beachside setting. It’s a special-occasion restaurant, so allow yourself the indulgence of a raspberry pannacotta and a selection of handmade Italian sweets to finish the meal.
Open Sun-Sat 12.30pm-3.30pm,7pm-11.30pm. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, JBR, Dubai Marina, www.hilton.com (04 318 2530).

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Posted by: David Delbecq on 04 Feb ' 14 at 06:44
  • Best for: Romantic


My wife and I have lived in the Middle East for nearly 20 years, 8 of those in the UAE.
We have been regular patrons of BICE for over 7 years.
Bice has always been one of our favourites, and we have dined there countless times, on our own or with friends and family.
I'm sorry to say that I will NOT be returning again.
Our evening out was utterly ruined by the poor quality of the food and the outrageous rudeness of the restaurant manager - an attitude which I've never witnessed before in a restaurant.

The Incident:

Being Gluten Intolerant (NB: not celiac) I ordered the 'fusili with meat ragout' - basically the pasta with bolognese sauce. Fusilli was unavailable and therefore I was served penne.

The dish was simply dreadful. The penne was grossly overcooked, the sauce contained particles of meat (or what I assumed to be meat). The dish was also utterly ruined by excessive salt.
Whilst I understand that some dishes can be badly cooked on occasion, I felt compelled to complain to the waitress who went and informed the Manager (whom I won't name here).
It is, after all, a very simple dish - with a not-so-simple price......

Minutes passed and nothing happened. I enquired with the waitress again who said she had informed the Manager and that his response had been 'what do you expect, it's gluten free food'.

I asked to speak with the Manager directly and this is where things got out of hand.

He approached the table with an air of utter annoyance, hands in his pockets, and with a look to say: 'how dare you complain'.

I tried to explain the problem but the....gentleman... spoke over me, arrogantly insisting that cooking gluten-free pasta aldente is 'impossible' (I've eaten gluten-free food for years), that he's Italian, and that he doesn't like 'my attitude towards the dish'.

His attitude so shocked my wife she was greatly upset - she tried to explain the problem to the individual who immediately spoke over her and didn't let her finish.
We ordered the bill and left the restaurant when we would have spent another Dhs 500 easily in deserts, wine, and after-dinner drinks.

The Manager's attitude utterly shocked us. Never before have we experienced such a degree of rudeness, arrogance, and utter lack of professionalism.
My wife and I travel the world for work and for leisure, and stay in 5-star establishments everywhere we go - never have we witness such a thing nor have we have been treated as such. The utter lack of professionalism, the complete lack of concern for someone with a food allergy, is a grave concern to me and so it should be to you.

This is not done out of spite or revenge. I do not seek compensation of any kind.
I simply to wish to make sure that my friends and colleagues, and other members of the public, do not end up paying large sums of money to suffer this individual's arrogance and rudeness.

For an organisation that professes to serve the top-level food and service, I must say I am sorely disappointed.
This restaurant manager's attitude isn't worthy of the Hilton name, and steps should be taken to address what is clearly a profound attitude problem.

Posted by: Nicole a foody on 27 Nov ' 13 at 12:27
  • Best for: Romantic

We have been going to bice both in the Hilton and souk bahar for years. Its a easy go to place when you know what you will get and the lovely italian chef at souk location is amazing and can make what ever pasta sauce you choose along with the pasta.

Souk bahar is a great location directly on the burj khalifa fountains! Lovely night with great italian food.

Posted by: RiRo on 31 Oct ' 13 at 12:03

Very disappointed and will never go back or even think about it and definitely not recommending to others.
Went to the Skybar, supposedly on a special bday celeb, however, food is way too pricey but very low quality. I couldn't get over it till now! that occasion was a once in a lifetime event and it was a terrible experience! I couldn't take my wallet out to pay. I felt like I was robbed!

Posted by: Nathan Bowden on 24 Sep ' 13 at 10:26

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Not sure what was worse; the cold food or the exceptionally bad attitude of the 'manager'. It was a birthday night and one to celebrate and the starters were fine, but that was it, it all went downhill from there. The dinner was spoilt by the half of the people's main courses (ranging from steak to lamb) on the table coming out cold. That was after having to chase one of the meals. The food came out again (same food not fresh) but even colder the second time. By this stage the others had finished their main courses and the remaining hungry people had given up on getting their meal at a decent temperature. Really, for the price they charge for a steak you'd think it would come out of the kitchen so it can be eaten and if not the first time then certainly the second time. A few mistakes can be easily rectified by a mature and competent manager, this he was not. The serving staff were friendly and helpful and we all got the impression that they were as fed up with the ignorance of the manager as we were. Needless to say we have taken is further with the Hilton hotel and will not be eating there again, not when there are so many other good restaurants in Dubai to choose from.

Posted by: Phil Sissons on 11 Apr ' 13 at 06:48

Don't believe the hype. Pizza hut style frozen potato wedges with the scallopini milanese? I ask you. don't expect the sous chefs to understand the difference between 'medium rare' and 'shoe leather' and whatever you do, don't attempt to move tables between courses

Posted by: Carole Boyd on 10 Mar ' 13 at 13:43

On arriving our reservation was lost, after a wait we were given a table. Ordered seafood linguine as we had very much enjoyed it previously. It was poor not much sea food and the pasta very salty and overcooked. Will not be returning.

Posted by: Ibrahim Ahmad on 11 Apr ' 12 at 17:41
  • Best for: Family friendly

I'm surprised that you didn't post my comments. Makes one wonder if these there is an ulterior motive.

Posted by: Ibrahim Ahmad on 11 Apr ' 12 at 07:09
  • Best for: Family friendly

My wife and went to Dubai to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. BiCe was recommended to us by my niece who lives in Dubai, and her recommendation was reinforced by the reviews in Time Out Dubai.

I booked a table for two at 9.00 pm on Thursday, 5th April, 2012. My first mistake was to google BiCe's location. We ended up in Mina Salam near Burj Al Arab Hotel ! My mistake, but easily rectified since I had rented a car.

We arrived at BiCe at 9.30 pm and were led to our table, with a view of the swimming pool. The decor was nice, and the staff were polite and friendly (what one would expect). But what really surprised us was the pram parked next to the adjoining table, and a small child being fussed over. Looking around, we could see many children under 12 years of age. Definitely, definitely not a romantic setting, more like a family restaurant.

The calamari and prawn starter was average, as was the veal for our main course. On the whole, it was definitely not worth going all the way to Dubai Marina. We could have had a similar meal in any reasonable priced Italian restaurant in central Dubai at considerably less cost. Dissapointing.

Posted by: AmeriPair on 23 Mar ' 12 at 08:10
  • Best for: Romantic

BICE came very highly recommended by multiple people. The two of us went for a weekend dinner. Plan ahead and make reservations to ensure you get the time you want. Looking back we probably made poor choices from the main dish menu. One of us had the seared tune and the other had sea bass. Clearly the other patrons were ordering more traditional Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. There is also a cart of either olive oil or balsamic vinegar that looked interesting. The service was good, the piano man playing live music was the highlight of the evening. We plan to go back and order pizza and pasta instead of the fish. We found the price to be rather high considering the quality of the food.

Posted by: Heather on 12 Mar ' 12 at 09:15

I have to say that I love the food at this restaurant. I hadn't been in awhile and it didn't disappoint on my recent visit. Everything from the focaccia in the bread basket to the mini cookies they bring you with the bill if you are too full for a real dessert are fantastic. I've enjoyed the sea bass and tuna mains on several occassions and recall the beef tenderloin as delish as well. Neither I nor any of my dining companions have ever found fault with the food.

With that said, I find the atmosphere a little stuffy and they haven't managed to get rid of the "hotel restaurant feel". The decor is nice and the vibe is relaxed so I can't put my finger on it but some spots in Dubai manage it and some don't. I wouldn't describe it as trendy, and it feels like a place I could take my parents without feeling out of place, so maybe that's the thing!

Anyway, the service is compentent but not spectacular. Friendly but not overbearing, helpful but not too attentive. On par with similar places in this city.

With that said, if you are looking for a nice Italian meal in the marina I think this place served up food that is consistently devoured as is evidenced by the constant stream of customers despite the someone aging venue.

Worth a visit! It is in the entertainer fine dining book as well, so great value is possible!

Posted by: james on 21 Feb ' 12 at 18:46
  • Best for: Family friendly


Posted by: William Dubai Resident on 07 Dec ' 11 at 15:01

Trully one of best restaurants in Dubai and a trully Italian -not like others so call italians...

Food is amazing, service great and the refurbishing is spectacular... new Bice is better than old one -if possible.

Bravo guys, your regular guest for looooooooooong time

Posted by: david on 03 Dec ' 11 at 04:07

I visited BICE Skybar on the UAE 40th National Day with my girlfriend and her visiting parents, hoping to see national day fireworks over the palm and have great dining experience, on both counts we were sorely disappointed.

We were shown to our table outside at 7pm and waited 10 or 15 minutes for menus, even then with a restaurant not even 10% full that the waiters were running around not really knowing what was going on. After finally getting some drinks we also ordered our food expecting great things.

The starters arrived probably 40 minutes later, calamari and octopus carpaccio - both average at best, lets hope the main courses are better we said.

Over an hour had passed when the rushed waiters appeared with four plates, three tenderloin at 240 Dhs each and a seafood pasta. We all excitedly tucked into our mains to find they were all cold, not lukewarm, but stone cold. After managing to flag down a sprinting waiter he took all the main courses back to be warmed. In 5 minutes the pasta arrived back which was again dispatched back to the kitchen to arrive with the rest of our dishes.

Finally 10 minutes later all four plates arrived, unfortunately however the waiter had not remembered whose steak was who's so i found myself staring at one of my guest's steak which he had already taken a chunk out of first time around, after some musical plates we all had our own plate of food back and hopeful that it was piping hot, this time they had manged to meet only the lukewarm temperature level but we all so hungry decided to tuck in.

I had ordered my rather expensive steak, even by Dubai standards, to be medium rare so was disappointed to find it a shade of grey / brown when i finally got to cut into it. Cue flagging down a running waiter again, when my replacement had not arrived by the time my guests had finished their rather mediocre main courses i decided not to put myself through any more hell.

The restaurant manager had not made an appearance up until this point but had left his rather stressed looking waiting staff to deal with the issues. However after the plates had been cleared he appeared, rather randomly with a bottle of champagne to apologise (we had all been drinking red wine until this point).

My hunger had got the better of me so i decided to order a dessert, their signature dish, chocolate fondant, one of my favorites. Surprisingly the centre was of a gooey consistency but again cold having been out of the oven for what must have been some time.

As we were leaving i approached the manager to offer some constructive feedback, after all he didn't charge us for the desserts and the tenderloin which i never consumed, how very generous. Only for him to suggest we return for another go at BICE, and we would each get a glass of champagne on the house, let me think about that one, no thank you sir, good night.

Posted by: Linda on 15 Nov ' 11 at 18:03

Once of the best places in town, althought food is loosing the charm from chef andrea

Posted by: Linda on 15 Nov ' 11 at 18:03

Once of the best places in town, althought food is loosing the charm from chef andrea

Posted by: on 05 Nov ' 11 at 11:03
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great experience mouthwatering appetizers

Posted by: Stuart on 09 Sep ' 11 at 15:00

I tried to go to Bice last night and I was absolutely disgusted with the service I, and my friends received on entering the restaurant. I was informed that I wasn't going to be allowed in because I was wearing shorts. These weren't just any shorts. I was wearing nice, tailored shorts, loafers and a shirt. I was told that the restaurant abides by Islamic sensitive rules.

I should have enquired about the dress code but restaurants a great deal nicer than Bice would not have had a problem with my dress. Not only that, the sheer hypocrisy was absolutely disgraceful.

I wasn't allowed in wearing tailored shorts but girls were allowed in to the restaurant showing considerably more skin than me.

I wasn't allowed in wearing tailored shorts because it "wasn't Islamic" but they were happily distributing alcohol on the premises.

I will never return to the Hilton JBR ever again. I am posting on Facebook and emailing all internet publications about the disgraceful hypocrisy currently present in this hotel and restaurant.

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 14 Aug ' 11 at 08:13
  • Best for: Romantic

Dined here last night. The original location is shut for renovations so the venue had moved to the Bice Skybar on the 10th floor and featured a reduced menu. There were no pizzas and even some of the starters like lobster carpaccio or the king crab steak salad were missing.
Once seated, fresh warm bread and breadsticks were kept at the table with 3 dips - olive paste, tomato, and olive oil. The beef carpaccio topped with thin dry cheese and lots of ?rocket leaves covered the entire plate and was a sight indeed.
The seabass mainns on a bed of potato was served hot and well presented but devoid of the taste of any seasoning. Lemon wedges and lemon butter sauce kept by the side. With a little bit of salt things were much better. The skin was crisp but didn't cut with the flesh which was soft and fresh and broke away with just a little pressure. At Dhs. 175 it was pricey.
Although I had wanted to stop, but I just couldn't go away without having their famed tiramisu. It was served in a cup and was the creamiest tiramisu I had ever had. The brown ?coffee powder coating on the top left a slight bitter taste in my mouth which leaves me to conclude that next time I should have it with coffee.
The atmosphere inside was of elegance and fine dining but the waiters were disarming and this helped me feel more relaxed.
The bill for one person including a bottle of sparkling water was around Dhs 330.

Posted by: Stephen on 01 Jul ' 11 at 16:33

Best italian restaurant in Dubai. Food and test faboulous. . Bravo to the Chef.

Posted by: Ziat on 23 May ' 11 at 09:33
  • Best for: Romantic

l really enjoyed, Food and service are excellante

Posted by: Moza on 15 May ' 11 at 14:02
  • Best for: Business lunch

Such a disappointment!! It's my one and only try, my friends said it was way better years back. Food was tasteless the only thing I have enjoyed was the complimentary bread. I've had way better pizza and pasta in Dubai.

Posted by: Marc on 14 May ' 11 at 17:01

I have never been so disappointed by an italian restaurant before, from the starters to the main courses: my foie gras was tasteless, the octopus carpaccio was surprisingly hot and the pasta main courses were equally awful (the gnocchis were more like mash potatoes and the lobster fettucine were so spicy we could not feel the taste of lobster anymore). You can easily find the same quality of product in any supermarket in Dubai and you better stay home and cook your home pasta if you want to enjoy. the whole experience was dreadful, noisy and very expensive. too bad, i had been recommended this place by friends and had better expectations.

Posted by: Chris on 01 May ' 11 at 19:09

Great place to go, probably one of the best italian restaurants in Dubai.

Posted by: Peter on 29 Dec ' 10 at 13:09
  • Best for: Family friendly

Bice compare to other Italian Restaurant is the best in Dubai for 10 years of consistency.

Posted by: GAURESH NAIK on 27 Oct ' 10 at 18:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

it is best restaurant in world , service was excellent & climate was too good ,as well as food & everything was perfect................keep it up.

Posted by: keshav on 04 Sep ' 10 at 19:43

We went to Bice after reading the reviews on TO. Most of the people have voted it suitable for a romantic dinner.I beg to differ.We went there for our anniversary and found it too vibrant/active for a romantic evening out.The food was decent,but overpriced.Service was good. Wouldn't recommend it if you want a really unforgettable night though.I strongly recommend celebrities at the One & only Royal Mirage.

Posted by: mr marini on 13 Apr ' 10 at 16:46

best italian in dubia by far all my family enjoyed kids also 12 and 9. Ate in milan several times before and also in orlando and dubia is no diffrent excellent !

Posted by: Cigdem Taylor on 22 Mar ' 10 at 22:41
  • Best for: Romantic

Bice is a beautifull fine dining restaurant where u can eat delicious, hearty food with an excellent hospitality and care. Special gratitute to its kind and humble chef and staff.

Posted by: füsun on 22 Mar ' 10 at 16:31
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: füsun on 22 Mar ' 10 at 16:29
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Rosa Millane on 22 Mar ' 10 at 15:45
  • Best for: Romantic

I am originally from Portugal and this is my first time dining in Bice,Dubai.I have been in other Bice in Italy before and I can say there is a great consistency in service,food,ambience and all. What can I say more just great.Keep up your superb work! Oh and before I forget you must try pasta dishes or the Pizza such delights! desserts are mouthwatering too, I will definitely come back..Thank You for the top service all in all.

Posted by: W. Braun on 14 Mar ' 10 at 13:51
  • Best for: Business lunch

good food, good service, but a little bit over priced.
Fish and seafood dishes are ok but nothing exeptional

Posted by: FULYA AKKAYA on 11 Mar ' 10 at 18:34
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Bori Ince on 06 Mar ' 10 at 17:02
  • Best for: Romantic

Exquisite and palatable food: tasty & very attractively prepared & served dishes; friendly and accommodative personnel; great ambience and overall service.

Posted by: Ilayda Mutlu on 05 Mar ' 10 at 10:38
  • Best for: Romantic

my favorite reastuarant

Posted by: Ilknur Mutlu on 05 Mar ' 10 at 10:36
  • Best for: Romantic

The best Italian restaurant in Middle East

Posted by: marlene on 19 Jan ' 10 at 14:27
  • Best for: Romantic

It is one of the best italian restaurant in Dubai.But like others i feel that it is priced more than it deserves

Posted by: Darrel Jamieson on 19 Oct ' 09 at 05:56

Posted by: Sylvain Chandler on 05 Jul ' 09 at 10:00

Risotto over cooked, to follow meat overcooked, what an evening......

Posted by: Domenico on 07 May ' 09 at 12:02
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Domenico on 07 May ' 09 at 12:02
  • Best for: Romantic


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