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With its fluorescent blue jellyfish tank, dark, masculine interior and black staff uniforms, Okku could be straight out of a James Bond movie. Even the somewhat aggressive approach to table bookings, complete with the threat of a no-show fine, fits the bill, but don’t let this deter you. Because once seated, Okku’s softer side reveals itself, through the friendly wait staff and the warm flicker of candles at each table. Dishes are meant for sharing, with a selection of smaller plates, sushi and salads leading up to more substantial dishes, like the ever-present miso black cod. Bear in mind, though, that ‘starters’ are actually not much smaller than ‘mains’. Don’t miss the excellent sashimi salad, the cuts of raw tuna, salmon and yellowtail melting in the mouth, or the wonderfully light Taraba Summer Roll, generously filled with fresh crab. All seafood is said to come from sustainable sources, so you can tuck in without hesitation. As the evening progresses, the lounge-style atmosphere comes into its own, the bar area alive with activity and the music adding to the buzz. Okku promises a night to remember, albeit a pricey one.
Open daily 7pm-2am. The H Hotel, One Sheikh Zayed Road, www.okku.com (04 501 8777).

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Posted by: ali on 06 Aug ' 13 at 11:06
  • Best for: Romantic

I went there more than 8 times, everytime im in dubai I have to go there for my favorite dish " cod black dynamite"

most of the dishes I tried are pretty good but doesnt meant that there are some that arent so good

Posted by: Ehsan on 10 Sep ' 12 at 05:19

I had booked a table for 6 to have dinner. We were given a sofa and two ottomans instead. Despite my complaints to the team and management, we were told that we could take it or leave it as other guests were on waiting list. Horrible service.

Posted by: Manoj Bangera on 24 Mar ' 12 at 03:30
  • Best for: Romantic

A cozy little place right in the heart of the

Posted by: Gregory Fernandes on 15 Mar ' 12 at 00:57
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Gregory Fernandes on 15 Mar ' 12 at 00:57
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Roberta on 30 Jan ' 12 at 06:59
  • Best for: Romantic

We went to Okku after hearing so much about it and wondered was all the fuss was about the place considering everything we read/heard prior to going.

We waslked in around 9pm on tuesday night and wow for the venue looking great, a little dark for my liking but understood the candes and mood.

Sat @ the bar for cocktils and a great acuma martini and some apple martini that was a little less to our taste but seemed to be popular,

Food we ordered and then sat on or table about 15 mins late to our reservation but we didnt really care and it was full, so understood. had this new scallop starter for starter to share and was great, a lot of sushi and more coktails and then had this great Kani dish that was huge and served on cedar wood- was expensive @ 500dhs but so so worth it.

Our waiter Oka serves was just i like back home from new york, informative and very antenitive without being in your face and pushy.

After dinner a cigar in the lounge from arounf 12 and sat there having a few japanese whiskeys until around 1am and it was still 85% full, love this place, not a everydayer for me as i can't afford it unfortunately but 2 times a month.

if you havent tried it doooooooooo, you'll love it and ask for Oka (he's great)

Posted by: Mike on 23 Jan ' 12 at 18:48
  • Best for: Business lunch

Posted by: Jonny on 23 Jan ' 12 at 17:29
  • Best for: Business lunch

Business Lunch is fantastic, good selection of food and great value for money.

The new menu rocks, it's big and it will take me a while to sample all dishes but so far everything has been amazing. The new sashimi dishes are creative and tasty, the scollops are rich, tuna tartar & beef tartar are outstanding and the black cod is as good as it's always been. Bigger portions though people! This kid is hungry!!!

My only complaint is the food is so good I always leave unsatisfied as I want to stuff my face silly! EPIC MEAL TIME AT OKKU!

Posted by: Danny on 23 Jan ' 12 at 15:59
  • Best for: Business lunch

John, you name soundy england but your speaking is bad poor. Two thumbs up for the black cod and the cocktail menu. Okku is a favourite of mine for lunch and after work drinks / dinner. Excellent food, table service and drinks. The bartenders are also first class at spinning the bottles. I even had some change in my wallet to go back again.

Posted by: John on 17 Jan ' 12 at 03:59

New dishes was on, but it's bad. Oily on all dish. It's more to Korean or maybe a fusion.. The chef is confuse I supposed! He is working in Japanese Restaurant. I don't why Time Out voted them for the best Japanese restaurant. It's a club. The restaurant was empty and not even full. Guest what, after our meal, we stay behind for drinks, the sushi counter turns into a bar counter!!! That is a joke.. Never see this in Dubai. Maybe Time out should vote them for best innovation bar...

Posted by: Adrian on 05 Jan ' 12 at 13:48

I have no idea how Time Out Dubai choose Best Japanese Restaurant.
Actually OKKU is not restaurant. This is just club. And food is too salty and oily. I felt sick after eating there. Don't go OKKU if you want to enjoy dining.

Posted by: Qurwash on 30 Dec ' 11 at 16:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

The Best restaurant in Dubai.. Nothing match the chef imagination and perfection. you will never go wrong there, everything taste fantastic.

Posted by: ali on 16 Nov ' 11 at 15:23
  • Best for: Family friendly

the food was a joke.. few dishes i notice are from Nobu! but Nobu is a better version and taste better. the dining place is too dark. bar is nice but restaurant is empty..
its nice to go the bar... not for food! Nobu & Zuma is much better.

Posted by: Roberta on 16 Nov ' 11 at 13:16
  • Best for: Romantic

Love this place!

No i love food and am a regular guest in most places of Dubai as is everyone. But OKKU called me an invited me to try there new menu before it launches as i have been there so many times in the past month. Work meetings mostly but shhhhh.
New menu was amazing. Tuna tartare is like an orgasmic experience on a plate, but not to mention to many, go and see for yourself.

Zuma/Nobu eat your heart out @ OKKU's new menu.

Posted by: Pam Boucher on 16 Nov ' 11 at 12:45
  • Best for: Business lunch

The best business lunch offer in town! Had a very important meeting with a client so had to choose the best place to impress him.
Got my business contract signed due to the best food he ever had!
Thanks to OKKU. We really had enjoyed our lunch and a very good service as a bonus.

We will definitely come back!

Posted by: jasmine on 16 Nov ' 11 at 10:19
  • Best for: Business lunch

never return...

Posted by: Monica on 09 Sep ' 11 at 21:21

OKKU.... ONE WORD CHAD TYSON BY FAR THE BEST DJ YOU HAVE EVER HAd.. was there on thursday for dinner and the party after and o my word it was amazingly full. dinner service was amazing, receptionist all welcomed us with love and the waiter was great with service and the food was just amazing and to top it off the music was amazing. thank you OKKU it was a great night. PLEASE BRING CHAD TYSON BACK.....!!!!! LOVE FOOD LOVE OKKU

Posted by: Pam Boucher on 11 Aug ' 11 at 15:20
  • Best for: Romantic

went here with my wife and a friend in late-April 2011.

My first night out in Dubai and this was an impressive way to start. Summary review as follows:-

Good points:-
+ excellent food. Every dish tasted great
+ some of the best looking door girls/hostesses I've ever seen (my wife agrees)
+ lively with a good vibe

Bad points:-
- pricey, but an element of you get what you pay for here (I have given this 4 stars for value)
- the bar area may have an 'in crowd' but generally looks like too many people on the pull

I really enjoyed this restaurant and don't hesitate to recommend. Expensive and indulgent, it is a perfect place to visit while in Dubai.

Posted by: Alex Mir on 06 Aug ' 11 at 08:21

Okku L.O.V.E. Sundays Rocks! It is the best place in town in terms of cuisine, music, ambiance, crowd and service.

Posted by: Jenny on 05 Aug ' 11 at 07:33
  • Best for: Romantic

Very nice decor, good service and friendly staff. Amazing music !!!
Sorry, food was NOT tasty. Too oily and over salty (shrimps on rock, spicy tuna on crispy rice, shrimp tempoora), and why do you serve it too hot? Need to blow before eat. The desert was over sweet (chocolate fondant & ice-cream ). The lobster salad was ok.
I'll be back just for a drink in bar and music (amazing!!! ).
To eat good food I'll go to Nobu or Zuma.

Posted by: Virginia on 27 Jul ' 11 at 22:12
  • Best for: Business lunch

Let me be extremely honest here AND objective. I am a F&B manager and Certified Restaurant Manager, this is maybe the 20th time I am in Dubai.
I like only the best places wherever I go. I was told Okku is great, the best in Dubai.
My experience? Crap.
We arrived late, at 8.45, table was for 8pm, and immediately was told that we are late and that by 10pm we have to leave the table as new guests will arrive!
I mean - WHAT YOU JUST SAID THERE? That I am coming to Okku and spending good money and Im not getting TIME?
An excellent restaurant means good food, excellent chef, great service, great ambience and MY TIME to relax over all that as I AM NOT paying the quantity here but QUALITY.

So after being seated in a what looked crowded seating ( we could hear our neighbours all evening and staff couldnt fit between tables - a NO NO), staff continously bothered our conversation reminding us that its late, we must order so at 10pm to get out.
Out we were at 10.10pm when we were told the other guests arrived and we moved to an upstaires table, nicer, better I could say.
Ambience so and so. After all that, really, ambience didnt MATTER.
Music was at the beggining non existent and at the end...too loud.
Coying who?
Buddha Bar is ten times better. Sorry to compare.

At the end we paid the bill and server started explaining if we come for unch we buy one and we get one free! No thanks, thats cheap for Okuu, dont do that again, I dont want anything for free, I want quality!

AND guess what, going out at 11.30pm, hmm, half of tables were EMPTY, yes empty! So why were we kicked out?

In the end, the bottom line is that it looks clearly that Okku is only money oriented - this amount of seats 3 times a night or what?:)) Funny, in short space of time Okku wont exist, who goes there wants good time, excellent time.

Posted by: Gina on 11 Jun ' 11 at 17:28
  • Best for: Family friendly

Went on a sunday with friends, and o my was it so much fun. the ladies at reception welcomed me and my guests so great i love it. all the waiters were also amazing. the food was great. the Black Cod was amazing wayyyyy better than Nobu.... the music was pumping the drinks were flowing and all my guests were happy. thank you to all the okku staff it was amazing and will be coming soon. For OKKU LOVE sundays

Posted by: Maria Millaine Jumana on 11 Jun ' 11 at 13:58
  • Best for: Romantic

One of the best place to have delicious Japanese food in Dubai. As a new comer in Dubai, I can say I really go out a lot to discover new place to hang out and eat good food.
When I first heard about OKKU, i thought it would be another boring restaurant but Im absolutely wrong about that!
The place's interior is sooooo nice feels like you are really in Japan, no word can describe the food.......it was heaven!
and i was surprise when the evening gots late, music's volume pumps up and party started. Beautiful crowd around and enjoying every single beat of the music.
Now, Im always looking forward to my weekend because of this amazing place that I discovered.

Posted by: Makee on 10 Jun ' 11 at 13:07
  • Best for: Romantic

! OKKU is like my second home in Dubai, and im really falling in love with this place. I will start from the front door where the Hostesses always greet me with a smile and call me by my name. The Bartenders that always surprised me with their amazing cocktails and the best part is when I go down to the main dining and have my divine dinner, good service and enjoyable busy atmosphere.
I always entertain my guest from abroad in here due to the fact that OKKU's whole package will not fail me!

Posted by: Albert on 05 Jun ' 11 at 08:05

Terrible restuarant, went there with a friend, dark dingy and nothing Japanese about it, why copy Nobu?

Worst food ever, Blackened cod was terrible and expensive. Ther service was aj joke unfriendly staff with little knowledge of their menus.

Never again, how can Time Out Dubai give this the best Japanese Restaurant in Dubai, when it is not even Japanese.

Posted by: Adel on 05 Jun ' 11 at 05:24
  • Best for: Business lunch

Took my date to dinner at okku, and apart from the great food and great waitor.. Everything else was terrible... I arrived on time for my reservation only to wait for 20 mins for the table to be ready and It would've been fine if the welcome desk was a bit more.... welcoming?? Instead, you get a group of snobby women that dont even look at you when you talk to them... Even when we sat down, the music was so loud that i had to scream at my date to pass me the saki.. Food GREAT, Service VERY POOR...

Posted by: Carmela on 30 Apr ' 11 at 19:45
  • Best for: Business lunch

Best to have your lunch at OKKU.
Good food, good deal, good service in one roof!
Will recommend this place to my friends!!!

Posted by: Henry on 30 Apr ' 11 at 19:35
  • Best for: Business lunch

The best business lunch offer in town! Had a very important meeting with a client so had to choose the best place to impress him.
Got my business contract signed due to the best food he ever had!
Thanks to OKKU. We really had enjoyed our lunch and a very good service as a bonus.
We will definetly come back!

Posted by: Ross Ledingham on 28 Apr ' 11 at 07:42
  • Best for: Business lunch

Great food andservice for lunch, a welcome additon to my life!

Posted by: Lucas on 27 Apr ' 11 at 18:24
  • Best for: Romantic

It was my 21st birthday that my boyfriend planned for me and, he told me that we were going to okku and i have never heard of the place but i had the best time of my life. Went on a sunday and Okku celebrated L.O.V.E sundays, and the second i walked in, i was greeted by friendly staff and the hostesses are beautiful, and know exactly what they are doing. the food was amazing and the music was even better. will for surely be going to okku. thank you very much to all the waiters that made it worth my while

Posted by: Ashley on 27 Apr ' 11 at 17:55
  • Best for: Romantic

my last saturday was quite fullfilled after my visit to OKKU Restaurant. Crowd was good, ambiance fantastic and most properly the busiest restaurant on saturday! def be back next saturday as no where great to really go - think I found my spot :)

Posted by: Ross Ledingham on 27 Apr ' 11 at 17:00
  • Best for: Business lunch

Great food andservice for lunch, a welcome additon to my life!

Posted by: Nikesh on 25 Apr ' 11 at 14:14
  • Best for: Business lunch

Japanese Restaurant serving a burger 'Okku Burger' random but amazing so worth the extra time in travelling for lunch

Posted by: Jesmina Carrigan on 24 Apr ' 11 at 22:26
  • Best for: Romantic

I love Japanese food and love duabi so i was told to come here, what can i say surprised to say the least with the party that happened after dinner, but loved it!

GREAT FOOD, Great Service and Great Bongo player!!

See you all soon. L.O.V.E. Okku indeed!

A/C a little warm though-fix it guys

Posted by: Yaser Dajani on 22 Apr ' 11 at 07:23
  • Best for: Romantic

Food is very average and certainly overpriced for the quality you get. Service is slow and staff confused.

The restaurant overcharged us for things we didn't order and we only noticed it after we paid. We spoke with the manager who said he can't give us a refund but can offer us drinks instead - and we were ready to leave the place to go somewhere else. So basically we had to forfeit the money.

The only good thing about the place is the bar and cocktails. If you are in the mood for sushi, go somewhere else.

Posted by: Danny on 14 Apr ' 11 at 19:39

It was my worst choice of restaurant in my life.
I heard Okku became a Best Japanese Restaurant this year. That`s why I went there. But very very disapointed. I just wasted my weekend & money.

Awful food... all foods are `Crispy` something, `Spicy` something....even salad. Too oily.
I felt sick untill next day afternoon.
Japanese food is usualy more sinple and dignity. No need DJ there.

I hope people believe that Okku is `JAPANESE RESTAURANT`.
It is absolutely not.

Posted by: 10 Year Expat on 18 Mar ' 11 at 17:02

Great experience

Posted by: William on 15 Mar ' 11 at 10:18
  • Best for: Romantic

Okku has become one of my favourite places in Dubai. My week is incomplete without having an Okku experienced day........................ weather it be a quick relaxed lunch with the waiter continuously topping up my green tea, sexy Sunday night with many beautifull people, amazing fruit based cocktails ( passionate japanese and apple martini is a must !) in house DJ, bongo drummer or Thursday night when its crazy good with pumping sounds and often guests DJ`s i need to make a stop at this venue.

The food menu has a wide selection of dishes............ i especially love the spicy rock shrimp, taraba summer roll, toromi chicken, crispy prawn maki roll and not forgetting the chocolate fondont.

They have an warm and welcoming team of staff members with each individual adding their personal touch.

i would say its a full package!!!!!! Not something you find often in Dubai.

Posted by: Chriss on 07 Mar ' 11 at 08:49

Definitely the best japanese resturant in Dubai.I'm a big fan of japanese food and i never eat so good food like in Okku.
And about service :amazing,they try to make everything possible u to have a good time..And about hostesses - Daaaamn,good looking girls!!!

Posted by: Ashley on 07 Mar ' 11 at 06:52
  • Best for: Romantic

WOW!!! OKKU def the place to treat a lady! went there on my anniversay and it all started off really well from the time I made my reservation to the time I finished my dinner. When making the reservation the friendly receptionist was super keen to make my anniversary extra special and even reccommended I order their mouth watering chocolate fondont with happy anniversary wriiten on the plate. when entering the restaurant - had the best welcome ever by 5 gorgeous ladies. was then escorted to the bar where the famous Tomas made some delicious cocktails for us. the hostess then escorted us to our table where we met the most friendly waiter ever - after finding out about our anniversary he even got the new manager to come our and congratulate us. this restaurant - the food and the service is exeptionally of high statue!!! even after the anniversay we went back again and got the same treatment and our names were even remembered!! NOW THATS SERVICE!!! OKKU ROCKS!!!

Posted by: been around town for a while on 06 Mar ' 11 at 07:14
  • Best for: Romantic

i completely agree with the bad service and management...the hostesses at the entrance have no clue how to handle clients!
Overbookings, no table when we got there 15mins late - they claim they called us ?!?!?! but we never received any calls - and they still insisted that they did!

Overall, i wasnt impressed at all!

Posted by: long time Dubai expat on 04 Mar ' 11 at 08:33

Worst service ever, the management made a triple booking for the same table the same night, the staff is ridiculously arrogant and the manager is inefficient and had no clue about the basics of the hospitality. Average food, very pricy with the worst service in Dubai...

Posted by: Lynne on 22 Feb ' 11 at 12:50
  • Best for: Romantic

BETTER THAN ZUMA in my opinion! The food is just as good, the crowd is fun, and it's ALWAYS happening. The TO review is right - it is pricey, but you get what you pay for!

Posted by: billyblue on 18 Feb ' 11 at 13:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

- Food & Beverages: the food is ok not bad but you can't compare to Zuma but its way cheaper, cocktails are nice.
- Staff & service: Good looking staff great hospitality, the door man is great, the service is amazing especially from the bar staff, good knowledge.
- Music & atmosphere: i don't like it when its packed, you cant move and will take you forever to reach the bar and order a drink as the place is small and not designed for to be a club. good looking people.
- Suggestions: try to lift or open the fiber optic curtain as when you do that the place will look bigger and people can see each other

Posted by: michelle on 11 Aug ' 10 at 09:32

Posted by: Nick House on 21 Jul ' 10 at 16:53

Overpriced poor quality food, staff that ignore you and management that don't care. I wish this place was half as good as the managers seemed to think it is. Arrogance and bad service on top of average expensive food ? No thanks ...

Posted by: azusa on 29 Apr ' 10 at 10:46

I really love this restaurant EXCEPT the loudness of music.. Other than this point such as food, decor.. they are almost perfect. It's really pity !
I definitely come again, but please make the music lower !!

Posted by: CK on 24 Mar ' 10 at 10:17

One of my favourite restaurants in Dubai for their lovely dishes. For the sushi it is ok but for me there is still no restaurant in Dubai with great sushi.
Staff with a nice smile but sometimes some of the staff can be arrogant - i hope management will fix this
Ambience is very nice on Sunday and on Thursdays - you feel the mood and the music.
Decor:can be much better for the lounge as the furniture is looking dated and needs to be changed.
Value: Fair for Dinner and great value for lunch.
i hope u will open soon in Amman-Jordan and i hope u will open Friday and Saturday for brunch

Posted by: Jeanette on 18 Mar ' 10 at 13:30

The food and service are excellent. As I have dietary restrictions, I really appreciated the attentive staff who actually understood what I could or couldn't eat and have my food come prepared exactly as I ordered without having to repeat myself three times like I normally have to do in Dubai (and still get the wrong order at most places).

Posted by: JT on 18 Mar ' 10 at 13:24

One of the better if not best Japanese fusion resto in Dubai. Service and staff always attentive and fantastic. Delish cocktails. Good food. Groovy music. Always a good place to bring business associates and friends visiting,.
Definitely more personalized and personable than Zuma. Not as chaotic.

Posted by: Vanya Atanasova on 16 Mar ' 10 at 09:16

Posted by: Tarek Miknas on 15 Mar ' 10 at 08:50

Posted by: Tarek Miknas on 15 Mar ' 10 at 08:50

Posted by: Ammar Tahboub on 11 Mar ' 10 at 12:07
  • Best for: Romantic

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

a stunning venue and by far and away the best japanese fusion restaurant around. The food is incredible. To add it has a very cool bar and lounge scene, great music and DJ, beautiful people and excellent cocktails. If you haven't been yet, GO NOW ... it really the place you need to go to.

Posted by: Gerald on 09 Mar ' 10 at 18:22
  • Best for: Romantic

Excellent food and ambiance plus its better than the other place.

Posted by: Jordy on 09 Mar ' 10 at 15:08

My girlfriends and I love nothing more than glamming up and heading to Okku for the divine food and scrumptious cocktails.. We especially L.O.V.E Sundays @ OKKU. Keep up the great work!! ;)

Posted by: Iain on 09 Mar ' 10 at 10:54

Average Japanese food served by grumpy staff.
The tables were filthy and stained, the prices inflated and the music is not only wrong for the setting (it's supposed to be a restaurant!), it's way, way too loud.
Okku looks cool, but that's all it has going for it, and even this is starting to fade.
If you want good Japanese food in Dubai, you can do a lot better than here.

Posted by: Anupa Vara on 09 Mar ' 10 at 10:47
  • Best for: Family friendly

Wish I could afford the food everyday....dinner in Okku is incredible. At last an inventive menu that is both courageous and mourish. Crispy tuna rice cakes and the tuna tacos can keep coming all night as far as i am concerned. Being home sick, okku is an intimate yet cool hangout where i can either chill or get into the music with my girlfriend. I only ever drink the chilli martinis..yum

Posted by: David Schuller on 09 Mar ' 10 at 10:37

This place was a find and now its my regular. I heard about it through a friend who raved about the food and i now see why.The black cod and baked caramel aubergine are mouth watering. The one thing that keeps me going back is the quality of the food. Sunday nights are also amazing for entertaining friends and guests the atmosphere is buzzing. Its small enough for me to feel im in a super cool new york lounge not everyone in Dubai has discovered yet! Forget the usual club scene! Im at home in okku.

Posted by: Roselyn on 09 Mar ' 10 at 07:25

My favourite restaurant in Dubai!

Posted by: Siobhan on 09 Mar ' 10 at 06:57
  • Best for: Romantic

love this restaurant, the Black Cod is the best in Dubai (sorry Zuma) the DJ is amazing . Okku has a great atmosphere whether you want to have a nice romantic meal with a loved one, or a fun night out with friends. Groovy tunes, amazing food, yummy cocktails what more could you ask for?

Posted by: Monica Twarowski on 09 Mar ' 10 at 06:53
  • Best for: Romantic

Great fitout, great food and great service. Even without the currently absent Jelly Fish tank behind the bar, the mood and atmosphere of the restaurant is very much happening. Better yet, after a dinner on Thursdays nights the restaurant transforms into a club.. the place to be to enjoy Japanese and everything else that goes with it.

Posted by: Wolfgang on 09 Mar ' 10 at 06:49

I was in Dubai for business and I was taken to Okku by my colleagues for an after work business dinner. It was a week night therefore I wasn't expecting more than a quiet dinner and an early night.

My first impression was the unique layout of the venue. We sat upstairs in a Japanese style private room with an electric garage-style door which you can close and open with the flick of a switch. It was perfect to have some privacy during our business dinner.

The food was excellent. I’m very picky about my sushi and sashimi (I don’t usually eat sushi/sashimi unless I’m very familiar with the restaurant and/or the chefs) but my colleague insisted that he’s only had top grade fish here, so I ordered my all of my favourites and I was definitely satisfied. Everything from the presentation down to the sushi rice was super!
After dinner at around 10:30pm the music got louder which really got us in the mood to stay for the party until the early hours!
Next time I’m in Dubai again, Okku will be high on my priority list.

Posted by: Verity on 09 Mar ' 10 at 06:26

Love the food, the music, the cocktails and feel of the place. I believe Okku has the best modern Japanese in Dubai. A really great crowd go here. I always recommend friends to go. Really enjoy going for lunch too, very good value for money.Love Sunday nights! And Thursday nights is now the best place to be in town.

Posted by: Rainer Schwarz on 07 Mar ' 10 at 10:08
  • Best for: Romantic

Buzzing place, great service, excellent food. Go to see and be seen, perfect for drinks after work plus dinner. Categories under best for above do not reflect Okku correctly, this is a place that exhales buzz and could be anywhere in the world and still be cool! Congrats to the team!

Posted by: Briohny lee on 07 Mar ' 10 at 07:31
  • Best for: Romantic

Love it!! Always have a awesome time!

Posted by: alan on 04 Mar ' 10 at 15:56

Having just started to visit Dubai, OKKU was recommended by some freinds - and i thanks them for it!. The food is amazing - proabably the best Japanese I have eaten (and that includes places such as Koi and Katsuya in LA - NOBU in Dubai and even Tokyo itself!!!)

The crowd and the atmosphere are great - music loud - but not so you can't hear your frineds when talking!

The service was first class - attentive without being intrusive - our waiter explaning each dish that we had orderd - the Fois Gras and Wagu beef is amazing - the Black Cod - better than any i have had anywhere!

It was nice also to see a familiar face - Antonio -the Maitre'd!!!! I recall Antonio - from his days in London - when he was at Cipriani - he's such a great host .

I have read some reviews saying the service is not good - well I'm not sure what those guys mean! I and my guests had a fantastic time - with service and food to match. The only problem - there were no jellyfish in the tanks!

Definatley a place to visit - and have a great time.

Posted by: Sarah on 28 Feb ' 10 at 21:23

Went here on a saturday night...took about 1 hour to get our drinks and the place was not that busy! About an hour into an dinner they move us to accomodate a bigger group of people and they end up getting our drinks before us. Second round of drinks same problem..took two hours..the place is way too loud for dinner and might as well turn into a lounge and not hide behind the facade of a restaurant. Seriously over rated! dont waste your money or time..our night was ruined because by the time we finished it was so late and we were late to out after dinner party. Food was good but nothing you cant find somewhere else. Service was the worst prob would get better service at burger king.

Posted by: Daniel on 16 Feb ' 10 at 09:47

Nice place, excellent food but it's difficult to comment on the service; because there wasn't any. At all.

Food - Pass (distinction)
Service - Epic fail

Posted by: fouad on 15 Feb ' 10 at 07:24

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Is this really a restaurant? i recommend to stop serving food and why not keep it just a night club? I had the worst moment in my life yesterday evening especially that it was valentine day!! we(me & my wife) order the valentine menu @ 10:30pm, we receive the Misu soup than after 15 minutes we received the Fois Gras starter, than till 11pm we didnt get anything!!!is this really a respectfull restaurant?when we asked for our food for the first time, the waiter told us that it is coming, than he send his manager(she doesnt even fit to work in a grocery.wondering how come they recrute her?!!) she told us: i am sorry, it is not our fault, it is the chef's problem than she asked us around 11:10 pm, if we would like to have a drink while waiting(do we have to wait for one more hour?i mean it is really the worst service i've ever seen) than at 11:30 pm, i asked the waiter for the bil(we only took misu soup & 2 pcs of fois gras). he came back saying that his manager will not charge you. than when we met her, we started complaining, and she is like: i know, ya, im sorry and that's it!!!she doesnt care First: to Monarch Hotel: are you sure, you are a 5 stars hotel?if really, than what the hell is Okku treating his and your customers second: To Okku: you made our valentine day terrible, miserable, the worst in our life. please check the newspaper starting tomorrow and read my message about my worst experience in your night club - bar(you should stop serving food or kick out the manager on duty and the kitchen staff). By the way, all others tables was served on time, meaning it is not problem of Rush hour!!!shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!

Posted by: Ahmed Jehan on 19 Dec ' 09 at 20:59

The upsides: fantastic atmosphere (for a wednesday, this is rare and i was told it was a quiet night) and music, really good-looking crowd. consistently good food; followed the recommendations on these reviews and ordered the crispy rice with tuna, fois gras skewers, black cod, seaweed salad, an aubergine miso dish and their signature sushi rolls which were all very delicious. surprised no one else has mentioned the sorbets which were a nice end to the meal (we had an orange one and a lychee one) will be back just for sushi next time as there was lots of different options to try. The downsides: took a little while to refresh drink orders and the drinks were pretty pricey but i guess average for Dubai's trendy places. Definitely a fun spot; a real party scene rather than a quiet dinner though.

Posted by: Dania on 16 Nov ' 09 at 09:16
  • Best for: Business lunch

I was very happy to hear that Okku now has lunch! The lunch set menu is great value (under 99aed) and it's very filling. I only wish that Okku would open for Friday brunch!

Posted by: Bharti Soni on 09 Nov ' 09 at 17:14
  • Best for: Romantic

Loved the food , the ambience infact everything. Service is excellent

Posted by: Vren on 09 Nov ' 09 at 15:19

Really liked my first visit - good food good cocktails but after visiting a few times found the service bad, cocktails mediocre and the staff basically down right rude and arrogant - unfortunately in Dubai people believe in their own hype and this is a perfect case of hype and no substance - give me Zuma any day and Sho Cho is a perfect example of
longevity through good service and reputation.

Posted by: Ella Khalil on 15 Oct ' 09 at 12:43

the spicy tuna crispy rice, seaweed salad and waqgu beef/foi gras skewers are to die for. i literally crave them. good crowd, fun scene and yummy food.

Posted by: Sebastian S on 07 Oct ' 09 at 12:49
  • Best for: Business lunch

I have been to Okku several times at night- it has a great party vibe and excellent- but expensive- food and drink. when a colleague suggested we head there for lunch i was a bit hesitant as it seemed extravagant for a quick lunchtime bite but was happy to see they offer a really good set lunch menu with tons of choice. we ate tons for 80aed each. at night the same meal would have probably cost twice as much if not more! so my tip for people who lvoe the food rather than the scene is to go for lunch rather than dinner. it is also much quieter so good for catching up (at night there is music and much more chatter!) adn having a proper chat; the service is much better too.

Posted by: Monique on 28 Sep ' 09 at 08:52
  • Best for: Romantic

I would just like to say there is no place better then OKKU ahhhhh went there last night and for one thing i had too many cocktails... they are just sooo yummy , strongly advise sake kiss ....every time i go there i have an amazing time!!!! great food, great music, great atmosphere.... cant wait to go next time :)

Posted by: Luke on 28 Sep ' 09 at 08:25
  • Best for: Romantic

I went to Okku last night (Sunday) and it was a really great vibe. I had dinner in the restaurant which was superb! Hats off to the sushi chefs. Our waiter was very busy but still managed to give us recommendations. After dinner we took drinks at the bar. The bar area was packed (which we didn't expect on a Sunday) but we still had a blast. You should try the Passionate Japanese cocktail.

Posted by: Nadine on 28 Sep ' 09 at 08:18
  • Best for: Business lunch

I had a wonderful expeirence when i had brought clients from out of town to Okku for lunch. The service was superb and its great value for money. I definately recommend Okku and will be back soon!

Posted by: Alex S on 29 Jun ' 09 at 06:21

Was invited for dinner last night and went with low expectations of yet another trendy Japanese fusion restaurant in Dubai but was blown away by the excellent food (their signature sushi roll was fantasic as was a skewer with beef rolled around fois gras and the the tuna carpaccio). Not sure why the review says the staff were pushy; they actually suggested we stop ordered when we went on a roll! I was surprised at how busy it was for a Sunday but its apparantly one of their big nights as they have a party there every week. The DJ was amazing too and everyone started dancing in the lounge/bar area which created a great atmosphere. What a find...but beware, parents might find the music too loud- although everyone else loved it!

Posted by: Brett on 14 Jun ' 09 at 00:55
  • Best for: Romantic

Fantastic personalised service,decor and the way everything comes together as the vibe hots up.Go there to see and be seen!!

Posted by: Tasha on 18 May ' 09 at 09:06

The wagyu beef and foie gras yakitori, Alaskan crab, crispy rice with spicy tuna, tuna tacos and chocolate fondant are particular highlights! The music is fantastic too- well worth popping into the bar for a drink even if you have eaten elsewhere...one of my favourite haunts in Dubai.

Posted by: Saadia on 10 May ' 09 at 12:33

Posted by: Julia on 02 Apr ' 09 at 06:43

I didn't find something new there!!!

We had a dinner there, the tables are so close to each other , you can hear all the conversation form other table.

Food is OK but didn't make big difference if you are comparing whit zuma.

So I am still for Zuma!!

Posted by: Belinda on 30 Mar ' 09 at 05:29

Best food in town!! Okku beats all japanese restaurants in Dubai. I could have 10 portions of wagyu beef with foie gras and I'll still want more!

Posted by: Rachel on 25 Mar ' 09 at 21:22
  • Best for: Romantic

Great atmosphere, food and cocktails - what more do you need?!

Posted by: Marc Fisher on 18 Mar ' 09 at 19:37

place is great, atmosphere is fantastic but the service is still way to far from avarage, its very pushy and the food is just to poor.
not reccomended

Posted by: naoise on 18 Mar ' 09 at 18:08
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Fawaz H on 12 Mar ' 09 at 11:47

Great atmosphere, London buzz, great crowd. The sushi is great, and the hot menu spectacular.. and, great value for money.. Highly recommended. I will definately go back there again!!!

Posted by: amir thacker on 12 Mar ' 09 at 02:32

Posted by: Daoud Assad on 11 Mar ' 09 at 07:47
  • Best for: Family friendly

I only have one criticism - which is the fact that you are not allowed to smoke there. Other than that - the restaurant is fabulous!

Posted by: mike phelps on 10 Mar ' 09 at 21:18
  • Best for: Business lunch

excellent restaurant. Hope it opens in London

Posted by: KHOUDJA YASMINA on 10 Mar ' 09 at 12:13

Excellent !

Posted by: rayan raad on 10 Mar ' 09 at 10:20

finally a great restaurant!

Posted by: Sarah K on 10 Mar ' 09 at 07:28

This restaurant has a London style buzz that is often missing from Dubai hotspots. The crowd was very sceney- with lots of eye candy- which made for a very sexy atmosphere. Coupled with the excellent music and delicious (but not cheap) cocktails, this seems like a nightclub/restaurant hybrid, perfect for a big group. Post dinner lots of people were milling around the bar and lounge area which seemed like a nice way to end the night. But the best thing about this place is the food- the sushi, wasabi prawns and beef and fois gras skewers were real highlights. We also thought it worked out much cheaper than Zuma or Nobu which are its most obvious comparisons...

Posted by: Grace on 09 Mar ' 09 at 10:26

It's a restaurant that I would definitely recommend to my friends and other people.

Posted by: Kim D on 09 Mar ' 09 at 08:16

Excellent food, amazing atmosphere and DJ. Best japanese food I've ever eaten. Must try the black cod. Highly recommend eating at Okku.

Posted by: Rania on 05 Mar ' 09 at 08:33

Nothing else like it in Dubai! From the yummiest food ever to great and very personal service, to amazing music! And on top of it its such a friendly and comfortable atmosphere...you feel like you're at home!
Definitely Dubai's hot spot!

Posted by: Jaafar Shawwa on 05 Mar ' 09 at 08:16
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: on 04 Mar ' 09 at 16:10
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Ayesha Depala on 04 Mar ' 09 at 12:38

I absolutely loved this restaurant. Very chic, and the food is exquisite. I highly recommend it. Must try the black cod, the spicy tuna roll and the sweet potato taco. Okku is at the top of my list of favourites

Posted by: Namir F Hourani on 04 Mar ' 09 at 12:22

Haven't tried the food at Okku yet, but the place is beautiful! Great atmosphere, very stylishly decorated, and ver creatively layed out. The music is also excellent, probably the best I've heard in Dubai.

Well done to the boys at Okku, will definitely be there agian and again!

Posted by: Amine F. on 04 Mar ' 09 at 11:50
  • Best for: Business lunch

Great Decor, and one of the best japanese in Dubai, easily competes with the best over the world. Zuma byebye... Okku is the newstar of Dubai...

Posted by: Tamara on 04 Mar ' 09 at 11:11
  • Best for: Romantic

Best Japanese in Dubai

Posted by: TK on 04 Mar ' 09 at 08:51

excellent food, great service, very friendly staff. Try the crispy rice tuna!

Posted by: Fransien on 04 Mar ' 09 at 08:48

Posted by: Khaldoun Shindi on 04 Mar ' 09 at 08:37

These days everyone is being so carefull where He/She spends any Dirham, Okku is one place where you for sure get a great Value for money, a great ambience, and very friendly service..

I did find the place a bit dark, but i think it is part of the Decor.
Please do not miss the Rock Shrimps and the Fois Gras I JUST LOVE IT..
and the cocktails the guys make there are just outsitanding..

Posted by: Amani Qassim on 04 Mar ' 09 at 07:36

It is a great place

Posted by: Alex Mirzabeigi on 04 Mar ' 09 at 07:31

Excellent food, great music, fantastic ambiance. Okku brings to Dubai a flavour of London and New York style.

Posted by: Dania on 04 Mar ' 09 at 07:18
  • Best for: Business lunch

Great concept and location. Very sophisticated and chic. I will definitely be a regular.

Posted by: LOUKAS MERHI on 04 Mar ' 09 at 06:56


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