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Toro Toro

Highly Commended Best Latin American 24 Comments

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Since opening, Toro Toro has proved a popular spot for brunches and evening celebrations thanks to its restaurant-lounge feel, a lively, funky atmosphere and made-to-share tapas selection. A polished assembly of staff are raring to go when it comes to sharing recommendations and taking your order, which though welcome at first can become a little off-putting when the up-sell begins, and you may find yourself talked into over-ordering for your group size. Avoid the mains, which are confused at best and stick to the huge variety of hot and cold tapas, which offer far better value for your dirham. The staff highly recommend the selection of ceviche, though stand-out dishes include the baked scallops (reminiscent of a generous French coquille Saint-Jacques) and the spice-rubbed grilled octopus, both of which are served in very generous portions. For swanky tapas on a night out, Toro Toro is worth a look.
Open Sat-Wed 8pm-2am; Thu 8pm-3am; Fri 12.30pm-4pm, 8pm-3am. Grosvenor House Dubai Tower Two, Dubai Marina (04 399 8888).

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Posted by: cyndicato on 19 Nov ' 14 at 11:36
  • Best for: Brunch served

Hosted my birthday here this year and it was fab fab. Food as always is great and had a great party!

Posted by: Stefan on 17 Jan ' 13 at 05:43
  • Best for: Business lunch

Really not a Rodizio service... A shame !! Absolutely not GENEROUS.... tiny skewers of sausages cutlets beef...... 420AED per person..... NOTworth the money. They need to give a lot more or charge a lot less.
But nice design......

Posted by: Nasser on 26 Oct ' 12 at 03:04

Not worth the Money. Very poor, tasteless

Posted by: Blue on 07 Sep ' 12 at 14:51

Had brunch there, in short, not worth the price. Overall I wouldn't pay more than 200 aed for such food & service, it's mainly a snobby place that has nothing to offer. Apart from some of the staff, nothing was really brazilian in that place!

It's best for nothing as it is noisy with loud music (not even brazilian), overpriced and definitely not family friendly with a 150 aed charge for a 6 years old kid's meal!

Who ever had the chance to go to a real churrascaria would tell you that it's a rip off, not even half of the meat selection was offered in toro toro, the beef and chicken were ok but you clearly see from the beginning an attempt to get you full with everything but meat. We had to wait for 20 minutes to get the first meat after asking for it, looks like they are waiting for everybody to finish their appetizer before offering meat! After that it was us asking again and again for someone to come around with food. Service is so slow that you are actually not eating that much at the end!

Posted by: Nancy on 25 Aug ' 12 at 14:01
  • Best for: Romantic

It was wonderful experience over all. The food was excellent the service was smart. All the waiters and managers were quite knowledgeable with regards to the menu and our requirements. I am highly impressed with the service and ambience.

Posted by: Mark Astor on 11 Jul ' 12 at 14:26

You pay a fortune for canapes.

Really not worth the money. They need to give a lot more or charge a lot less.

Posted by: Madam COCO on 12 Jun ' 12 at 13:09
  • Best for: Romantic

First of all, Its not a Mexican cuisine TIME OUT. It's Spanish. *Sigh*
It's a beautiful place to start an evening for Tapas and wine. Delicious dishes. The bar on the second floor is fun and has a great atmosphere. Its best to start by dinner. It's quiet pricey and if you are planning to hit the bar only come early and dress to impress. Like most of Dubai they do select who enters.

Posted by: Moudud on 28 May ' 12 at 07:54
  • Best for: Romantic

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We used to go to Toro Toro specially for drinks, it was really awesome but last Saturday nigh (26th of may) I called some of my friends along with my girlfriend in Toro Toro to have some drinks with me. We sat on bar counter, the terrible thing is- The drink we had that night was disaster. I felt shame to my friends, they order some special drinks from menu & the bartenders made our drinks was really not like before we had. There is no consistency. I always order from other Bartender who used to work in same place but that night i didn't see him he is a good Bartender. My Suggesion is you should these Bartenders who just started their Career, otherwise you may loose your customer like us

Posted by: Carlos bonante on 26 Dec ' 11 at 10:34
  • Best for: Romantic

Good food, exelent music and the decor is really nice.

Posted by: Markos muller on 23 Dec ' 11 at 17:21
  • Best for: Romantic

Expensive?? Yes, but the food and the music is very well! Churrasco is amazing

Posted by: Zayed Ron on 10 Dec ' 11 at 20:50
  • Best for: Romantic

The staff are amazing. I went there having dinner with my wife and we loved the place. For sure we will come back just to have the great experience in this restaurant again. The best thing for me was the treatment provided by the lovely staff. Food are amazing aswell. And prices is on average of any good restaurant in Dubai

Posted by: John on 01 Dec ' 11 at 06:20
  • Best for: Romantic

We have been there 3 times. Once for dinner, twice for drinks. The decor is impressive and the lay-out is very comfortable. The tapas were trying too hard to be original and vastly over priced. The main course of grilled meat was good, but also over-priced.
The bar is much better than the restaurant. The ambience is relaxing and the Latin music is great. However, the only original Latin drink on the menu, Orchata, is never available. It takes 24 hours to prepare, therefore they seem to have stopped making it. When I complained to the manager I was rudely told they had run out....at 8:00 pm on a Thursday night!?

Posted by: Nathan Rempel on 28 Nov ' 11 at 16:28

Had dinner here last week. Fantastic location, Grosvenor House has positioned itself as the place to be at this end of town. The service was reasonable and the food was actually very good, particularly the steak which was on par with anything available in Dubai - but the prices are simply unjustifiable. Disappointing as this restaurant has potential, but I for one will not return to a restaurant with these kind of prices. Dhs 100 for a two bite size portions? This restaurant is not on par with the likes of Zuma and should have recognized this when formulating the pricing.

Posted by: Kelly P on 22 Nov ' 11 at 08:22

Will I return to this restaurant... no. Why is that restaurants in Dubai think they can open up in a great location and just hammer customers on the price. This restaurant has been open for a matter of months and the reviews are unanimous - it is too expensive for whats on offer. Nobu and Zuma, for instance, are well run operations where the customer knows the food will not disappoint, therefore they can justify the price.

Posted by: irwin on 20 Nov ' 11 at 12:19

Oh man, I wish I'd read these reader's reviews before going - they're right. It's waaaaay overpriced for tiny portions.

And the food itself it pretty hit and miss.

Won't be going back.

Posted by: lenny on 20 Nov ' 11 at 11:47

A tapas restaurant should not be this expensive. The food was delicious but simply too expensive. Good atmosphere, friendly enough staff but just too pricey for a tapas restaurant. Would only return if someone else was footing the bill. The owner should be embarrased also to serve such bad sangria.

Posted by: lenny on 20 Nov ' 11 at 10:02

A tapas restaurant should not be this expensive. The food was delicious but simply too expensive. Good atmosphere, friendly enough staff but just too pricey for a tapas restaurant. Would only return if someone else was footing the bill. The owner should be embarrased also to serve such bad sangria.

Posted by: raj gopal on 09 Nov ' 11 at 18:45
  • Best for: Romantic

fantastic evening, everything went the waiter had very good knowledege of the food, great place to be

Posted by: Richard Kimble on 30 Oct ' 11 at 13:12

Vastly overpriced for tiny canape-sized portions.

It just feels like a huge rip off.

Posted by: Jo on 19 Oct ' 11 at 09:53

Agree with the above; might like the dishes more if being charged HALF the price! For this much $$ you want something very special. Dhs80 for two very average meat pastries is a rip-off. The shrimp skewer was mediocre, the Chilean Sea Bass and the fillet steak were good but small portions for Dhs100+ each. I'd rather go to Asado and pay a bit more and actually get some food on the plate for my money! Service was good on the night we went and didn't experience any problems. Appreciate the smoking tables, the beautiful decor and the atmosphere, but the overpriced food does not live up to the hype.

Posted by: Jamed Jordan on 18 Oct ' 11 at 11:54
  • Best for: Romantic

The worst service ever. Waiters dont speak english, they are not trained and worst of all they are rude and are very unapologetic for mistakes. While having drinks, one commented that the management is disorganized and treat them badly. This is a very poor show for the Grosvenoe House. Classy? I think not. The management really need to re-think the whole approach to service. A manager came over and spoke in a very fake italian/indian/english accent trying to explain the concept. It seems the operation manager for fired before the opening. Bad start. Bad service. Overpriced food.

Posted by: John on 09 Oct ' 11 at 08:50

Vastly overpriced.

It idea is tapas sharing so you have to order around six dishes to share between two. One dish consisted or two tiny little pasties - Dhs80.

The beef was just a few slithers of meat in sauce - Dhs115

It's just a massive rip off and even ignoring the price and tiny portions, half the dishes were not even very good.

I would NOT go back here.

Posted by: R. Anter on 07 Oct ' 11 at 14:58

I concur with AS above. I've been to toro toro twice. Once for dinner and a second time For drinks hoping the experience would be better. Wrong! Despite the fact its a great looking venue, the service is shockingly bad, and the food is crazy over priced for the tiniest portions, these guys are nowhere close to zuma's level, so they shouldn't try to charge the same!

When is it that new places in dubai will try to impress rather than use the excuse they are new to justify incredibly inexperienced staff, slow service and average food. I'm all for paying the cash for a great night, but toro toro is pretensions ripoff. Hopefully the barmen won't have to read the menu to figure out how to make a drink and a simple order won't take 45mins if I were to ever am obliged to go there again.

Posted by: AS on 06 Oct ' 11 at 12:41

We went there 2 weeks after the opening. Will I come back? NO

The waitresses barely understand English which makes the order quite unpleasant. Food was average. Barman does not understand a simple cocktail: litchi martini. Neither did the waitress. It is not because your replace olives with litchis that it is a litchi martini!
Cocktails took 40 minutes to reach our table.
We received the wrong bill. And then again. Even lower. We decided that we waited long enough and we decided to pay a bill much lower than what we ordered for... Waiting another 30 minutes was not an option.
On my way out I run into clients who were struggling at keeping ladies away from them. In an ideal world it would be great It seem that the night ladies moved from Buddha Bar to Toro Toro...


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