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The Noodle House

Nominated for Best South-East & Pan Asian Comments

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The Noodle House is a great place to go for a weeknight meal of Asian sharing plates with friends. Booths and spacious benches fill the room, and you’ll find the menu ready and waiting for you to order from by simply ticking off the dishes of your choice and handing it to the waitress – if, that is, you can find her. The quarter roast peking-style duck is cooked to perfection (although it can take a while to get to your table), but the accompanying pancakes are not quite. The delicious Vietnamese-style Asian salad with sweet and sour dressing packs a punch, while dumplings are in plentiful supply (choose from mushroom, vegetable or prawn). If you’re after decent Asian fare that is reasonably priced, you’ll be happy with your decision to eat here. While the Gloria Hotel branch occupies a large and casual space, head to the Madinat venue for a truly buzzy atmosphere.
Open daily noon-midnight. Souk Madinat Jumeirah, www.thenoodlehouse.com (04 366 6730).

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Posted by: Prianka Bhatia on 26 Jan ' 13 at 10:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

I go to The Noodle House in Emirates Towers every fortnight with my family. The food is scrumptious, I would highly recommend the thai chicken with cashew nuts and the duck. The dumplings are heavenly too. The staff are always kind, and service is very quick. The dessert menu could offer more variety but always check the new seasonal selections on offer; once for the Chinese New Year they served fried ice cream balls - amazing.

Noodle House is by far my favourite restaurant, but the service definitely varies according to which chain you go to.

Posted by: Muncher on 06 Jan ' 13 at 12:50
  • Best for: Romantic

The food was low quality & the service was awfull.

Posted by: Tricia SutherLand on 17 Dec ' 12 at 12:46

Souk Madinat Noodle House was always our family favourite reminding us of our holiday to Thailand and a 1st choice when visitors come to stay with us. Yesterday took my Mom there who wanted to recreate our lovely afternoon spent their last December. First, we couldn't sit on the main verandah as the Managress said there was no-one to serve us - we then sat on the side verandah next to the busy steps and waited 25mins before deciding to sit inside hoping we'd at least get drinks quickly. Another 20mins and i called the Manageress who gave one of the few waitresses an urgent finger pointing to serve us. Another 20mins later i called the Manageress who told me they're installing a new coffee machine, hence my jasmine tea would take a while - then i asked if the mocktail sitting on the counter was my mom's - she fetched it and it was not lychee as ordered but pineapple. We then forced our food order on the Manageress who seemed to treat us in a condascending manner, like we were troublesome patrons - we pointed out to her that in the past the manager would recommend food and explain how it's prepared and would suggest cocktails because my mom cannot have sugar. By the time our food arrived - i was so dissappointed that my food was dry and mostly big chunks of onion - my mom's Thai chicken and cashew arrived and was battered and crispy (the menu did not say "Crispy"), my mom had asked for no chilli and instead got a sweet syrup sauce poured over it - not authentic at all. Then after asking for the bill i was charged for the tea i never received at all.
There are too many other Asian restuarants with better service, quality of food and price to waste another visit to The Noodle House.
I do not blame the waiters and waitresses because they were run off their feet - the Manageress walks very slowly and could pick up the slack - and the kitchen and menu needs to be consistent. Very very disappointing and my mom and i both felt sick when we got home not sure if it was the food or the stress or both.

Posted by: max on 29 Apr ' 12 at 02:21

This used to be the family favorite restaurant. We would go there all the time. Our last 3 trips have been terrible. The service was horrible, the food was the quality of a food court at the mall. We have decided never to go back, which is unfortunate because we used to really enjoy going. It has become disorganized and chaotic, they always seem to be out of something we want, and last time they forgot to bring some of our food, as we were paying the manager finally brought it but we left. There are too many other good places to visit in Dubai without wasting any more time or money here.

Posted by: tarek on 14 Oct ' 10 at 13:15

I love this place,

it's awesome you just cant go wrong with the Noodle House.

Posted by: S_K on 30 Apr ' 10 at 08:09

The food here wasn't that good! The vegetable fried rice was terribly bland. The spicy chicken was dry and the noodles were mushy. Definitely won't be eating here again.

Posted by: Aliya Adamjee on 16 Apr ' 10 at 07:07

The food was excellent. The service was ok. I love the layout of the restaurant. I like that there were so many delicious different types of food that I loved - especially the duck that was freshly made and I could see it from the kitchen. The thing that put it down was the late service,otherwise I certainly loved it.

Posted by: Swati Pant on 04 Mar ' 09 at 05:26

Having lived here long before even the first noodle house opened and having eaten there countless times I am compelled to write this. Went for dinner last night and ordered Tofu and Vegetables with Red Curry amongst other things. All expectations of a luscious , creamy red curry came shattering down when the dish arrived. Tofu and beans in a dark soy sauce look alike stir fry. When asked a very very rude waitress called Pan Pan( I think that was her name) said yes red curry. The stir fry veggies were excellent and the kung pao chicken decent - however the tofu dish was rubbish and the attitude horrendous!! Now finally I don't think will ever recommend this or go there again

Posted by: tash on 24 Feb ' 09 at 07:47

Yummy food - simple yet full of flavour. Lots of choice and the food is always good. The only thing that lets it down is the very inattentive and surly service. It's very unfriendly and it takes too long to get their attention even when you first arrive and just want a drink to start with. Food and drinks had to be chased up a few times and their begrudging attitude spoils the enjoyment of the lovely food. Would still recommend it though.


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