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You might forget about Flooka amid the many new restaurants fighting for your fish-cravings in Dubai. But you shouldn't, as this Jumeirah 1 restaurant has stood the test of time and won: its scenic beachside terrace and large indoor space still attract a lot of local, largely Arabic, punters year-round. Decor is modish but traditional: seafaring paraphernalia hangs on the walls, but the predominance of wood lends a contemporary touch. Service is friendly if a little slow, and the dining options are Arabic-leaning and a little oily, but not unpleasantly so. We recommend booking later in the evening, as this is when regulars tend to roll up, as well as booking a table outside if possible – the AC inside can be a little chilly.
Open Sun-Thu noon-3.30pm, 7.30pm-11.45pm; Fri-Sat 12.30pm-11.45pm. Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah, www.dxbmarine.com (04 346 1111)

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Posted by: Peter on 25 Feb ' 15 at 10:14
  • Best for: Family friendly

To be honest i had a very disappointing dinner in Flooka Abu dhabi food takes ages to reach the table, you always need to drag the attention of the waiters , the manager is working as a waiter !!!! i have never seen this before. despite all this they gave me the wrong bill. Shortly i will not go back ever again to this restaurant as Red lobster is way better than this. Its a NO NO for me.

Posted by: Benjamin Reade on 07 Dec ' 12 at 15:23
  • Best for: Business lunch

Service was horrible, food was so bad I threw up in the bathroom afterwards. Plus, it was really expensive for some old fish. The bread even came in plastic bags like the restaurant had just bought it out of the store! Absolutely disgusting, overpriced, just horrible

Posted by: Philip Yousef on 29 Oct ' 11 at 09:11

My first time to this Restaurant was Friday October 28th 2011 the restaurant and bar looked very cozy, I assumed that this is a place we can bring friends next time.

We ordered starters and it was very nice although the beverages we ordered took a very long time to come to our table and on the second round it actually never came till we were about to pay the bill!

For the main course we ordered fried hamour fish and asked the manager if it can be served with lemon and garlic on it but he recommended that we get the lemon and garlic sauce on the side which we agreed to do, when the order came we got no sauce no lemon and garlic on the side and the waiters are very rude or non caring, they would take plates off our tables or rearrange things with out asking us to do so and to top it all the fish was tasteless, we did complain to the manager after we have finished the meal but he sarcastically asked if he can bring the sauce now!

The restaurant might have a great view t it but it’s the worst sea food you would get

We paid AED 500 for 2 people which is fair value if we did not have to go out to another restaurant after being there

I would never go there again or recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Posted by: Saleh Kayyli on 06 Oct ' 10 at 10:48
  • Best for: Family friendly

although its a bit expensive, im satisifed, only one problem is that this miss cleaning, ....
its a fine Restaurents with a nice view.

Posted by: Zornitza on 04 Sep ' 10 at 08:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great place, love it

Posted by: JW Leavey on 15 Apr ' 10 at 06:06
  • Best for: Business lunch

We revisited Flooka after an enjoyable first visit (when it was packed) and came away a little disappointed. The view looking out over the ocean is lovely, and catching the sea breeze is a great way to spend an al fresco evening in April, before the heat returns.
Our waitress, sadly, didn't seem all that interested in sharing her knowledge of the kitchen with us, and after the 4th time she repeated our order incorrectly, I offered to write it down for her myself. She marched off, re-appearing only once to deliver a glass of Sauvignon Blanc which she presented as a Chardonnay.
The fish shwarma was tasty, the Arabic breads fresh and we were back on course.....until our new waiter arrived and seemed unable to tell the difference between the hammour and the snapper. It didn't matter, because the hammour I wanted grilled in the tandoor with spices had not been. It was tasty enough, although nearly inpossible to eat because of the bones (which are removable with a filleting knife) and by now I was getting such a sinking feeling about the place, I didn't send it back. We ate up and headed home, without leaving a tip for the first time in years. I would have told someone in person about my experiance, but no-one seemed interested in how I had found my evening.
In summary, a nice view, but the place doesn't really deliver anything that I can't manage at home, with a fish, a filleting knife and a grill.

Posted by: George on 01 Apr ' 10 at 15:29

I was very disappointed, the worst service and dining experience I have had in Dubai by far.

Where to begin....

We reserved a table for our anniversary and that was handled well and we received a nice table overlooking the rest of the resort and the sea. That is where the good experience ended.

My first hint of something amiss was when they brought the bread and actually had bread wrapped in plastic, as if they just picked it up from a Satwa Supermarket earlier in the week. Bad Bread is usually not a good sign, although they did have some other bread which wasn't wrapped in plastic and seemed ok.

The second was the waiter. I wanted to order the fish of the day. I asked the waiter what it came with. He replied steamed vegetables. I asked to replace that with potatoes or rice. He told me... "Teh fish and vegetables come together in the same package. You can't subsitute." I insisted and he then finally told me that I coudl only substitute french fries. Now I don't know about you, but what fine dining establishment only serves a choice of steamed vegetables or french fries.

Furthermore, it's disgusting. This is supposed to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, not a McDonalds. I don't want to pay top money to eat food that was prepared hours before and shoved into a microwave oven. The fact that askig him to seperate the vegetables from the fish was going to be more complicated then seperating conjoined Twins was a big negative. I asked about 3 other dishes and he insisted steamed vegetables must come with all of the dishes. I had to settle for the seafood pasta.

it got even better.

Now this part is not Flooka's fault but around 9 pm a tractor started its engine in front of the restauarant and decided to clean up and plow the sand on the beach part for a good part of an hour. Needless to say, the sounds and smell of a tractor engine with bright lights in your face did nothign to enhance the ambience.

The appetizers were good.. we had calamari and prawns grilled with the coriander and garlic.

The main dishes were awful. My pasta tasted like warmed, cold, rewarmed, cold, rewarmed and cooled off again pasta. The pasta that is a level down from what you would get on a cheap airlline flight. It was easily the worst pasta I ever had in my life. The fish for my girlfriend was even worse. She said the best part were the nuts, but the fish was bland with no taste. We both finished only a quarter of our dishes.

So the food and ambiance were pretty awful by this time but the Service then took the cake. The bus boy comes and rips the placemats from in front of us and nearly topples our drinks. He then clears the plats and comes back 10 minutes later and gives us the bill. No offer of desert or anything else.

When he came to pick it up later, I asked him why he threw a bill at us.. he was flustered and said the waiter told him. The waiter said no and laughed and walked away. The bus boy apologized and left. Needless to say, we didn't see the waiter again or hear any sort of apology from him.

Mercifully we ended the experience and got out of there.

All in all, a horrible experience. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to it after hearing so many positive reviews.

Posted by: Ms Muller on 03 Dec ' 09 at 19:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

My first time to this Restaurant this evening with the surrounding awsome setting I assumed our meal would be the same, unfortunately we ordered a Grilled Calamari starter that arrived water-based, ungrilled, tough, tasteless it was like eating white rubber! Then we ordered Seafood Paella where I was trying to find the seafood, I could only find a base of white tasteless fish, 3 small prawns around the mould of Paella where the entire dish was tasteless, hardly any salt and definately without flavour. It was a total let down, the restaurant was totally empty barring 3 occupied tables where our neighbour restaurant had a totally packed outside seating area by the pool, lovely atmosphere and this was a let down. I dont know how much the bill was but my guess close or more than 400dhs for 2 of us.
Here I reccommended this to a friend who came all the way from Abu Dhabi where he did not complain, however I could sense he was disappointed so this restaurant should really review their presented food because I do better than this at home. It was a total waste of his money. Definately I would not reccommend this restaurant to anyone.

Posted by: Kosta on 08 Oct ' 09 at 14:17
  • Best for: Family friendly

Contrary to the above reviews I have a different opinion....

Number 1.

When you dine at a Lebanese restaurant or a Greek restaurant you do not order Main courses!

Meze or starters for the English tongue is the way to go...and Flooka...is the most impressive place in town in terms of the right setting, outstanding quality food...prices are very fair in terms of quality!

Number 2.

The service is very Dubaish..which as usual, is inadequately trained staff, rude Lebanese Managers (if you are not Lebanese)...but I have been back for the food and will conitnue to go back on many occasions because there is nothing that tastes as good in Dubai when it comes to the plethora of Meze dishes they have!

Reccomendation: Book in advance so that you can have a nice table outside - and get an arab speaker to make the booking for you (it will help). And go - forget the main courses and order just about everything in their starter menu, with wine/beer...great late afternoon meditaranean feel about the place...all that its missing is Greek music in the background!

Posted by: Dean and Kate Biskupovich on 29 Apr ' 09 at 07:07

We visited the restaurant on Saturday evening. Upon making reservations over the phone (8:30 PM), we were told no outdoor seating was available. However, after arriving later (restaurant was informed) at 9:00 PM, the place was half empty. We were seated at the wall between outdoor seating an dindoor seating. It was our first vist to this restaurant as well. First impression, the decor made the place look cheap and gawdy. The fresh fish display at the entrance was large but half empty and weak. The menu had a number of selections for starters but not much choice for main course. The starters were decent sized portions, nice (calamari and shrimp provencale, muttabal, hummous, and salad) and served with warm, freshly baked arabic bread (although we needed to ask for more and finished our starters before they could provide more!). As for the main course, it was all down hill. Mains: 1) Machbous was dry and pieces of seafood were difficult to find 2) Grilled Fish: tiny piece of grilled fish was hidden under a mountain of brown rice (dry, as well) 3) My sparse portion of seafood goulash was decent but served with a mountain of chips (!-maybe with fish & chips, not this dish) 4)Grilled seafood dish was dry and sparce.
The price: Four starters, four main courses, one bottle of wine (house white), one sparkling water and one still water. Approx 650 AED.
A bit on the high side considering the quality of food was average.
The service was not exceptionally fantastic either.
Overall: we will not be returning to this restaurant and will not recommend it to anyone.

Posted by: Dave on 26 Apr ' 09 at 07:28
  • Best for: Family friendly

Everything at Flooka is about wrongs being countered by rights. Let me explain:
The food was good though not spectacular. The idea of constantly providing hot, spiced arabic bread throughout the meal made up for a disapointing fried calamari starter. The main courses lacked style and presentation, but the freshness of the fish salvaged what might otherwise have been a rather disappointing Harry Ramsden-like experience.
Whilst service was good without being heroic, the overall atmosphere was excellent probably due to the gorgeous temperature this time of the year. I would probably go back, but not if it means having to sit inside as the decor is, to be frank, a bit tired and soul-less.
Price wise, the bill came to Dhs 1,120 for 5 adults, 1 child, and 2 bottles of standard Pinot - not too bad considering this is Dubai, not Grimsby.


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