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Pierchic ought to be on every Dubai resident or visitor's bucket list. Set on stilts out at sea in front of the sprawling Madinat Jumeirah complex (or what used to be home to Chicago Beach Hotel – hence the second syllable of the restaurant's name), the walk along the wooden path towards the attractive eatery is utterly unforgettable. But do the food and service measure up? Pierchic is extremely popular, and at times the wait staff show the strain, but overall the vibe is welcoming and buzzing. The menu, thankfully, is not overwhelming in length (though it certainly isn't cheap), and covers all seafood classics, from dishes such as crispy organic salmon with parsnip purée to black tiger prawns. It also throws in a few dessert surprises (think toffee banana pudding with peanut ice cream) and rounds things off with a solid grape and after-dinner drinks list. Tip: be sure to book ahead of time, and save Pierchic for a special, ideally romantic, occasion. In terms of setting, it's difficult to beat in Dubai.
Open daily 1pm-3.30pm; 7pm-12.30am. Al Qasr Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, www.jumeirah.com (04 366 6730).

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Posted by: Marcela on 13 Sep ' 16 at 04:40
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My husband and I were in/out residents of Dubai from 2008 to 2014 and during this period would go to Piechic once or twice a year for fine dinning and extraordinary ambience. We were exciting to come back after 2-year absence and had dinner there last Saturday. What a shocking disappoitment! What has happened? The food has gone from world-class dinning to a pub food and the service is non-existent! We had a drink at the bar before dinner, which took ages before it actually arrived. After we were seated, our waiter, who said he would take care of us, disappeared for good after he informed us he would bring our starters soon. The starters eventually arrived 20min later and served by some one else. After we would finished our meals the plates would be endlessly waiting to be cleared away. Also, as no waiter would bother to come to our table unless they brought our meals, we ended up pouring wine ourselves throughout the evening. The food is not worth mentioning - enourmous portions of extremely average and tasteless "something". I ordered my favourite scallops as a starter and I am not sure what I was eating. As a main course I had my favourite grilled lobster, which was quite dry and the sauce was tasteless. I didn't dare to order dessert! The experience was too bad for words. We are very sad such a great restaurant has gone so dramatically bad. We will never come back again.

Posted by: KC on 11 May ' 13 at 12:30
  • Best for: Romantic

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Ordered the seafood platter for two - was totally not worth it at a price of AED 900/-! No special fish really - salmon was so-so, only the halibut was decent. Couple of oysters and scallops thrown in, and the crab claws were too rich (as baked with cheese) so couldn't taste much of the actual crab meat. Accompaniments were rice (doesn't go well with the seafood platter, in my opinion, as there was no gravy to eat it with), salad leaves and veggies with a couple of dipping sauces for the fish. Wine was overpriced too, and service hit-and-miss as the staff were inconsistent and unavailable for quite a long time. You're definitely paying for the venue only! Wouldn't go back as can get much better seafood at lots of less pricey restaurants in Dubai.

Posted by: Mika on 20 Mar ' 13 at 09:36
  • Best for: Romantic

Service was slow and irratic. Food was good, but scallops were not properly cleaned, so they had sand in them. This happened twice with the dishes I had and the manager started to explain their mistake by saying that the chef said there is nothing wrong with them, that some scallops are sandy by texture - lol!

In the end the manager brought me a specially washed scallop and it was fine, so much for the naturally sandy texture.. He also promised to comp us with deserts or something, which in the end he didn't do.

Also notable, the food was ok priced, but the wines way over priced with a basic 2005 brunello costing 1250 UAD's, thats about 250 euros for a wine that should sell at 100-120 euros in restaurants.

All in all, not a good experience and I will certainly not go there again.

Posted by: Lama on 12 Mar ' 13 at 05:33
  • Best for: Romantic

This our go to special occasion place, we have never had a bad experience and we have been patrons since the day it opened. Its one of the few restaurants that has maintained its quality consistently throughout the years.

Posted by: Food Lovers on 26 Nov ' 12 at 10:19
  • Best for: Romantic

The location of the restaurant is amazing and atmosphere as well perfect for romantic dinner. But SERVICE was lacking big time. Knowing that Jumeirah's service usually exceptional, this restaurant had terrible especially comparing the prices of the dishes they serve.

If you decide to go, please make sure that your waiter is experienced. Our waiter poured water in my white wine and dint even bother to replace it, not talking about clearing the table before main course. Very disappointing!!!!!

Posted by: lumar on 05 Nov ' 12 at 12:50
  • Best for: Romantic

We loved the place, it was an amazing night; the food, service, ambiance and view were all marvelous.
The scoop of sorbet between the entrees and the main course was a great idea to enhance tasting the delicious fancy food.
It is really "chic" by all means

Posted by: Jon on 19 Aug ' 12 at 15:47
  • Best for: Romantic

We read all the reviews before visiting pierchic as a special way to celebrate our upcoming wedding.

Getting there is a bit of a saga, and the best way is to ask the taxi driver to take you to the "Madinat Jumeirah". Follow the signs inside this (it is full of shops) to the Al Qsar Hotel... when you get to it find your way to the swimming pools (past restaurants, canals and palm trees) and you will see the 250m jetty out to Pierchic.

The place and location is out of this world with the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khallifa as a backdrop. The staff are super efficient and friendly. Note the dress is smart..not too casual.

The food has a limited menu but it is simply delicious and perfectly presented. Ok the portions look small when they arrive, but Im a big eater but was full enough to turn down desert.

The staff also bring you complimentary titbits to try from the kitchen.

The wine list is extensive but very expensive. We opted for a bottle of wine at 350 DHMs because the glasses were expensive enough to make the bottle purchase worthwhile.

This is a superb venue and the staff are excellent. You will probably not dine anywhere with a better view than Pierchic !!! The food is deliicious but if you like big portions I dont suggest you go here. Be prepared to spend 1000+dhms for a couple, but thats ok for the location and the uniqueness of the experience. Would I go again ? Yes.. but it needs to be a special occasion with a special person, which is what it was for us !!!

Posted by: Chris on 31 Jul ' 12 at 09:51
  • Best for: Romantic

Just had dinner there last night on my second last night in Dubai. I wanted to make it special for me any my friend. This is a restaurant where you are paying for an experience, are there better restaurants in terms of food quality, and cheaper price? Yes. But this is a total experience.
You're picked up from a golf cart at the hotel, which winds its way down through the hotel grounds and then to the beach and out on to the pier. It's secluded, with an amazing view of the Burj Al Arab. You can forget you are in large city.
The food is expensive, but very good quality with a great selection of different choices. This is not a restaurant you casually go to, but one if you are looking for an amazing experience, it will not disappoint.

Posted by: Ray on 23 Mar ' 12 at 10:07
  • Best for: Romantic

Definetly the absolutely "WOW" effect restaurant to bring your visitors to. I have been there more then 20 times now and was never disappointed. The menu is limited, but that's ok. Fish, of course, beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian. Of course the price is upper level, but if you imagine, WHERE you are, this should be worth it!

Posted by: Layla on 04 Dec ' 11 at 07:08
  • Best for: Romantic

Umm what can I say.. except very disappointing..
The menu was limited.. and what was available were fusion dishes which tasted terrible and were very expensive.
The service was not great.. I complained about my side dish (boiled rock hard broccoli) and asked if they could take it away the waiter said "Ok cool"
Other than that.. obviously location and setting is beautiful unfortunately restaurant not so great..

Posted by: Barbara on 09 Oct ' 11 at 16:55
  • Best for: Romantic

This was booked for an anniversary celebration and the staff made it special with a few little touches. The setting was romantic but we had to eat inside due to the humidity which was a shame as the terrace and views are lovely.

The staff were attentive and nothing seemed to much trouble for them. The waiters explained every little detail throughout he meal and the service was faultless.

As someone who prefers meat to fish (but could have been tempted with an exceptional fish dish had there been one) there was not a huge choice available. The lamb was excellent and perfectly cooked. I cannot comment on my husbands choice except to say he enjoyed it.

I was disappointed with my dessert, banana flavoured something or other very bland infact I thought they probably brought me the wrong one and this is the course I like the best!

The flavers and textures of the food were only average and did not "blow my mind" as I had hoped so the meal was over priced in my opinion.

Therefore I would conclude that it is not value for money.

Posted by: Christiane on 20 Sep ' 11 at 19:49
  • Best for: Romantic

What a fantastic place! I went there last weekend with my best friend as she was in Dubai for a short 3 day visit. Working as a Chef in 5 star hotels myself for more than 15 years I was very pleased with the quality of food we were served. The chef came out to our table to suggest a set menu and every single course of our 8 course menu was a treat for the mouth and the eyes. Absolutely stunning! The service was very attentive and had a good knowledge about the products. The only thing I could say was that as soon as the restaurant filled up the waiter came unfrequent to our table to check. I advice to book a table in advance as it was quite full. But even with booking just 3 days in advance like I did we had a fabulous table on the terrace. It is for sure not cheap but def. worth it!!!

Posted by: Hugh on 17 Sep ' 11 at 05:09

Having read the reviews and booking several weeks in advance to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we were extremely disappointed by the overall experience.

The restaurant is in a wonderful location & looked really chic, but that was as good as it got. Having booked weeks in advance & advised that it was a special celebtration, we expected a reasonable table location. Instead we were shown to a table next to the kitchen. In the menu we were directed towards the seafood platter for two as the house speciality. At nearly 1000AED, we were expecting something exceptional. What arrived was disappointing in the extreme. The halibut in particular was dry & tasteless. The accompaniements were a poor green salad, plain boiled rice & of all things, what appeared to be & tased like oven fries. We asked for the fries to be replaced with something more appropriate. A salt filled greasy mess of potatoes arrived at the end of the meal that were inedible. Next came the dessert. Billed as six layers of chociolate. ended up as a chocolate sponge cake with a hint of other chocolate toppings. The final insult was the digestif port. The glass was tiny & the portion for 40AED was even smaller.The waiter was very courteous & advised that he had passed our comments on to the chef & management, but neither came near. I also completed the comments in detail on the feedback form but doubt that I will be contacted anytime soon. My final comment is on the dress code. We were advised that smart casual was the standard. Judging by some of the cliantele. I might as well have been in Burger King

Posted by: Tim Grey on 15 Apr ' 11 at 05:45
  • Best for: Romantic

I frankly can't understand the whingeing mood hoovers on here that have given Pier Chic such a bad review...talk about glass half empty attitude!

The location is utterly jawdropping - enough said on that. The food is excellent (there is a selection of non seafood dishes as well) and as well as the superbly tasty starter (risotto) and main course (red mullet) we had a nice selection of warm breads, a chefs special entree and a sorbet. The staff were attentive, engaging and not over the top as they are in so many other places in Dubai - they offered the choices but didn't ram them down our throats (no pun intended). Value wise, yes, the wine is expensive (65 AED for the cheapest glass of white wine and approx 250 AED for the cheapest bottle) - so just have a glass and make it last if price is an issue. In terms of food prices, starters varied from 100 AED to 250 AED and mains from 150 AED to 650 AED for lobster. The cold and hot platters to share were 800 AED and 900 AED but sounded amazing. We both had starters, a main and coffee as well as a nice glass of Australian Chardonnay for 850 AED all in. Considering you are probably dining in one of the most amazing city restaurant locations in the world thats pretty damn good in my book and hey if you aren't prepared to pay a little over the odds then you can always head to one of the packed malls for the same old same old.

In short we loved it (I took my mum who was visiting and was blown away). Perfect place for a special occasion and I will be definately be going back again and again.

Posted by: Noura on 08 Apr ' 11 at 20:02

This is by far the worst seafood restaurant i have ever tried. the food was bland/dry/over cooked the portions too small and the menu limited.

Posted by: Noura on 08 Apr ' 11 at 19:58

This is by far the worst seafood restaurant that I have ever tried. the food was bland/dry/over cooked the portions too small and the menu limited.

Posted by: Turkan Hajiyeva on 08 Apr ' 11 at 17:40
  • Best for: Romantic

Loved it:)))...will definetely be back there!

Posted by: Ayman on 31 Mar ' 11 at 10:20
  • Best for: Romantic

excellent but very expensive

Posted by: Emad on 13 Mar ' 11 at 10:33
  • Best for: Romantic

Definitely yes its the right place to go on any occasion plus the price is normal for a 5 star restaurant so just go and try it out
3 people with drinks and a two course meal for 1200 aed is not expencive for real good food

Posted by: siv on 24 Dec ' 10 at 09:19
  • Best for: Romantic

Fabulous setting, attentive service, good ok winelist (overpriced) well comprimised menu, nicely presented. My only comment is re. service is that if you are the at last table setting... service lack of as they head towards closing hours. In my opionion, you are a guest for the reminder of the time you are there... and service should be full on until you leave.....

(I have 15 years of experiense in F&B... and this is something I see to often in dubai unfortunatly...)

Posted by: Ahsen Ali on 21 Dec ' 10 at 08:37

Not sure why it is termed as family friendly. I just tried to make a booking to accompany with my wife and child and they refused because of NO CHILD policy in evening. I really would like try this place sometime. However, my review is just a caution for people with children wanting to go there.


Posted by: David Roberts on 09 Dec ' 10 at 16:51
  • Best for: Romantic

Have been on 2 occasions..fabulous setting however if I'm being honest and having eaten in many fine dining restaurants across the World i can safely say the food was mediocre...
Don't get me wrong the location and ambience is outstanding sadly the food does not equal that!!
But definitely worth a visit!

Posted by: Rebecca on 24 Nov ' 10 at 12:10
  • Best for: Romantic

favourite restaurant in Dubai. For people who say it is not romantic, they obviously aren't with the right person. The view/ setting is amazing, the staff are attentive without constant interuptions, the food is delicious (but quite pricey) would recommend this to anyone. MUCH better that Beach bar and grill at one and only which has great reviews but is more expesive, has awful service and average food.

Posted by: John McLauchlan on 11 Nov ' 10 at 14:03
  • Best for: Romantic

Pierchic is well positioned on a pier overlooking the Burj Al Arab. It is restaurant for the cooler months as the views are great. The food was very expensive and very average with small portions and a suprisingly limited menu. The wine was very expensive. The cost for my wife and I was AED2,000 for a 2 course meal with a bottle of Taitinger at AED 650 and a cheap Chablis at AED 450.

There are far better value restaurants around and if it did not have the view it certainly would not be worth going to on any occasion never mind a wedding anniversary as it was in our case.

Posted by: Serena on 06 Nov ' 10 at 12:50
  • Best for: Romantic

The restuarant is pricey, but this is somethin that u'll already know as its in Al Qasr. For the location and the ambience its worth it.. the service was good and so was the food.. I will go back. :)

Posted by: Moh'd Kaddoura on 05 Nov ' 10 at 09:44
  • Best for: Romantic

Went there last night for my anniversary. The experience started with a cold towel via hot seafood and ended with a complementary cake! The ambiance is just amazing, the crew was very friendly and professional, and the food was so tasty and special. I really feel sorry for not being there before!

Posted by: Mie on 31 Oct ' 10 at 07:35
  • Best for: Romantic

Love it! A great experience, beautiful view and lovly food! Wil lcome back soon

Posted by: Mie on 31 Oct ' 10 at 07:35
  • Best for: Romantic

Love it! A great experience, beautiful view and lovly food! Wil lcome back soon

Posted by: Andre on 30 Sep ' 10 at 14:15
  • Best for: Romantic

Great ambiance and service, but the food is criminal. :-)

Seriously, it's disappointing that a restaurant with the best view in Dubai has such a bad cook and poor menu.

Fish was dry. Presentation basic.

Posted by: f.sh on 10 Jun ' 10 at 11:51
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Mrs Bear on 07 Jun ' 10 at 12:00
  • Best for: Romantic

Had the special lunch today. Food was absolutely perfect, service exceptional. Would definitely recommend.

Posted by: Sally-Anne on 14 Apr ' 10 at 03:52
  • Best for: Romantic

Lovely setting on the pier and the current lunch special is great value...but it will need to change regularly to get locals coming back regularly...
Service a bit hit and miss...we arrived at the same time as another party for 2 and they were offered the cold towels taken to the seat etc while we were left waiting....and waiting...

Posted by: Lesley on 14 Aug ' 09 at 13:51

Completely agree with David above. My husband and I went to Pierchic last night. We were looking forward to good food and to have a romantic evening without the children.
The small menu appealed to me - to me it usually means the dishes are more thought about rather than offering hordes of dishes that they can't really excel at. The lobster was out of my price range at 650dhs though so I went for the trout instead. It was tasty but not in a 'WOW' way which I did have at Nobu with their blackened cod.
I would NEVER describe this place as romantic either - you could hardly hear the music, the tables were too close together to really enjoy any intimate conversation and anyway, the wine glasses were so large we had trouble seeing each other properly!

The service was good - staff were well informed about the food and very friendly but we won't return - there are far too many other excellent restaurants in Dubai

Posted by: Crystal Z on 05 Aug ' 09 at 11:27
  • Best for: Romantic

I went to Pier Chic in the off season - July 2009. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. Stated above it says to expect to pay at least 500 Dhs for your meal. I knew this going in and expected to be fed quality food combined with excellent service.
I arrived and was given a buggy ride to the front door of the restaurant. I was immediately greeted by 2 hostess who sat me at an indoor table very quickly as it was too hot to sit outside. The table and temperature inside suited me just fine.
The waitress arrived and introduced herself and offered me a beverage. I got water and asked to see a wine menu. The sommelier (sp) came to my table and we discussed wines and I got a glass of what he recommended and was satisfied.
I ordered the scallops for the appetizer and it was served with a pumpkin sauce that was exquisite. The chef sent out a complimentary sampling of a bite to eat that was fabulous. I aslo ordered the cold gazpacho which was served in a very entertaining way. For the main course I ordered one of the fish dishes on the menu and it too was fabulous. I skipped over dessert but the chef sent out complimentary chocolates - 4 pieces which I did not think I had room for but found some and they were as gourmet as the previous dishes that I ate.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Pier Chic. The hostesses took pictures of me with the Burj Al Arab behind me prior to my departure via buggy back to the main building.
Be prepared for an expensively divine meal and you should not have any problems at this restaurant. The views are great of the surrounding area and the staff was very friendly eagerly helpful. I had 3-4 different people waiting on me not including those who brought out my food.
Bon Appetite!

Posted by: Mario on 24 Jun ' 09 at 08:21
  • Best for: Romantic

All reviews above are pretty accurate.
The place is nice, decoration and location are exotic and unique.
The trail to the restaurant is very romantic.
Once you go inside, it was too cold.
The service was not that great. We had to wait too much for the food.
The food is good quality and tasty.
The menu doesn't have too many choices.
I was ordering scallops for starter and the waiter told me:
" you will get 2 scallops in your dish".
And it was true 2 scallops for 100DHS.
Quantity is not enough for the price that you pay.
I will think twice before going again.
Or make sure somebody else is paying! :-D

Posted by: GPL on 01 Apr ' 09 at 17:52

how can you pretend it is the best seafood restaurant when you see these type of comment. Have tried as it was suppose to be THE EXPERIENCE in terms of seafood. Well they should go back to the basic....and lern what is it to run a restaurant

Posted by: simone on 01 Apr ' 09 at 08:09
  • Best for: Romantic

Well I have seen a fair few restaurants in my time but have never been blown away with romance like when my husband took me here for our anniversary. Absolutely amazing location at end of pier with great ambiance and setting. Service was fine for this type of establishment but didn't blow me away, food was quite specialised so make sure you like fancy seafood dishes - no grilled hamour and fries here! Not sure of the price as I fortunately didn't pay that time but sure it was expensive. Still, if you are wanting to really impress someone you lurve - this is definately it.

Posted by: Bobby Graham on 05 Feb ' 09 at 11:57
  • Best for: Romantic

What can you say about this place?

Previous reviewer hits the nail on the head.

It should be fantastic - but it is not.

The last time I went (will be the last tuime I ever go) as it has turned into a Disney style restaurant catering only to tourists and not residents.

Choice is too limited and all lobster was gone by 9pm. How can you be a seafood restaurant and run out of lobster so early?

Service is poor which means that although it a spectacular setting 0 the limited food and service makes it too expensive for what you get.

Would urge the management to change tihngs - as this could be the most stunning restaurant in Dubai. Setting is not everything.

Posted by: David on 26 Oct ' 08 at 13:10
  • Best for: Romantic

This restaurant should be great. The setting couldn't get any more romantic even if you injected it with pheromones and stuffed its beak fois gras stylee with chocolate. You're on a pier, the lights are dim, the waves lap the wooden stilts beneath your feet, beautiful music comes from somewhere, lights sparkle, aromas tease. It's a delight. Or should be.

Almost everything aside the location is disappointing about PierChic. There are only about five things to choose from on the menu, and none of those really appealed to me. The food is competent, but not even close to exciting - it's a job done, in a batch.

Those of you for who are so besotted with your partner for the evening may not notice. The German staff will sound Italian, and their hyper efficiency look like waltzes across a dance floor. However, every now and then even the hardcore romantics will be forced to look past the haze of perfume to the reality - Pierchic really is a lost opportunity.

Boring food, dull atmosphere, depressing menu. Worth going once to delight in the location and say you have been - but I guarantee one time will be enough.


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