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MJ's Steakhouse

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‘Masculine’ is the first word that springs to mind upon entering MJ’s: the dark wood furniture and deep red paint reinforce the manly vibe. Yet step onto the outdoor terrace and the atmosphere softens, with twinkling lights, plenty of shrubbery and views of Al Qasr’s gardens. As you’d expect, the menu focuses on steaks, chops and grills, with some high-end seafood and a nice range of sauces and sides: there are plenty of cuts and varieties of meat available, including grain-fed Angus and USDA prime options (though prices predictably rocket if you veer towards wagyu). The food is excellent, and service is efficient, competent and friendly, though on our last visit we suffered a few missteps when the kitchen mixed up our medium and medium-rare steaks. Luckily, this was quickly rectified by the ultra-professional manager, who offered us complimentary desserts to compensate. If you have deep pockets, MJ’s is a very pleasant place to spend the evening – as long as you like the colour red, of course.
All major credit cards accepted. Open daily 7pm-11.30pm. Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah, www.jumeirah.com (04 366 6730).

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Posted by: Darryl Davie on 27 Oct ' 14 at 07:37
  • Best for: Romantic

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

Not normally one to have a moan and never have I actually gone to the effort to make a comment online about a restaurant. I LOVE a steak but if you're going to the expense swerve MJ's. In a nutshell... all our sides were bought out first (All incorrect), waited for the correct sides to come out while our food was getting cold. Correct sides arrived and my girlfriend complained her steak was cold, mine was ok but seemed a bit over cooked. Girlfriends steak was returned cremated so she didn't touch it (I thought she was being a bit dramatical but it did in fact taste plain chared). I finished mine and was disappointed it wasn't blue as ordered but three complaints in couldn't be bothered to say anything again. Cut a long story short, it turned out my girlfriend had been given my blue steak (Complete with little tag saying 'Medium rare'), I had her medium rare steak, and they would only refund one meal. We all know service in Dubai is crap but this was another level. Regardless of this the steak itself is nothing compared to West 14th, Gaucho's, Meat Co, Ruths, etc.

Posted by: Kamal on 01 Mar ' 14 at 04:48

The outside decor is pleasant, the menu is well written the plus side ends there. The service was rushed, maybe not enough staff. The starters were bland, and they delivered the wrong order. The steaks were very poor indeed, tough, difficult to cut and chew, and they arrived barely warm. We were given complimentary deserts, but they were too sweet and nothing special.
For the price you would get better value and flavor from a casual steak diner.

Posted by: Kamal on 01 Mar ' 14 at 04:47

The outside decor is pleasant, the menu is well written the plus side ends there. The service was rushed, maybe not enough staff. The starters were bland, and they delivered the wrong order. The steaks were very poor indeed, tough, difficult to cut and chew, and they arrived barely warm. We were given complimentary deserts, but they were too sweet and nothing special.
For the price you would get better value and flavor from a casual steak diner.

Posted by: Philip on 03 Oct ' 12 at 04:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

The food was good but far from exceptional. We were a group of 6 people and most of us were pleased with our starters, beef tartar and beef carpaccio were the best. The steaks were good but not among the top in Dubai, Le Meridien by the Airport is still the best. One of us got a poor steak but the rest of us did not have any problem. The wine list is the main problem of MJ's. Poor selection, pricy and many wines not even suitable for steaks (far too light). They appear to assume that in Dubai nobody cares about the quality of the wine, just give them a name that Parker has recommended and charge them 8 times the price of the bottle. We tried 4 different types of wine, prices ranging from 400 to 1000 AED a bottle and none were good! Even the Rioja (Ondarre) was poor, a Rioja that doesn't even taste like a Rioja, light an modern fruits. Chateau Musar is a wine that is very good to steaks and would be a good choice if anybody could serve it.

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 30 May ' 12 at 16:47
  • Best for: Romantic

Yesterday was the last day of the Jumeirah restaurant week so last night I decided on making a dash to the MJ’s Steakhouse. The restaurant was half full at 10 pm on a midweek with a lively buzz. 2 types of bread served one of which was a flat cracker like Italian bread with herb which I was told by the waiter is called la buche. This went so well with the chimichurri sauce that another serving of the bread and sauce were brought in. To start, I had the braised beef short rib croquettes, served piping hot. Beef flank served medium rare came for the main dish as the wagyu beef cheek had run out. Happy to ask and get truffle mash potato instead of the regular sweet potato that was to go with the dish. The flank consisted of 3 pieces of thin cut meat doused in some very nice sauce making redundant the Dijon mustard sauce. Was recommended the sticky toffee pudding with honeycomb ice cream which was the least sweet dessert. Very nice.

The open kitchen meant you could see Chef Edwin at work preparing steaks at the grill. The waiters are knowledgeable about the food, don’t hover around you and are easily summoned. The décor when compared to some of the other steakhouses isn’t much to shout about but this is a place where clearly the food takes centrestage.

Posted by: Fatma on 31 Mar ' 12 at 03:37
  • Best for: Romantic

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

Mj's is one of the best steakhouse I've ever visited in Dubai. The food was perfect very yummy !!!! We ordered 1 caesar salad, 2 steak and 3 side plates; mushroom and mashed potato and potato with sour cream, also 2 orange juice. The waiters were really nice and helpful. And when we were leaving the waiter gave me a price of cake in a nice black box. I really recommend this restaurant for couples , it's really romantic place!!!

Posted by: Bashar Shannak on 09 Feb ' 12 at 14:51
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Ema on 03 Apr ' 11 at 15:16

Amazingly good! We have enjoyed every single dish and especially the medium rare beef steak (I personally ordered the medallion trio)!! I think it has never tasted so good till there....although it wasn't our first time in this place.

Congrats to you all, guys. We had a lovely dinner and we were very well attended by everyone around us.

We'd love to come back soon.

Posted by: Angela Smithson on 19 Mar ' 11 at 08:29

MJ's 2011 Best Steakhouse!!!!

Good luck! my favourite restaurant in Dubai! another great night tonight at MJ's

Posted by: Johnny Bravo on 19 Mar ' 11 at 08:26
  • Best for: Romantic

fantastic restaurant - service is great with very friendly staff with good knowledge of their products. Great news that they have been Nominated for 2011 Best Steakhouse. Im sure they will get something!!

Good luck and will be back soon!

Posted by: Mashed Potatoes on 09 Feb ' 11 at 12:16
  • Best for: Romantic

Best Filet in Dubai! Best T-Bone in the World!!!
My husband surprised me with a lovely dinner date out to MJ's at Al Qasr. We were seated outdoors and pleasantly attended to throughout our dining experience. My filet was outstanding and by far the best in Dubai (Jambase Supper Club Filet @ Medina Jumeira comes in at a close second) and the T-Bone my husband ordered was the most succulent I have ever tasted in my life. Also, the creamed spinach is not to be missed! We're going back very soon. Thank you MJ's!

Posted by: v mart on 02 Jan ' 11 at 15:50

great restaurant - new years eve was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ice seafood bar was far the best part!

Posted by: omega - 27 on 23 Nov ' 10 at 19:34
  • Best for: Romantic

first time i had sat outside in MJ's before, the live sax player was great, extremely busy but still great service with great clientel. was a screaming child when we first got in but left very quickly :) food was fantastic as usual. what was nice to see was a chef at the tables speaking to guests about there meals. never seen before but showed they really cared how we they thought the meal was.

Posted by: anon31 on 08 Nov ' 10 at 12:49
  • Best for: Romantic

very friendly staff, food of excellent quality. nice atmosphere and very busy. steak knifes and open kitchen was different and a nice touch. will be back.

Posted by: Darren Hanstock on 13 Oct ' 10 at 19:41
  • Best for: Family friendly

This restaurant was great, me and my wife were on our honeymoon and Ashley the Manager met us at the door and made sure got looked after ever since. The food was fantastic and service was something i have never experience in the UK before - so attentive. Ashley gave us a small show around the resort and arranged for us go on an boat tour after our meal. He made the evening extremely special. definately be back for our vacation next year. Thanks a million.

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 22 Aug ' 10 at 10:32
  • Best for: Romantic

Yet another steakhouse last night. A very nice restaurant to come to as a couple. Such is the atmosphere and ambience. With colour red as the theme what else then to expect.
Warm bread with some butter and chimichurri spread placed on the table. Ordered for some still water and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.
For starters, I decided to try the Wagyu beef tartar. This is raw minced meat mixed with some herbs and condiments and prepared at the tableside. I found it agreeable. The main was a 200gm angus fillet medium rare and topped with foie gras. As sides, I had the garlic mashed potatoes and bordelaise sauce. Also got some English and Dijon mustard for added measure. The fillet was so well prepared. It was soft, juicy and tasty. As far as the taste of the meat is concerned, this beats even the JW’s steakhouse’s fillets & steaks I had the previous night. It’s just as pricey, though the desserts here cost only Dhs. 15-20.
The bill:
A glass of wine Dhs. 38
Small bottle of water Dhs. 15
Wagyu beef tartar Dhs. 95
200 gm Angus fillet Dhs 220
Foie gras add on Dhs. 60

Total amount: Dhs 428

While it is called a steakhouse, it doesn’t look like one. I would expect that after the meat is put on the plate, the hide would be used to decorate the place. They probably used the blood instead. Would love to come visiting again.

Posted by: Emily on 12 Aug ' 10 at 07:30

i stayed at the westin and they reccomended MJs to us. service was very friendly and food of great quality. Managers were friendly and polite. Very enjoyable time.

Posted by: amit on 25 Jul ' 10 at 17:00

this place was packed.....still great service and excellent food. If you wonder why its so busy....get yourselve down there :)

Posted by: leor g. on 24 Jul ' 10 at 22:01
  • Best for: Romantic

very good food especially the wagyu steak with pan fried foie gras. friendly and attentive staff.fantastic!

Posted by: Al Qasr Guest on 20 Jul ' 10 at 18:25

Im actually a guest at Al Qsar Hotel and I used this website to find a good steakhouse in Dubai.

All i can say is these Reviews are all correct it is just "out of this world". If you go ask for Ashley the manager he really made sure me and my family got looked after. My Favorite Dubai restuarant so far.

Posted by: Mrs mwanandi on 20 Jul ' 10 at 16:38

i don eat6 out vry much bt wen i went to MJ's the staff were soooo friendly and helped me 2 describe the menu so i cud make the rite choice.
the food was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like i sed i dont eat out much but i now wen ive enjoyed something.

Posted by: anon on 20 Jul ' 10 at 16:01
  • Best for: Romantic

Me & my Fianace love MJs. 1 year ago was our first date here and we have been going back ever since.

I would reccommend this to anyone who loves great steaks and great service. The staff are so friendly and always want to make sure you have everything you need. Like many who have also written on Timeout i have been to many other steakhouses and still we cant beat this. My favourite is the open style kitchen and that the staff have an engarved my name on m y own steak knive for me! impressive i know!??!!

if you havent tried then you are missing out..........

Posted by: Janet rolley on 12 Jul ' 10 at 10:56
  • Best for: Romantic

MJ's Steakhouse has just launched a new menu which was great!! i had the Mussels Pot which was probably the best i had tasted before and of course the Wagyu. i have been a few times now to MJ's and they always make sure i get looked after i am a big fan of steakhouses but never seem to be able to find better than this. They have won me over - Im at MJ's for good!

Posted by: Teressa Jones on 17 Jun ' 10 at 18:52

MJ's was fantastic these reviews really dont describe how amazing the food is.

we had the Chateaubriand which comes on a trolley and is carved at the table by the staff and a wagyu Beef Tartar which is made to order again at your table.

The staff are so friendly and attentive we didnt have to do anything the staff made sure we were well looked after in all ways!!

Definately have to try.

Posted by: RJ on 01 Jun ' 10 at 12:45

i have heared this place from a friend back in vegas, upon entering therestaurant, motiff of black and red and the mondrian wall paintings, is eye catching and give the first impression of the quality of the restaurant, impressive decor of wine bottles and knives and the busy chefs in the open kitchen. what great in this place is you see the food being prepared in the open kitchen, there nothing to worry about the way how they prepare your food. and above all, the SERVICE!!, the waiters are so attentive and always carry a smile even how busy the place is.. truly a professional service. and the food is amazing!, i had an option of what ingredients in my tartare, made in front of my table. my steak is juicy, tender and full of flavor as ever tasted, and the foie gras above it (as suggested by my waiter) is just like the way it is.. such a place to be recognise. one of the best and truly be coming back again..

Posted by: John on 25 May ' 10 at 18:46

I ate in MJ's tonight and the service was fantastic, Ashley the manager came over to us and we had a good conversation as we were from the same place in England. he has a very good sense of humor!!! food was great and ashley made sure we really got taken care of on our annerversary, and even got a cake made for us. Thanks Ashley!!

Posted by: Christina on 23 May ' 10 at 23:21
  • Best for: Romantic

Food and service were FANTASTIC~The temperature of steak was exactly what I expected ! I had unforgetable time in there. ~~~^_^~~~

Posted by: CAROL on 23 May ' 10 at 06:52
  • Best for: Romantic

my date had a wagyu and i had an angus sirloin--fantastic
staff are friendly too. meanwhile we enjoyed the opened ketchen a lot--it's like a live cooking show

Posted by: Mary S Kittenford on 17 May ' 10 at 11:56

MJ's has always been my favourite when i used to live in Dubai 1 year ago then now i have come back and its got even better with a few new ideas and a great new menu. steak was just as good as i remembered....mooth watering steaks,,,Writing this is making me hungry for one now so im going to go make a reservation for tonight...see you soon MJ's xxx

Posted by: Noor Mohameed on 17 May ' 10 at 11:53

I must admit a few people had reccomended this to me recently but never bothered to travel from Al Garhoud to Jumeirah. when i finally dd i saw what all the fuss was about this restaurant was great my favourite part was the open kitchen so i could watch the chefs busy at work :-) staff are very friendly and service was perfect i couldnt fault anything even if i had tried. Definately worth the travel and will be for sure to be back again soon.

Posted by: Ahmed Syed Hussian on 14 May ' 10 at 10:46

I havent been back here for a while due to previous bad experience but it has definately improved.
The staff are very helpful and welcoming the manager also spoke and held conversations in Arabic to me which was great as you dont get many arabic speaking english people inDubai.
this could be my favourite restaurant in Dubai. The steak is by far in comparable to any in dubai, order the chateaubriand and the waiter brings it to your table on a trolley to carve in front of you which is great to watch.

Posted by: Katie price on 14 May ' 10 at 10:07
  • Best for: Romantic

I had heard about this steak house for a few months now and a lot of my friends have reccomended it too me.
The wagyu was exceptionally cooked and the staff made the steak Tartar at the table next to me - Amazing!!!
the staff are so poilte and friendly and generally concerned that you are having a great time. service was so attentive. Try and get a terrace table if possible, but definately a must to try.

Posted by: Johnathon Steel on 10 May ' 10 at 13:10

MJ's is the best steakhouse by far. The service is very attentive and the food is the best steak i have ever eaten.
i would definately reccommend this to anyone.

Posted by: Marie on 29 Sep ' 09 at 11:02

I am a filet rare cooked eater and used to be a meat & co regular client.
La Parilla is just too dry, side dishes are very poor.
I had the filet of beef (not even wagyu) as per my cooking like with a panned foie gras on the side with the truffle puree....AMAZING
This restaurant is best for filet! i will definetly go back to enjoy a great "real" piece of meat as expected in a "steackhouse".... of course not a burger or chicken wings.

Posted by: Gary Waring on 04 Sep ' 09 at 08:34

Very expensive steakhouse, food was OK, not great. We had a sirloin and a fillet both cooked OK. Side of mixed vegetables were cold but they did remove this from the bill.

2 mediocre steaks, 1 side order of onions rings, 4 beers and a bottle of still water = 680Dhs

Posted by: Patricia B. on 10 Jul ' 09 at 08:14

Very disappointing food - dried out wagyu burger, manager not all all competent to deal with criticism.


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