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Located about 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai, Rare offers an escape from the hubbub of city life: the Desert Palm Resort boasts lush green polo fields and a hushed, relaxing ambience. Make the most of the serenity by taking a seat on Rare’s picturesque terrace for sweeping views of the greenery and Dubai’s skyline – but watch out for the ‘aroma’ if the sprinklers are on. Alongside steak (Aussie black angus and wagyu), the kitchen also offers a great selection of mains, from grilled seafood, lamb and duck to veal and steak Rossini. These more unusual dishes enable the chefs to showcase their flair and presentation (after all, there’s not much you can do with a lump of meat). The meat itself is pleasant: while not as flavour-packed as some we’ve tried, it’s nonetheless well cooked, and the veggie and potato side dishes provide a nice complement. Service is thoughtful and subtle, with staff offering multiple amuse bouches and even a take-home gift for ladies. Worth the drive for a low-key, romantic meal.
All major credit cards accepted. Open Mon-Sat 7pm-11pm. Desert Palm Resort, Al Awir Road, past Dragon Mart www.desertpalm.peraquum.com (04 323 8888)

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Posted by: AAAndrewndrew on 20 Mar ' 12 at 22:32
  • Best for: Romantic

A great setting and on every occaision the food and service has been outstanding!

Posted by: Mike Sander on 20 Mar ' 12 at 04:28
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Mike Sander on 20 Mar ' 12 at 04:27
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Belle on 20 Mar ' 12 at 01:34
  • Best for: Romantic

I took my boyfriend here recently and we both absolutely loved it, the restaurant and staff have a lovely charm, and the food is amazing. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a good meal or somewhere for romantic dining.

Posted by: Rochelle Vaz on 14 Jul ' 11 at 09:04
  • Best for: Romantic

My fiance and I absolutely loved our evening at Rare. Everything from the decor to the staff to the meals and even the price was great! It was our first time there, but we've already decided to make a bit of a tradition of it now and come back more often - we loved it! Special thanks to Jasmine & Azhar - the staff at Rare who helped made our evening special. Also - compliments to the Chef - the green peppercorn sauce & steak were divine!

Posted by: Steak Lover on 19 Nov ' 10 at 16:55
  • Best for: Romantic

Well worth the drive to Desert Palm to enjoy a steak at Rare. Fantastic menu to choose from, and very good value. Add in the good service, a great atmosphere with the good food and you have a fantastic night out. Never made it to the desert menu, but they did look good as well.

Posted by: UAE Monticristo on 26 Jul ' 10 at 09:27

through out my experience in dubai for a steak house restaurant i always i had in mind there would be only three. but to my new experience at the RARE restaurant this one just climbed the chart and place it self as the first in my four favorite steak house restaurant.

this will definatley not be my last experience at this fine restaurant. i am looking forward for my next visite.

Posted by: Jane on 03 Mar ' 10 at 13:22
  • Best for: Romantic

I can't fault Rare . The food different, tasty, beautifully presented
I adore the setting and how they produce a calm atmosphere that one needs living in Dubai, by the staff who are polite, non intrusive but always on hand and obliging. They are also knowedgeable about the menu.

Posted by: Ahmed on 04 Dec ' 09 at 21:33
  • Best for: Business lunch

The food is the best.
I asked for outdoor table they told me not available, but when I went there were a table for to and no one sat on it until we left the restaurant.
Overall the staff were friendly and the service was at top class.

Posted by: Kane on 04 Apr ' 09 at 08:22
  • Best for: Romantic

Amazing food, Amazing Service, Amazing live acoustic music.. a hidden gem..

Posted by: Michael on 02 Apr ' 09 at 01:48
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Robert B on 27 Mar ' 09 at 20:40
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Amelia on 26 Mar ' 09 at 21:01
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: alex on 26 Mar ' 09 at 08:24
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: rosario on 26 Mar ' 09 at 08:20

Posted by: Priyanthi Panabokke on 26 Mar ' 09 at 07:14
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Priyanthi Panabokke on 26 Mar ' 09 at 07:08
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Alex on 26 Mar ' 09 at 06:55

Posted by: Sean Breen on 25 Mar ' 09 at 20:52
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great Place, friendly staff, good food.

Posted by: Kirsty Thomson on 25 Mar ' 09 at 14:13
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Anita Carney on 25 Mar ' 09 at 12:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

The food and company were amazing.
I will visit again and recommend to others.

Posted by: John Smith on 25 Mar ' 09 at 12:30
  • Best for: Romantic

Great Restaurant!

Posted by: Beth Hendry on 25 Mar ' 09 at 10:07
  • Best for: Family friendly

The staff at Rare were absolutely brilliant. Such a wonderful experience. Food was excellent and the decor was very relaxing.
Overall a fabulous experience.

Posted by: Gordon Shaw on 23 Mar ' 09 at 12:55
  • Best for: Family friendly

Eaten at Rare restaurant a few times and never fails to impress with its ambience and selection of foods. Dubai's hidden secret, hosting something different.

Posted by: Carsten on 23 Mar ' 09 at 12:48
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: Carsten on 23 Mar ' 09 at 12:47
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: test on 30 Nov ' -1 at 00:00

They really do what they do well. Creative dogs. Creative menu. Creative decor. Creative logo. I can pop in and get a quick meal and fell like I've treated myself to something special.


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