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Rhodes Twenty10

Nominated for Best Steakhouse 15 Comments

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More than two years after opening, this super-smart spot overseen by Brit chef Gary Rhodes finally seems to have got into the swing of things. Gone are the empty tables; even on weeknights this place now attracts a gaggle of diners. The menu still features plenty of Brit-influenced touches: pork belly, oxtail cottage pie and Welsh rarebit were just a few of the choice picks during our last visit, with everything beautifully cooked and presented. The beef on offer is USDA Prime or wagyu – unsurprisingly the latter commanding premium prices – while the sizeable list of sauces and sides offers some inventive options (give the curry sauce a try). If we have to niggle, we’d say the staff almost try too hard: they seem over-anxious to please, hovering around tables and engaging in chit-chat with even the most unwilling guests. If they eased off a touch, it would give diners a chance to savour this carnivorous experience – at these prices, we don’t want anything to distract us from the meat.
All major credit cards accepted. Open Tue-Sun 7pm-midnight. Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai Marina, www.leroyalmeridien-dubai.com (04 316 5550).

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Posted by: Pedro on 31 Aug ' 12 at 04:09
  • Best for: Family friendly

I was never a "fan" of Gary Rhodes style of cooking but how that view has changed since the visit to Twenty 10. We just could not fault a thing. The food was absolutely amazing from the starters through to the desserts. The service was also first class without being intrusive. Overall a worth while experience that will I am sure be repeated again. Extremely good value for money given that everything in terms of the food was beyond expectations. Certainly one of, if not the best dining experience, I have had in any restaurant in Dubai for this type of cuisine. Also you could hold a conversation without having to battle with conversations on other tables. This being a rarity in Dubai. Brilliant evening. Would I go again? Most certainly, I cannot understand why it has taken me so long to discover this restaurant.

Posted by: Tiffany on 14 Sep ' 11 at 06:25

Service?? We waited for over 1 hour for our main courses! And at the end of the meal- the so called "Manager" came over not to appolgise for the wait- but to say that the lady who requested her steak cooked a certain way- would not be done so in the future!!! Already not a great night out- but then 5 out of 6 of us ended up having "BAD Tummy's" the next day and some for 3 days on!!! As for me I ended up in Hospital- with FOOD POISONING and an 8000 dhs hospital bill!!! As the DR put it- for so many of us to get sick....its not the food thats gone bad but rather the Kitchen staff"s lack of basic hand washing!!!! How can a 5 star hotel and a celebrity chef have such poor standards as to not oversee hygiene!! HORRIBLE UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Posted by: Brandon Stalker on 03 Aug ' 11 at 09:22
  • Best for: Romantic

Just visited Gary Rhodes Twenty10, I would say that was the best place I have been to. I love steaks so I have been to lot of steakhouses in Dubai and find them good but for rhodes that was brilliant , attentions to detail was spot on so I thought to write a review in the best magazine. Read the other reviews and was shocked, I do not agree with the negative comments and it is not pricey ,Well if you want the best then you will have to pay. Will go back

Posted by: Darius on 16 May ' 11 at 07:07
  • Best for: Romantic

Besides being ridiculously overpriced, the food was, at best, average. Meat was ill prepared and chewy, with the starters being...well...average. At 950 AED for two to eat (without alcohol) I will definitely not be returning, nor will anyone that I know. The triple fried chips were just oily french fries, and the waygu beef tasted like it was from frozen and cut incorrectly.
The staff had no knowledge about their menu and refilled my water glass every 3 minutes - not kidding. They also interrupted my meal (i counted) 8 times to tell me a joke or ask me if I was enjoying it. Who trained these people? I have friends, I need a waiter.
Dare I say that any of the people reviewing this restaurant to be anything but horrible have no idea what good food is.
Gary Rhodes indeed, I am fairly sure that other than a photo shoot the chef (whom I respect and admire) has nothing to do with the place.

Posted by: May on 27 Mar ' 11 at 13:10
  • Best for: Romantic

We have been to Rhodes Twenty10 three times now and have never been disappointed. The signature hamburger is unbelievable and no wonder! The head waiter informed us that it takes 3 days to prepare and the result is in the eating of this delectable dish. My son who was visiting from UK said the rack of lamb he had was the best he'd ever tasted and the duck I enjoyed was superb.

Never seeming to manage incorporating a dessert into our meal, we nevertheless have enjoyed the delicious little delicacies that have been presented to us as a little extra - the little chocolate sponge being particularly enticing and of the two (the other being lemon in flavour) a favourite of mine.

Rhodes Twenty10 is a venue we hope to enjoy for a long time to come.

Posted by: alioglesby on 06 Feb ' 11 at 09:24
  • Best for: Romantic

Very dissapointed. We had booked a large table to celebrate a birthday and the service was very poor. No attention to details...e.g. providing cutlery and plates for cake.Time between courses was very very long and the staff did not handle the complaint very well. The food when it came was very tasty though sirloin could have been more tender. Best dish was the tuna starter /puds and worst dish was a tie between the duck starter ( chewy overcooked duck) or the lobster ceasar( drenched in dressing limp and boring).
Just wont come back there are better places to have a meal in Dubai. Mezzanine for example. This has diluted the image of Mezzanine.

Posted by: Barbara on 31 Oct ' 10 at 09:00
  • Best for: Romantic

Excellent restaurant, you don't go to a Gary Rhodes restaurant for value for money just as you wouldn't go to Harrods. Food and staff were excellent! only thing I would change is add a side dish included in the price of the main meal. Pudding was amazing....... Definitely worth trying.....

Posted by: LK on 30 Oct ' 10 at 17:59

175 Euros without counting the cost of over-priced wine? For what?

Posted by: George on 28 Aug ' 10 at 13:31
  • Best for: Romantic

We went to Rhodes Twenty10 last week and even if they advertise it as a steakhouse is more than that, is a really refine stablishment where food and service are top notch. You could compare it with Michael Mina in Las Vegas or Ramsay's Maze in London, but is nothing like it anywhere else in Dubai.
The sharing concept was a great fresh idea as you have the chance to try a bit of everything without being asking your partner to pass the plates around.
Then the main courses (we did have the signature burguer and the wagyu sirlloin), they were cooked to perfection and the sauces and side orders were a perfect compliment nicely recomended by the spotless service.
I was specially surprise about the price of the wagyu sirloin as it is more affordable that other steakhouses around Dubai.
And we finished the amazing dinner with the desserts. The flavours and freshness of them leave us completely satisfied.
We will definetly come back. It was a great evening at a great location.
Great food, professional staff and really good value for money!

Posted by: Bernard on 25 Aug ' 10 at 19:45
  • Best for: Romantic

If everybody says it's overpriced, maybe that's what it is, Mr Rhodes.....I can only agree with all others, and I'm a restaurateur myself: I usually, maybe even better than others, appreciate all the efforts made and understand very well that things come at a price: But not this price!! The menu, presentation etc isn't going to be awarded with Michelin stars when the first UAE guide will be published next year, so a little bit less pretentious would make this a much nicer, and affordable place.

For the rest: The wine menu was presented together with the remark that the several prices were incorrect (???) and that some wines are not available. No half-bottles (I mean serving wine from India, but no half bottles??) The starter was good (Tuna) the main, the Burger, overrated: The sauce is nothing more than a reduced onion soup (yak) and there's an unclear slice of tasteless potato under the excellent burger. One remark on that burger: It's all nice to serve it clarified butter and so (chefs seem to like that more than guests) but I think it would taste even better when properly grilled.

Service was good, although the girl that plays host misses the maturity and the experience to be the charming, elegant host you would expect in such surroundings. Ambience is warm and inviting.

At another pricelevel OR at a higher culinairy level for this price I would retiurn: Not if things stay as they are.

Posted by: Peter Jones on 25 Aug ' 10 at 11:32
  • Best for: Romantic

Please come down to realistic prices. Even in London I would eat the same quality at a better price.

You are not really a "Steakhouse", maybe you need to redefine yourself.

Mr. Rhodes, big prices do not always mean good food.

Posted by: jasmine on 24 Aug ' 10 at 06:08

Money NOT well spent

Posted by: Jean Michael on 21 Aug ' 10 at 10:40
  • Best for: Romantic

WAY OVER priced!, the menu makes the food sound produced by angels or something. The starters are very bland, and some of them are clearly not worth what they are. The mains were good. sorry but nothing to rave about. The service was very good, and the staff are very knowledgable. The food on the other hand needs some serious looking in to.

Posted by: Tom B. on 19 Aug ' 10 at 18:39
  • Best for: Family friendly

i enjoyed the food at the Rhodes mezzanine at the grosvenor house hotel,and was taken a back at how they have transformed the old prime rib setting to this immaculate restaurant and ambience of twenty 10 at the Le royal meridian hotel .the food is top 5star and all staff at twenty 10 made us feel welcome and relaxing no stuffiness.i started with the lobster soup and for the main fillet of beef with side dish of chunky chips.and for the rest of my family they tucked into sirloin steak
and Mr Rhodes sticky toffee pudding. i would recommend this restaurant to others and hope they enjoy as much as we did.i would point out this is a family friendly and romantic restaurant.also try out the old satchmo's bar just below a nice way to end the evening ,live music and great cocktails.

Posted by: James on 19 Aug ' 10 at 12:28

Starters were good, steak was excellent, desserts were ok.
Service in the othe hand was awfull, as the article mentions, the staff only goal is to upsell, not to take care of the guest. Real bad!


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