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We know Dubai has a penchant for being the biggest, but sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Seafire is a case in point: the steakhouse is huge, with table upon table stretching from the wooden feature walls, past a sea of plush red chairs, to the open kitchen at the far end. The venue is always bustling with plenty of punters, but the overall effect feels a little soulless: it lacks the intimate charm of some of Dubai’s top-end steakhouses. It’s a shame, because the food is pretty neat: there are cuts here to please most price points, from a lowly sub-Dhs200 sirloin to a wallet-busting Dhs800 wagyu striploin. Much of the beef comes from dedicated Atlantis cattle, bred in Australia especially for the hotel, producing flavourful, tender steaks. Sides are generously sized, though the gut-busting tempura fries may be a step too far for those with smaller appetites. Stick to the cheaper cuts and this venue is a good way to experience the opulence of Atlantis.
All major credit cards accepted. Open Sat-Thu 6pm-11.30pm; Fri 12.30pm-4pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Bar: Sat-Thu 6pm-12.30am; Fri 7pm-12.30am. Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, www.atlantisthepalm.com/restaurants (04 426 2626).

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Posted by: emma on 08 Jan ' 12 at 08:47
  • Best for: Family friendly

Excellent food and excellent service. Will definitely be returning on our next trip to Dubai.

Posted by: Syed on 22 Dec ' 11 at 17:47
  • Best for: Family friendly

Excellent dining experience, starters were average but steaks were amazing. Overall a great experience and would definately go back, since we have children we were not bothered by the family atmosphere. I can however sympathise with those who dont have kids and end-up getting irritated

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 22 Aug ' 11 at 15:24
  • Best for: Family friendly

I’ve been trying out some of the high-end restaurants these days and so it was the Seafire last night. Decided on a 450gm Australian Wagyu ribeye medium done steak with peppercorn sauce, Dijon mustard and a side dish of Cajun steak fries. Bread, made of both white and brown with horseradish butter was delivered to the table and also amouse bouche of tepid corn soup. Cajun steak fries, I didn’t care for much and more than half was left behind. The meat was didn’t taste extraordinary. It was medium done and had juices appearing from under the meat on cutting but somehow the meat itself didn’t live upto expectation. Especially with this thing about using specially reared cows given in the introduction to the menu, it didn’t quite measure up.
Lively music playing with eager staff, the restaurant itself is large and open spaced. The cosyness and warmth, a flavour of a steakhouse, is missing, something noticed in the meat itself.
The total of Dhs 339 which after a 25% discount on credit card came to Dhs 254.

Posted by: graham mark on 13 Jun ' 11 at 11:16
  • Best for: Family friendly

excellent service staff.... they made it up for the ok quality food

Posted by: John on 14 Apr ' 11 at 12:16

It's OK, but very overpriced and there are a lot of better steakhouses in the city.

Exchange Grill is still the best by quite a long way.

Posted by: DC on 31 Mar ' 11 at 07:59

Where to start?
Having arrived to witness the Manager involve himself with the service to the adjoining table and both elegantly and flamboyantly drop a Beef Wellington to the floor, the portents did not appeal.
Steaks were ordered, but when brought to the table one was totally undercooked (rare vs. ordered well done). I would have expected both steaks to be taken away so they would be enjoyed at the same time when returned to the table, but was told it would only be a ‘couple of minutes’ to rectify.
This turned into well over 10 minutes by which time the other steak was cold when the original, now incinerated, steak was brought back to the table, inedible.
What transpired thereafter was akin to a pantomime. The service staff politely handled the situation as well as you could expect but the Manager’s intervention (when he was not hiding behind his staff or swanning around the restaurant taking a circuitous route to avoid our table) was laughable. His attempt to correct the situation by writing on his business card ‘guaranteeing a free dessert anytime’ was, if intentional, a wonderful attempt at comedy to offset his arrogant and condescending manner.
The steaks that were not eaten were, eventually, removed from the bill but the lasting impression was that the Manager was woefully out of his depth and made a situation that could have been recovered, irretrievable.
We have eaten there before and the experiences were always above average, if a little pricey.
The proliferation of good steakhouses in Dubai means a return journey to Seafire need not be necessary. The presence of the Manager ensures it will not occur, however much of a hardship it will be to give up the guaranteed ‘free dessert anytime’.

Posted by: Mehdi on 26 Oct ' 10 at 12:36

The service at the restaurant is good, very good actually, however, thats where it stops.
I'm will not waste time re-writing views that are already written, much more professionally, by Timeout and a good few other visitor on this page.
YES, it is an expensive restaurant but you most definitely know that when you decide to go there... and when you go in, you expect to see get the quality of food, ambience and value for your money; thats where the restaurant fails.
To cut a long story short, there are much better places that offer better food, better atmosphere and overall experience that this place offers. Visit Pierchic and you'll see what I mean.

Posted by: Ali on 25 Sep ' 10 at 03:53
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great night out, wonderful food and service. Steak was awesome, best Fillet in Dubai! Thanks Seafire, we will be back soon!

Posted by: Bo on 22 Apr ' 10 at 05:11
  • Best for: Family friendly

I was apprehensive about trying Seafire after reading Time Out's review, however, it was a great meal and we will definitely go back again. Be warned though, it is expensive - our meal for 4 people with 2 bottles of average wine was over 2,500 dirhams and this was only for 1 course + 1 side order each. The restaurant was pretty full even though it was mid-week but the service was spot on. The steaks were cooked just as we ordered and were tasty, as were the accompanying side dishes - it seemed odd to serve fries in batter, but they were actually very moreish!

Posted by: BrunchMates on 17 Mar ' 10 at 06:42
  • Best for: Business lunch

A couple of the guys from the office and I went there last week.
We heard they had a Carnival thing going on, which unfortunately we missed, However there is a new English chap twinkling the Ivories, great Piano Player!!

We had a booking at 8 for 6 of us, as usual some guys were late, so we had this amazing tasting of about 10 different types of Bloody Marys. I thought there was only one ! The Bar tender Karam from Egypt (who was not pleased with the 3-1 Vs England) went on to explain the version of all the variety of Marys, we tasted 3 spectacular ones, I grew fond of the Asian Mary.

Finally Rob arrived and we got sat on a over sized table in the center of the room, Right next to the Piano ! First thought was going to be too loud, but it was brilliant ! The pianist went along with the rhythm of the venue.

Anthony the manager came to greet us at the table, and he dared us to try the oversize steaks from Canada, WOW ! I had a 1kg T-Bone, does not get more manly than that hey ! Tim had a 500g tenderloin which looked amazing, Rob had the Atlantis Beef rib eye, (this is my usual choice) Matty is a bit girly so he had a 250 gram US filet.
All steaks where cooked perfectly, and even the chef, Grant came out of the kitchen to ask how are meal went. I have not been to any other restuarant in Dubai, where the chef actually goes to each table looking for feed back and ways to improve!
Finally the wine, as usual in Dubai you expect to Pay, but the sommelier an Australian lady was kind enough to suggest a wine on a promo, Clos du Val from California, made out of a Zinfandel Grape ??? I had no clue that thing existed, it just became my favorite wine!

I will defiantly go back, it was 6 of us that night, no one had a negative comment, this is by far the best restaurant in Dubai in terms of service ambiance and great steaks. The other steak houses are in dippers compared to Seafire. !

Posted by: jack james on 05 Dec ' 09 at 13:12
  • Best for: Family friendly

the best steak house i ever been..frendly staff,best steak and...unforgettable experianc....i will be back in my every dubai visit...

Posted by: Tariq on 26 Sep ' 09 at 11:21
  • Best for: Romantic

After reading the Time out and user reviews I was in two minds to suggest this outlet as a venue for a night out. We arrived, it was not very busy even on Friday night, decor is nice, staff welcomed us and we were seated quickly. Drinks were orderd and delivered without fuss. The starters were alittle poor, bland and not really what any of us expected.
The meat in the mains we ordered was good, nice cuts but not spectacular, one of our ordered meals was cooked very wrong and it was'nt really handled well by the waiter whe we asked for him to check if the meat was the correct one as ordered. Management never ventured near our table to try and resolve the issue, maybe because we were not caucasian? Thats what it felt like.

Overal even with the issues it maybe not worth what they charge but as one of my group pointed out maybe your paying more for the experience.

Time out review is fair

Posted by: CvC on 21 Sep ' 09 at 06:06
  • Best for: Romantic

Went with no booking on Sunday night (Eid). The place wasnt packed, but there was enough people in there to make it feel ok. When walking out, we both though it was better than expected. Staff were really friendly and service minded, but the thing that we thought was best was the food. Tasty and well presented. Will definitely go back.

Posted by: Simon Ractliff on 19 Aug ' 09 at 23:33

Steak house's, they all are the same where ever you go whatever you eat ,is in it??? try this one out. Thats what my friends told me, they could not stop talking about the Atlantis meat, I had to go there and find out to belive it, so I did I decided to walk inn on a Friday evening without a reservation, I was shocked to see the crowd in the lobby (where is the recession in Dubai) it reminded me of Mall of the Emirates for a moment. It took me 15 minutes to reach the restaurant and i would have crossed at least 500 people to reach my destination. Well the moment I approached the restaurant a black board with martini promotion got my attention..as we had no reservation decided to go to the bar and make the best of it. To be honest those martini's are worth there are about 21 to choose from we could only try 4 as I wana to enjoy my steak in soberness..We were kindly escorted to our table and the staff gave us a brief introduction on the promotions they were running (quite a few I must say) The restaurant was full and th kitchen looked busy as I could hear the chef shouting pick up!! pick up!! (this was intresting as it reminded me of Gordan Ramsay's Hell kitchen) We went straight for the steaks but ofcource i could not wait to taste the meat,as I heard so much about it, as per the courteous waiter this meat is suppose to be the best in UAE. I ordered the fillet 250 Medium Rare and my Mrs, a Striplion Medium wth some steak fries and gratin. When our food came I was shocked to see the bone on my plate reminded me of a cementary..took away my appetite for a while but then the meat got my attention it looked yummy from top, The knife went through it so smooth I thought I was cutting a butter, it was a perfect Medium Rare with some juice in it, the steak was so good i never ate the sides thanks to my Mrs, who has a bigger appetite than me ..surely it was the money well spend that night. The atmosphere was good and lively, the meat was fantablous (its my own word for fabalous) the service was good and attentive, those waiters seems to be drilled to upsell as the evening passed by we went through 02 bottles of Fusion V ( a south african blend) Our total bill came up 2100 something but it was worth the spend. I will be back Seafire

Posted by: BrunchMates on 18 Aug ' 09 at 11:52

My wife and a couple of friends went over to Atlantis.
As we entered we passed through the mass of people to see a sign of 1 for 1 martinis, I had never walked into a such a massive restaurant, shame it was half empty.
We had a our martinis at the bar, the Egyptian bar tender was very knowledgeable, they also do wine flights (I talked more to him than my wife ; ) Any way we asked to be sat, we didn't make a booking but there was space. I had a 350g Rib eye, apparently it's their own beef from Atlantis. It was really tasty, I liked the waygu from my wife better, but both were cooked perfectly (rare to find in DBX)
The wine list is huge, a bit pricy but more less same as the rest of DBX the sommelier was amazing really nice Italian guy, we had a german pinot grigio I never heard about and a nice cotes du Rhone for red, great recommendations and truly a great selection.
Overal a great experience I am glad we got trapped by that 2 for 1 martini promo otherwise I would have eaten Japanese again...

Posted by: Ant on 22 Jun ' 09 at 12:20
  • Best for: Romantic

I read the review from Dave and thought I best post my own comments - The dining experience at Seafire is possibly one of the best Steakhouses in Dubai, the staff are well groomed and attentive. The Manager assures me that he has never travelled the A34 and never operated a burger van, perhaps thats what Dave is used too and should not be eating out in quality restaurants!!!

Posted by: Christine Weaver on 22 Jun ' 09 at 12:12
  • Best for: Family friendly

What a great restaurant, went with a load of friends the other night and had a great time, yes its expensive but worth every penny, the Manager's attention to detail is fantastic and the staff knowledgable. The sommelier is fab and loves to show people around his home which is the massive walk-in cellar.

Posted by: d'Huart on 16 May ' 09 at 13:26
  • Best for: Business lunch

best for business lunch because one shouldn't have to pay for this vastly overpriced restaurant. First time that I didn't check the Time Out review first and paid a very dear price for it.....!
the steak was fine but so it should be ! I bought a better one at Carrefour recently.
I've just seen the most expensive Dover Sole in my life ! The restaurant was half empty ( we hadn't booked, indeed we tried first the french restaurant nearby which was empty). What's wrong with all these Atlantis restaurants ...!

Posted by: Dave on 11 Apr ' 09 at 10:30

Booked a table for 4 at 8pm, arrived and we were made to wait 30mins. Food was poor, starters bland, steaks all cooked the same no matter how we ordered. Drinks order was wrong twice and the two english gentlemen (you can't miss them they are the two idiots who think they are doing you a favour giving you a table) are the so called management, they should have stuck running to the burger van on the A34 where Atlantis obviously found them.

Nice Decor, poor staff, poorly managed, below average food and expensive.

Never again, and from the reviews the other atlantis outlets fair no better.

Posted by: Fouad on 26 Jan ' 09 at 16:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

The first impression upon entering the restaurant is positive, however the 30 minutes to take the order, followed by a 45 minute wait for the Chateau Brillant, and finally a very dry Chateau Brillant and really greasy tempura style fries, didn't go down too well with my guests, especially since we ordered medium and it was more like well done.
The cold crab, lobster, oyster and shrimp selection was wonderful, but overall it was not worth the 5,500 Dirhams we paid for an average meal for 9.


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