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West 14th Steakhouse

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After opening in 2010, West 14th garnered a loyal following among the Palm Jumeirah’s hip young professionals, and the clientele keep coming back for more. We’d attribute its success to the buzzy atmosphere, laid-back cool and New York styling, featuring industrial warehouse-style ceilings and red brick walls. On our last visit we were disappointed to note that several dishes had been manually crossed off the menu (surely they could reprint it, rather than tantalise with options that are unavailable?). Luckily, there are still plenty of steaks to choose from, with all bar one priced at less than Dhs250, and each cooked and seasoned to perfection. The downside? Side dishes are sold separately, so you’ll have to fork out extra to taste the delightfully fluffy, gorgeously chunky fries. The service, while friendly enough, can be a little on the slow side, although we’ll give staff the benefit of the doubt: maybe they’re just easing off to let guests enjoy a leisurely meal in typically cool NYC style.
All major credit cards accepted. Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Oceana Bech Club, Palm Jumeirah, www.west14th.ae (04 447 7601).

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Posted by: Sam Abbas on 29 May ' 13 at 13:59

Service is terrible, quality of food is deteriorating compared to the time the restaurant was opened. if the steak cant be cooked as ordered what else can you do? portions are small and over priced. steak comes with nothing. not even fries or vegetables. for the same price you have have a much better quality of food, taste, portion, service and price at other steak houses in Dubai e.g. the meat co. etc...
will definitely not go back again.

Posted by: Kim on 03 Mar ' 13 at 05:57

After walking through a building site and finally finding the restaurant (signage is poor and confusing if its your first (& last) visit). I thought the worst was over.... how wrong I was. This 'place' came highly recommended to the point I'm sure my friends must have been talking about some where else. Firstly we were arrived early to have a pre dinner drink, all fine lovely evening for drink outside, then even though we had booked two weeks in advance and had arrived early we're shoved in corner at a table for two when we had booked for three, lots of empty tables but were told they were booked. Asked if we could go back to our outside table which they agreed, no problem. Ordered a bottle of wine from the mostly not available wine list, when it arrived with plastic glasses we asked for glass and they refused and then refused to seat us inside... as our table was supposedly gone (9:05) five mins after our reservation. Considering we had been given glass beer bottles for our first drink outside this no glass rule made no sense. We soldiered on and after about 30mins managed to get a waiter to take our food order. The food was fine, not bad but nothing to make the experience worth it. The best bit was when one of us asked for butter for his veg and after 5mins was told yes but he would be charged for it... charged for butter... i have never heard such rubbish anywhere, even in proper rip off restaurants. Over all the food was fine, the service was very poor. Wouldnt go back and wouldnt recommend it...

Posted by: Patrick Bird on 04 Jan ' 13 at 10:50

Having been to West 14th on several occasions (only due to the fact I live next door) and repeatedly thinking they have by far the worst service in Dubai, today they finally excelled themselves forcing me to write a review.

On arrival at lunch today we waited for ages and eventually went and got our own menus, after about 10 minutes of sitting, a waiter approached. Upon ordering our drinks, he tried to escape but we pressed to order food at the same time as we are used to a painfully long wait each time we visit. Upon ordering he said that over half the items were not available as they have ''stopped using the kitchen as it was slowing things down too much" so basically we were left with a few salads, 2 sandwiches and a burger as choice. However if you had a burger you could only have crisps and no fries. Also, you could not have cheese on a burger at lunchtime! After several minutes of trying to see why we couldn't have these basic items we ordered a sandwich which could be served with fries AND cheese!! Thinking it easier to just admit defeat before we starved we sat back and waited. Another couple sat at the other side of our (large) outdoor table and with the same waiter were able to order cheese and fries on their burger!!! I was shocked however not at all surprised.

Over the last few visits we have encountered the following ridiculous rules and service
1. Not being able to order a AED600 of steak as we were sitting outside and being made to have a BBQ for 100 or so. Upon arguing with several members of management we were finally permitted to do so- great business sense!
2. Being told (upon phoning) the restaurant was full so we went to have a drink at the outdoor bar and there were 3 tables occupied in the whole restaurant. We asked if we could sit and they said no problem. This happens every time my neighbours/friends try to book on the night!!
3. Asking for any variation from the menu is a disaster e.g no cream in the spinach. You still receive the cream and when sent back, get the correct dish after meal is finished
4. Asking for condiments- forget it- you would think you were asking the staff for their first born. Even the 'mustard trolley' is always bought round half way through the meal despite being asked for at ordering.
5. General rudeness/ lack of menu knowledge / any sort of thinking for themselves of all staff.
6. Breakfast advertised and when you turn up they tell you it is not on despite it being featured on facebook the day before

I could go on but I think you will get the point! I first went there when it opened to experience terrible service and things certainly have not improved in the last 2 or more years!

The food is pretty good so that is why we keep going back but this is the final straw. The ridiculous rules and poor staffing has finally put the nail in the coffin.

If you have a spare few hours to spare and want to stick rigidly to the rules and menu then this might be the place for you but if you live anywhere outside the Palm its certainly not worth the taxi fare!!

Posted by: Jeff on 01 Jan ' 13 at 14:53
  • Best for: Family friendly

We have tried and tried again with this place. Since its opening, the service has gone way down, and the food quality has plummeted. What used to be a go to place, is now not worth the rude management and poor quality of food. Save your money and go to another place for steak.

Posted by: Sabina Goranova on 27 Apr ' 12 at 08:51

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Really rather a pathetic restaurant and doesn't really get anywhere close to its claim of being the No. 1 restaurant in Dubai. The waiter was rude and patronising and lacked knowledge of the dishes which were being served. He very keenly informed us about the dish of the day being Arabic BBQ. When my husband asked him what this was, he simply listed beef, lamb and chicken meats with arabic bread. When we asked further whether this is a mix of mince or diced meat, he just kept repeating that it is a mix of meats. When asked what sauce they were prepared in, he simply got annoyed with us and just said its Arabic! When the food finally arrived, the dish was indeed 'Arabic' looking but the mixed grill was lacking. He informed us that they have just run out of all meat apart from chicken and he has given us extra chicken. In any decent restaurant if you run out of one particular dish or it is altered you go back to the customer and ask them whether they want to change it! He just did not get it! My husband and friend ate their 'mixed' chicken kebabs but some of the pieces were not very well done, so half of the dish got left behind. My burger was average and the 'crispy' onion rings lacked any flavour or crispiness with the fries being extremely fatty...the best burgers, fries and onion rings in town are still definitely in Johnny Rockets! To top of it off, the waiter grabbed the bottle of water from our friend's hand to serve it when he clearly already had it under control. Clearly, this guy does not understand where to prioritize or how to actually work in a restaurant. For what it was, I had much better food anywhere else in Dubai!

Posted by: jonathon bull on 10 Apr ' 12 at 03:45

after going back to west 14 i must say they have done a fantastic job improving the service, the food was outstanding as usual and the service matched have made huge improvements in this area.

Posted by: jonathon bull on 21 Feb ' 12 at 19:17

the steaks here are fantastic some of the best you can find in dubai. the service is terribly lacking, we waited 25 minutes for drinks 40 minutes for starters and over an hour between starters and mains. the waitress was trying hard however it is simply not up to scratch they could really do with a manager who knew how to run a busy restaurant. the food was superb its a pity the service doesnt match

Posted by: Xiang Li on 07 Dec ' 11 at 14:38
  • Best for: Business lunch

One of my 1st choices in town!

Posted by: Luigi Bork on 21 Nov ' 11 at 16:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great service, great place, great steaks!!!

Posted by: Luke on 20 Nov ' 11 at 10:46

Well I was a regular, use to love the place but now with the new management i dont think I will return. Poor attitudes of the management that dont seem to care about the service of the guests satisfaction. We spoke to someone in charge and they didnt seem to care only as long as they make money.... very sad to see.
I also over hear several other tables complaining, the staff tried but no management seemed to care. They should try and get their hands dirty for a change.

Posted by: Luke on 21 Aug ' 11 at 15:30
  • Best for: Family friendly

I call into West 14th afew days ago and I have to say, LOVED IT! Not my 1st time there and for sure is not my last. We were welcomed by the new hostess as I havent seen her b4 who was very nice and attentive. Maybe Russian
Opted for a bottle of catena alta malbec and of course my fav,,, the crab cakes..For the mains thought I would try the short ribs.WOW. amazing.
I see plenty of people slamming Wesr 14th,,,,come on this place is like nothing else in Dubai. The service is great every time, sometimes alittle wait for the mains but i tend to go with great company and dont seem to notice.
Cant wait to go again,,, plus they plan on playing the rugby world cup so West 14th, expect to see me daily!

Posted by: Bobby Gee on 03 Jul ' 11 at 05:32

Reading other reviews - West 14th cleary have not sorted out their service.

We had to wait over 25 minutes just to order a drinl and a further 15 minutes to order any food.

Clearly the restaurant is understaffed.

The place was busy although I could not help wonder if that was due to limited options for people living in the area.

The food itself was average, my crab cakes were ok and the tenderloin was good.

But from being dropped off in an underground car park, to poor service throughout the evening, and music so loud from the bar area that you could not hear your fellow diners this is not a place I will return to.

Posted by: Diana Reiss on 20 Jun ' 11 at 05:05

Been twice now, the first and the last!
Visited the restaurant on Saturday night with group of friends. Firstly we had terrible problems finding the restaurant as signage is very poor and the parking is quite a distance from the restaurant itself and results in a long walk in the summer heat.
My starter of sticky calamari was very average, but my wagu steak tasty. I also ordered a portion of creamy spinach and root vegetables but neither choices were up to scratch.
The service was extremely slow and we had to remind the waiter of our drinks order as 20 minutes had passed and we were still waiting.
For what you pay, this just is not value for money and we will not be going again.

Posted by: Helen on 01 Jun ' 11 at 06:21

We went on Tuesday night and the service was appaulling. Our waiter was absolutely clueless in every aspect of food service - menu, serving, order taking.... he hovered around, interupted, did not know the menu, could not understand any of our questions, he was completely useless. The service was extremely slow. Since we were with clients we did not want to cause a big fuss over the dire service but I will phone them today. I do not blame our waiter for being so bad I blame the restaurant for hiring such incompetent people and then not properly training them before putting them on the floor. The food was actually very good if you could get over the dire service.

Posted by: Kaz on 27 Apr ' 11 at 07:01

I just wanted to say how disappointed I was with the service we recieved on Monday night at West 14th.
We are Dubai residents and have been to West 14th twice before and have really enjoyed our time on previous occasions. Last night, we were entertaining a friend visiting from the UK and were emabarassed by the poor service we recieved from the waiter. Not only was his English really poor, but he was completely unaware of what was on the menu! When asked what each dish came with, he appeared confused with every question we asked. Then a second waiter took over who was not much better. The service was slow and nobody attended to our needs by pouring wine and/or water.

Such a shame and so disappointing as our first few visits were wonderful and we raved about West 14th to all our friends. We certainly won't be returning....

Posted by: Gosiame on 17 Apr ' 11 at 09:15
  • Best for: Romantic

Being there with my husband during wekend... Place full of words to describe! I usually have something to say, but being to West14th was an amazing experiece I've ever had since I lived Dubai.. Great combination of flavours from their steaks, Super attentive service from their staff, talking about Hostess, servers, management, they blend very wel! Team always there to help when we needed something...It is unbelievable!!! Nice view of the beach and the pool,,,,Lazy river to cool you down! I will definately come back for your Prawn Pil Pil dish, it was great,,, thanks for the recommendation! Well done guys, we needed this!!!

Posted by: Markus on 08 Apr ' 11 at 20:20

The food (especially the steak) is good, however completely ruined by the horrible service...

We had to wait 30 minutes between courses. The bread came after the meal, and after the table was cleaned, we waited 30 minutes until the waiters even noticed that we needded the desert menu...

All of this due to a great headwaiter who stood in the sun and paid absolutely no attention to the clients.

Worst lunch in Dubai in two years.

Posted by: lorie on 14 Mar ' 11 at 22:28
  • Best for: Romantic

It was a lovely night to have a romantic dinner in this West 14th restaurant . The ambience itself was really amazing. We walked to the beautiful garden with lazy river watching the stars and shining blue lights of tall buildings on both sides. The sounds of the water from the sea with a very refreshing air makes me feel like Im not in Dubai..Apart from that the blue lights in the pool gives life on it ,that calls me to post meanwhile and take pictures with my love one.You will not notice that in the middle of this area there's a nice restaurant called West 14th a house of famous butchers as they said. I heard the lady whose singing a very lovely song from the entrance of the restaurant. Everybody's greeting us I felt like we are a regular guests or a family of this place. We got a very nice table with the view outside and were sitted to a very comfortable chairs with arms. We are offered with that Hot bread with a big funky knife to cut the bread that amaze me because I've never seen that style in other restaurants here in Dubai. We ordered that special cocktails as the waiter said called the asian delights that gives me appetite. And we tried the calamari, Foie gras, crabcakes wow this was really superb.............It made my day specially my steaks? Taste and presentation it really defines the quality...............A very friendly manager went to our table to do the quality check...Well I cannot say anything this is the best experience we ever had....For our dessert a small round cheesecake to share,which is one of my favourite its been long time I didn't find one that will totally suit to my taste with the cup of espresso wow....no wonder we almost forgotten the time...After eating a friendly staff drove the clubcar for us...I gave extra for the waiter for all the good recomendations and attending all our needs. For a wonderful experience like this I would definitely comeback to West 14th.

Posted by: Edward on 10 Mar ' 11 at 06:34
  • Best for: Family friendly

I had the pleasure of having a full day of fun, drink, great food at the Oceana Beach Club where West 14th is housed. I went down as a guest from Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, and will admit that at first was a bit sceptical after being dropped on top of a rather steep hill and been told I had to walk about 500m to the pool and beach.

I was glad that I made that walk. Apon arrival at the outside bar we received a very friendly greeting from one of the staff members, he assited us with beach towels for the day and also showed us some of the area of the beach club.

After finding a lovely spot in the sun a waiter came over to see if we wanted any beverages. The drinks were lovely and refreshing with both myself and my wifetrying their various caiprinna cocktails.

We ate a light salad at the pool for lunch with was delicious to say the least, nice crisp spinach with the most divine rasberry dressing. Heavenly!!!

The pool had a very pleasant vibe with a DJ playing some house tunes which set the tone for a very relaxing day around the pool.

At four o'clock we were thrilled to hear that there would be various drinks promotions running until 7pm, this suited us just fine.

Overall our experience at the poolside was brilliant, we had good service, good drinks and excellent food. I thought our day could not get better.

Returning that evening for our dinner at West 14th we were really looking forward to try their famous steaks. After being seated by the hostess, who again made us feel really welcome, we were introduced to our server for the evening, we opted to sit outside as my wife and I are both smokers. The view was amazing, seeing the developing dubai skyline all lit up is beautiful. Our server was friendly, and contiunally checked on our beverage levels, ensuring our water and wines were nicely topped up. He made some excellent reccomondations, that both myself and my wife are glad we listened to. The Wagyu Ribeye and the Tenderloin Surf and Turf option were all cooked to perfection, the sides were a good size and all cooked very well.

I wish that I had had the space for dessert but alas had over indulged the whole day.

I did however have one of their liquid desserts, which in a nutshell is pure heaven.

I will be reccommending not only the hotel but the whole beach club and West 14th to all of my friends and collegues.

Posted by: melonie on 08 Mar ' 11 at 15:38
  • Best for: Family friendly

being vegeterian, I was supprised to find a steak house that not only caters for my husband, but for my needs as well.

my husband loved the fillet, cooked perfictly. my artichoke salad with gold feta/ to die for.
will be back with the kids

Posted by: Lezel Martin on 08 Mar ' 11 at 14:13
  • Best for: Romantic

I have read the comments attached and I am shocked to say the least! I visit West 14th almost weeky and I have always found the restaurant and attached beach club to be first class!

The steaks are some of the best I have ever eaten and the service, entertainment and atmosphere is second to none!

They also have an amazing deal on Moet & Chandon.......AED395 per bottle or AED 80 per glass......a true first for Dubai!

Well done West 14th, you have won me......keep it up!

Posted by: tim on 15 Feb ' 11 at 10:42

for the money you pay, much more needs to be delivered on so many fronts.

The sense of entry set the tone for the evening. we were dropped off in an underground car park and spent 5 minutes wandering around looking for the stairs that would take us up to the restaurant. This is not really the restaurant's fault, but pehaps they could ask security to provide better directions.

The venue seems to be some sort of multi-purpose facility (for use by oceana residents) that has been cheaply converted in to a restaurant, and as a consequence the internal space just doesn't feel right. Making matters worse was the live music that was just too loud for us to want to sit inside, so we opted to sit outside. Although quieter than inside, the terrace also suffers from a lack of effort in transforming the area into something fitting for such an expensive restaurant.

The service was of very poor quality and slow. The staff had little detailed knowlege of the food and wine other than what i could read for myself on the menu, and the time it took for our steaks to arrive was well beyond reasonable. The management apolgised saying that they were busy, but is this a valid exuse for any restaurant? although, given the quality of our experience, i can understand how they might have under estimated demand.

Before the steaks arrived, we were subjected to a ridiculous charade of being asked to 'choose our weapons'. we were presented with a felt lined box of steak knives of varying weights, and asked to select one of the exquisite blades. really, does anyone care about this nonsense? the management would be well advise to stop wasting their time on such gimmicks and just focus on getting the basics right first.

Overall the food was quite bad, although my steak (ribeye) was acceptable. my guest's steak had to be sent back to the kitchen after being cooked medium rare, instead of medium well, which was dissapointing considering that we told the waitress twice how it was to be cooked, and she confirmed it back to us. when my guest's stake came back, it was still not properly cooked and was found to have a large seam of fat running through it. at this point we called the management and my guest rattled of a long list of complaints. The management were good enough not to charge us for the food and even offered a free dessert, which we accepted, although the cheescake was, as described by my guest, "only good for hanging tiles".

We go to steak restaurants for steaks, but for the sake of completeness, the starters (froi gras/scallops) were ok, the creamed spinach poor, and the chips were from the freezer and served tepid. As per my comment at the start, we expected much better considering the prices.

At the end of the meal we a bit fed up so ordered some irish coffees and challenged the waitress to give us the best we have ever had. sadly, she seemed to translate this to dumping as much whisky in as possible. The result was that, once past the cream, the coffee was undrinkable.

overall, this was a very bad experience, but we appreciated the management's efforts and actions regarding our complaints. however, listening to your customers is only part of the job, how did we ever get such a bad experience from such an expensive restaurant? the management lives and breathes the restaurant, can they really not see its very apparent failings? why ave they not done anything about it? how many bowls of tepid, scraggly chips have passed before his eyes?

I understand that this is part of an established US steak house chain, and i'm sure the owners would be quite dissapointed at how this outlet reflects upon their brand. i suggest the management pull their socks up before the owners' next boondoggle to dubai, or heads will roll.

Posted by: Kim on 06 Feb ' 11 at 18:17
  • Best for: Brunch served

zero service. Drunk people everywhere

Posted by: Luke on 06 Feb ' 11 at 13:08
  • Best for: Romantic

I visited West 14th over the weekend. The DJ playing during the afternoon was amazing, they also discounted different drinks during the day. We had a ball and playing to go back this weekend coming.

Posted by: Big bob on 20 Jan ' 11 at 11:36
  • Best for: Family friendly

Our third visit to West 14 now. The location is great with a fancy outdoor bar and well kitted out restaurant. Whilst the food really is very good, the biggest problem is the time to from order to delivery. On each occasion now it has taken well over 45 minutes to arrive and last time it exceeded well over one hour. This is unacceptable from any restaurant especially when it wasn't so busy and let's face it steak shouldn't take that long to cook. Asking the waiters where it was the reply was always 'on it's way'. I know that but where on it's way is it? Sadly that overshadowed what turned out to be a great meal. Avoid the grilled prawns, unless of course you feel happy paying 180 dhs for only two, yes two prawns. Then all the sides are extra. We will probably go back but may phone in our order ahead of time!!

Posted by: Ian on 28 Nov ' 10 at 12:32
  • Best for: Romantic

I have been there twice.
First visit was awesome.
Grat food, great service. We had a table inside the restaurant and that was a good choice.
Steaks were amazing and for us even the best we had in Dubai.

Two weeks later we returned on a friday night.
This time we had a table outside on the terrace. Service was awful. Waiters seemed to be nerved by the guests. And also it seems that all the small nice gimmicks are not available outside. We could not choose the knifes, we also did not get the mustard trolley service...
For such a expensive dinning experience this lack of service is just not acceptable.
if you going to visit this restaurant make sure to get a table inside. Seems like, they service is better there.

Posted by: Luke on 17 Nov ' 10 at 23:19

I visited West 14th last week and I have to say, I loved every bit of it. We were recommended it by friends so I looked up the website and found some great specials they are currently running. I opted for the buy 1 main course and the West 14th butcher will buy the second. I found this too good an a chance to turn up, so I booked from their website. Upon our arrival I could not belive how amazing the view were they the New Dubai skyline directly infront.
West 14th really feels like a New York style restaurant with the great decor and ambience to boot. We started off sharing a couple of starters of crab cakes and calamari which were amazing. I have got to say I am a huge meat lover, so I decided to give the 300 gm ribeye a go. This has to be the best steak in Dubai, so tender it melted in my mouth. The service was out standing. Value for money,,, well put it this way, I have reservations for tomorrow night and cant wait to work my way throught their menu.
Thumbs up,,,, thanks guys for finally opening a restaurant which makes you feel at home.

Posted by: Edward on 17 Nov ' 10 at 17:20
  • Best for: Family friendly

Having eaten my fare share of steak from around the world and being particularly picky when it comes to eating in a steakhouse, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at West 14th Steak. It was succulent, moist and cooked to perfection. The staff were friendly and attentive, making reccomendations on wine based on what I had ordered. I had a great overall experience and will be back for sure.

Posted by: Lily on 17 Nov ' 10 at 10:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

I'd definitely go back to this restaurant. I had a group dinner last couple of days, celebrating my grandfather's birthday. The server recommended us some appetizers, like pan seared scallops and the beef carpaccio which were amazing. And then, I ordered wagyu rib eye, their special of the day. It was very good that I'd even think that it was the best steak I've ever had in Dubai. Service was good, the server even surprised us with us a small cheesecake as birthday cake for my grandfather.(I didn't tell any of the restaurant staff that it was a birthday celebration, so I guess they overheard it during dinner)
It was such a great evening.

Posted by: justin on 04 Nov ' 10 at 16:59

The first time I ate here I enjoyed it, nice steaks and great home made chips. Now they obviously have a new chef, the chips are frozen! Are you kidding me? You can't even be bothered to cut the chips! The waiter was nice but overworked (what the rest of the staff were doing I don't know), and sadly very unfamiliar with the menu. The steak was overcooked, which was a shame as the meat quality was good. The beach club guests using the toilet in their swimming cozzies slightly ruined the New York steak house atmosphere. All in all a bit of a shame.

Posted by: Gerard on 26 Oct ' 10 at 07:10
  • Best for: Family friendly

I was surprised to see such negative reviews. My wife and I have now visited this restaurant 4 or 5 times. Staff are great and provide excellent service. Best steaks in Dubai. Improvement suggestions would be to reduce the price of your wine and add some variety to the menu or change it more regularly - especially starters. It is in a gorgeous location and is a place to spend a lovely evening with family and friends.

Posted by: Duncan on 23 Oct ' 10 at 12:00
  • Best for: Family friendly

The steak was probably the best I've eaten in Dubai but overall the restaurant suffers from what every other restaurant suffers here..... zero service. Unfortunately the staff don't have any knowledge of the food they are serving or the extremely over priced wines listed (good choice, good wines, at least 6 to 8 times their off shelf price at any MMI shop). I'd like to recommend this restaurant for the quality of the steak alone but simply couldn't justify this when the overall experience was amateurish at best. Good luck trying to get served at the bar outside (5 staff standing around talking to each other whilst patrons wait to order a drink and still get your order wrong once you've been served). Let me know when they employ some decent staff and I'd return simply to eat another juicy, succulent well prepared steak. My congratulations to the chef that is obviously skilled in this art. Worth trying if you're a true connoisseur of good quality beef and can deal with incompetent staff.

Posted by: Rebecca on 23 Oct ' 10 at 06:47

Went on Friday evening, the restaurant was empty despite them telling us we had to come at 7pm or 9.30pm so we opted for 7pm and were pretty much aalone for the first hour. The resturant looks brothel-esque and is far too dark. The service was terrible, we waited 20 minutes for a bottle of wine we asked for 4 times, had to wait 5 minutes for them to bring mustard for my steak by which time my food was luke warm. The steak was ok however slightly fatty and the calamari starter was nice and of good size but not amazing.
The only redeeming feature was the live singer-fantastic and really enjoyed that.
There are definitely better steakhouses and have never had such poor service in Dubai.


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