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Tucked away at the bottom of Murjan 1 in JBR, on the ‘wrong’ side of The Walk, Umi Sushi is empty most days. The smart interior is inviting enough though, with lots of light wood and a bar at the far side behind which chefs can be seen slaving away. As well as the regular tables and bar stools, there’s also more traditional sunken seating available. We’ll forgive them the off-putting ’90s hits that played on loop during our visit, but not the lack of quality when it comes to the sushi, the main focus of the menu. The ‘crazy crunchy’ roll is anything but, proving decidedly stodgy, the tempura batter damp and doughy. On the plus side, portions are large, and the grilled seafood dishes and salads are better, but the flavours and presentation lack authenticity and the crockery is rather un-Japanese. Visit for the generous portions, but don’t expect too much else. Umi Sushi
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By Time Out Dubai staff | 24 April 2014

Location: Dubai Marina
Tel: 04 437 0208
Travel: Murjan, Jumeirah Beach Residence
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Experiences: Business lunch, Family friendly
Times: Open daily 11am-11.30pm
Price range: Dhs200-349
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
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  • Samy Feb 07, 2013 11:08 am
    I Should have read the reviews before,
    worst sushi in Dubai, sea weed salad was made 90% of iceberg lettuce, not good, not good at all. emloyees where doing there best.
  • AH72 Jan 04, 2013 12:12 pm
    In summary food was not bad, comparable with most other Japanese restaurants in the area, as for the service it is a disaster, extremely slow, if you even deviate a little from the menu and ask for a slight amendment the shutters come down!!! As usual the first thing they think of is how do I charge this and will I get it deducted from my salary.... Can't bear this!!

    When you think of location, parking, service etc etc, probably better off going somewhere else.
  • nicolas Feb 29, 2012 11:37 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    If you want Japanese food that tastes good, do not go there. We got salmon soup which was very salty, pan seared tuna salad made with iceberg lettuce and grilled king fish which was overcooked and too salty.
    There are at least a few much better options in Dubai. On the other hand, service was great.
  • Carillo Jun 11, 2010 10:41 pm
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    I had the worst experience in my life in this restaurant. I was amazed by their decor though, it was very good. When I read the menu I was shocked to see so many dishes in one restaurant. I was already having a doubt on how their food would taste. Their menu ranged from Continental to Asian food like Japanese, Chinese and South East Asia. Growing up to Asian food (as I am Asian after all) I know the difference and the quality between the different types of dishes in each region. I was very disappointed to have my Shake Ikaturi Don very badly made. This dish is made up of Japanese rice and grilled FULL salmon. What Umi Fusion gave me was rice topped with salmon flakes. The rice wasn't Japanese rice at all (it wasn't sticky and there was no taste of vinegar or salt in the rice AT ALL) The Chef should know this if he was ever a REAL Japanese Chef. I tried to understand that maybe they were trying to mix the different mixes of tastes between the region BUT THE DISH DIDN'T HAVE ANY TASTE AT ALL! Asian dishes are famous for their colorful flavors. If they plan to put a Japanese menu like Donbori (like the one I ordered) they should make sure their Chefs are up to do it. If not, then change the name of the dishes in the menu and DO NOT CALL IT WHAT IT REALLY IS! I am not going to say that all their food are bad. A few dishes were alright like their starters, the Agedashi Tofu. It was superb! My own sister (who also is a real Japanese eater) was very disappointed too. Her own dish was too salty. I don't know how the Chef cooked it but it was very terrible. She even got an allergic reaction after eating.

    The service wasn't near excellent at all. I asked the waiters if I could have a talk with the Chef. Two waiters later, they still were not able to get my request. I decided to leave and pay the bill and try not to make a scene. The manager came over FINALLY and I explained to her what my complain was. I wasn't surprised at all. She insisted that what they gave was correct and that the rice was Japanese rice! I was so furious by then that I just decided to leave the place right away. I was very furious because the manager and the waiters were very accommodating when the Arab and Caucasian couple, who sat right next to us, complained about their Miso soup. They even replaced their orders. I am very appalled by their awful service.

    They do not even try to accommodate or listen PROPERLY to what I have to say. They triggered me off even more when the manager herself told me that I was wrong. I don't know whether she knows the difference, she is just a manager after all. The Chef was the one I wanted to talk to yet he/she wouldn't come out at all. I grew up traveling and have eaten different types of cuisines (Asian food being my favorite and expertise as I am Asian after all) I will never go back to this restaurant ever again!
  • KVO Jul 30, 2009 09:29 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    Having lived in Japan for 2 years back in 2000, I would like to be able to tell you that from day one, I was eating sashimi and sushi like a pro, elegeantly waving my chopsticks around and conversing in fluent Japanese with the chef. Unfortunately, the reality was somewhat different.

    Somewhere in the back streets of down town Tokyo, I sat gingerly on the edge of my stool peering over at the plates of raw fish which slowly trundled past me on the conveyor belt. There was no way this stuff was passing over my lips. How did people eat this? It's RAW for god's sake! I tried to think of anything raw I had eaten in the past....strangely enough nothing came to mind unless you counted the raw jelly we used to scoff as kids. I eventually plucked up the courage to sample my first piece of Japanese cuisine (albeit with my fingers) and while not an immediate fan, I did develop a taste and possibly a habit over the next couple of years .

    Which is why I'm so happy to have found a new Japanese restaurant right on my door step in Dubai Marina. You could easily pass 'Umi Sushi' if you didn’t know it was there. You have to walk past The Fish and Chip Room (resisting the "sod it, I'm getting a bag of chips with curry sauce" urge) and it's right next door. This quiet restaurant is not much to speak of at first glance with its uninspiring decor and simple layout. Once you get past the picture menu (tacky but it does actually do its job in this case) with just under 100 dishes, you can then get down to business. The 'edadame' (green beans) is served hot and salty and goes well with a plate of 'gyoza' (dumplings) for starters. The portion sizes are relatively large and the chicken with vegetable stirfy and noodles is a meal in itself. For those with smaller stomachs, stick to the sushi which is fresh and delicious. Keep it simple with 'ebi maki' (prawns in rice and seaweed) or order a 'matsu' - 13 pieces of sushi allowing you to try 7 different kinds for 93 dirhams. For those who like the full deal, a bento box is a must and will keep you going for quite some time.

    A lively, buzzing, eaterie this place is not, however, if you're a die-hard Japanese food lover, add this one to your list to try. I will certainly be going back and if you decide to skip it, then so be it - more for me!

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