Dubai Marina Yacht Club

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  • Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
  • Tel: 04 362 7900
  • Travel: Dubai Marina Road
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User reviews:

Posted by: Jon H on 15 Mar ' 13 at 07:55

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Always a very pleasant place with good food, however the bars could be very very rowdy and noisy especially on Thursday. Outside restaurant area was on the Marina first floor with a full marina view. However in recent days the management seem to have gone to the "dark side", and have kicked the outside dining right to the back and given all the marina view space over to the bar - well maybe they make more profit from the bar, but it has completely ruined all the dining space. And now there is even more noise, and all you get now is a view of the taxi rank on the main road. I've been going there since it opened around 5 years ago, last night was the last. I asked the manager why it had been done, and he responded by saying "It is not my role to answer questions!" So I sat in front of him and made a reservation at Rhodes 20/10 before leaving. Farewell, you were an old friend - now departed.

Posted by: catherine on 29 Jul ' 11 at 17:15

Have been to this venue in the evening and heard so much about the brunch. We went today and while the price seemed very reasonable, you soon find out why. The selection of food was rudimentary at best - mostly stuff that most home cooks could produce in their own kitchens. The set-up was such that the seafood and salads were in a tiny room that made for a ridiculous cue only to be disappointed not only by the quality but by the fact that some of the dishes had not been re-filled so after 20 minutes in a cue, there simply wasn't availability even after asking several times. The unlimited drink was however, very limited as in you had to obtain drinks from wait staff that took ages to serve and never refilled a glass without asking several times. Nice venue but I would never return for brunch. As with most brunches, it is about the group of friends you are with but even with a fun bunch, it was a very disappointing experience which was voiced over and over by our group. Shame on a great venue to offer such a sub-par brunch - no value there!

Posted by: Donald on 17 May ' 11 at 19:11

Having eaten previously at Aquara on the lobby level, and been reasonably impressed with it, this evening I joined some friends for an early dinner on the terrace of 25 55. Because I was hungry, I was attracted by the sound of the grilled half baby chicken, served with tomato flavoured beans and grilled vegetables - imagine my surprise when what arrived was a small mound of beans, with three tiny baby carrots and two mange-tout, topped by two minuscule cocktail size chicken drumsticks. When I queried the waitress, and then the "manager" about the whereabouts of the rest of the half chicken ( I've yet to see a chicken without two legs, two wings, and a body clad in breasts supporting them) I was assured that it was complete - being a "leg and a thigh". I'm unsure of the difference between legs and thighs when it comes to dissected chickens, but I'm pretty sure that if you doubled those strangely described components up, you would not get much more than a demi-quail, and that sorely lacking in anything that could be called a body.
The price for these spare parts of AED80, was excessive to say the least, and although after much discussion, culminating in my request to be presented with what was described on the menu, I was presented with a replacement portion, it was essentially exactly the same - I ate this one due to impending starvation, and went home for bread and cheese.
In a city so filled with good eating places, surely no restaurant can afford to cynically mislead its clients, and then brazenly stick to their misguided portion control and biological ignorance.

Posted by: Lina on 23 Jan ' 11 at 08:11

Hi I want to book small hall to hold party for 15/20 guests
I want to know the cost including the food, beverages, service and everything.

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