• The MED
Location: - Dubai Media City
Tel: 04 427 1000
Travel: Sheikh Zayed Road
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Experiences: Alcohol available, All you can eat deal, Business lunch, Brunch served, Great view, Table reservations, Notable views, Brunch, Non-smoking
Times: Open daily 6am-midnight
Price range: Dhs50-199
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  • Daniel May 26, 2012 02:33 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    The brunch was very disappointing. Food and service were not what you would expect for 298 dhs. And why isn't there a non-alcohol price for those who don't want to drink booze? There are many better places for brunch in Dubai.
  • Shoaib Sep 17, 2011 01:12 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    I had one bad experience in this restaurant. we went for an iftar and food seemed to be cooked few hours before, the variety for dessert was close to nothing. Overall an embarrassing experience when you have invited guest over for an iftar. The bill came out way below my expectation but i was willing to pay more and didn't expect bad food.
  • Disappointed Aug 08, 2010 05:16 am
    From the outset everything looked ok, Seem a little unorganized as nobody had any idea what to do, the staff really didn’t appear interested in advising. There was an extremely laid back member of staff taking money and handing out wrist bands. On asking what they are for all you got was a very vague expression and a grunt! When he finally finished whatever he was doing (took 40mins) and we were all wearing our armbands!

    We made our own way upstairs to be seated, we had booked some time back and had a table of 12+ they decided to seat us across 3 tables, not even near each other! Hardly what you would call sociable?

    Then there was the farce of getting drinks. So you’re paying around $100 per head and you have to get your own drinks from an outside bar, also don’t forget its 50 degree heat outside. The whole restaurant is in the same predicament and they have one barman serving! When you finally get served the staff won’t allow you to have a tray and you can only get 3 drinks at a time. Works really well when there is 12+ on the table.

    So 1 hour into this wonderful experience and we have had one drink. So we went to look at the food, this can only be described as the weirdest assortment of selections available, it wasn’t bad but nothing went together, had to be seen to be described. Main courses looked like they were cooked 4 hours earlier and were left to dry out. So all in all pretty bad. Desserts were the only good thing on the menu. We decided to put it all down to a bad experience and make the most of it, but things just declined even further, the staff atrocious! Every one of them looked like had been slapped with a wet fish, didn’t know anything about what was on offer and generally rude.

    So far not the best experience it’s taken 2.5 hours to have 4-5 drinks and the strangest meal selection ever, with unhelpful miserable staff! Are we feeling like we have had value for money? Hell No. Then to top it off we hadn’t even finished our desserts and a security guard comes round and asks us to finish up!!! When asking him why “It’s the rules” what rule? (Headless chicken look and run off) None of us really sure, what that was about! 20mins later another useless idiot returns in a dish dash. “Drink up and leave” Why good afternoon to you? “Can we ask why? “I said so” Who are you? ….

    Finally one of the guys got an answer, it’s the law “supposedly” that from 4-6 no alcohol gets served. None of us had a problem with this and we agreed to finish our drinks and leave. “Leave Now” and this is the best bit, “move from the table and go to the outside bar, if you want more drinks” “What!” I thought you said it’s against the law to server drinks from 4-6. ….

    By this point we had just had enough of what can only be described as THE WORST BRUNCH IN DUBAI.

    I don’t usually complain about things like this, but this was horrendous.

    I would rather spend 24hr in Double Deckers!

    There are so many better brunches available in Dubai and this is definitely not one of them. It’s not even in the same planet, let alone league.

    Save your money, go to the petrol garage buy a sandwich and sit on the forecourt, least the staff will be friendly, you will feel like you have got value for money and the food will be better.

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