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  • Location: The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
  • Tel: 04 325 3131
  • Travel: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Times: Open daily 11.15am-midnight
  • Price: Dhs200-350
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

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User reviews:

Posted by: Iso on 04 Feb ' 13 at 19:44

Very good service and staff. The food is also good but nothing exceptional.

Posted by: RA on 16 Jan ' 13 at 11:10

I Just go there for the crab legs. otherwise its a bust.

Posted by: Kevin Orme on 21 Jul ' 12 at 07:51

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Red Lobster... A big disappointment. Despite its great location the food is quite the opposite. I went with the family and we can all definitively say that we wont return, and we have passed on the message for sure. We had practically all aspects of RL's fairly average menu and we were EXTREMELY disappointed. The food on the whole was salty, not very appetizing and really didn't sit well. And if that wasn't bad enough the service was TERRIBLE! We were always being rushed to move on... not what you want when you are trying to have a calm dinner. In summary you should just save your money, time and your personal wellness and DO NOT GO TO RED LOBSTER!

Posted by: Ahmed on 11 Mar ' 12 at 06:30

Now i was of the opinion (being a seafood lover) that it is virtually impossible to make BAD shrimp/prawns...but my visit to the Red Lobster Dubai Mall cleared off the misconception...

...the only good part about the meal was the sunny afternoon we were there at...

The seafood tasted synthetic to the point of being plastic...and the downright bad cooking just added to the misery...

Pleasant smiles at the entrance...but lethargic service from there onwards to the point of us having the dishes lying on our table even after the bill was paid...

a uniform taste of baking soda mixed with salt was the general flavor spread across the food...

... falling negative on the value for money scale is really the case here considering this not an expensive outlet...but besides the wasted time and money...i regretted a decent calorie consumption on something this bad...

A no-go by all means...

Posted by: Ssamuel on 24 Feb ' 12 at 15:34

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Not sure why the other people are fussing about! The food was excellent, the service was great. I've been living in Dubai for the past 6 years, tired all kinds of upscale and less expensive ones, some I would not go back again, but this one, I would. I've been to many red lobsters in the USA, this one is the best by far from food and service. And by the way, it was busy!!!

Posted by: Jacob on 15 Dec ' 11 at 22:52

Tried the popcorn shrimp for starters- reall bad...tasted like frozen shrimps...n slightly less cooked...had Alfredo pasta with crab meat-just ordinary...and my friend took some lobster tail or something- quite disappointed...
Not coming back for sure!

Posted by: Christina on 09 Oct ' 11 at 14:44

Now I'm an EXTREMELY picky eater but I totally loved the food at Red Lobster :D I initially had my hesitations since we don't have it in the UK but got curious to try it because I heard a lot about it from my friends from the States. The environment was very nice and relaxing, the service was great, the food was amazing, the dessert (Lava Cookie- a huge warm cookie with melted chocolate that seeps out when you cut it yummmmmmmmmmmy) was delicious and above all it was a GREAT value for money!!!! Definately coming again:D

Posted by: somo on 05 Oct ' 11 at 07:15

I love this place!

the biscuits they serve in the beggining are amazing i couldn't stop eating them.

I ordered one of the signature dishes that was recommended by the waiter called the ultimate feast and it was truely a feast. it had a lobster tail, crab legs & shrimp.

I will definitely go there again.

Posted by: Dimo Valev on 02 Oct ' 11 at 06:09

I remember when the Red Lobster opened its doors few months ago - the crowd, the people queuing at the entrance, the glitz... and the promises for a good sea food experience.

What was my surprise to see the restaurant quite empty at 1pm on a sunny Saturday... We grabbed the opportunity: ordered the "flagships" of the menu - the Ultimate Feast and the Admiral's Feast (but also a seafood pizza) - and were extremely disappointed.

The look of the platters was very much fast-food, so was the taste, or actually the complete lack of taste. The worst seafood experience money can buy. The dips were absolutely tasteless - ketchup! should be an American restaurant? and some white, diluted mixture (sauce tartare ? probably combined with dishwater for better appearance)… but forget about this, as the real disaster was the food itself. I don’t know how one can manage to spoil the taste of the snow crab legs, but they did it – it was more of a sponge soaked with water than a rare delicacy… and the breaded shrimps were more breaded than shrimps, brown from the outside – rubber from the inside. Even the French fries were tasteless – my 4 years old son who loves French fries unconditionally refused to eat it. The pizza? Well, it was flat, round, and here stops any resemblance. I can’t describe it, sorry.

So, for God’s sake, respect your taste buds and don’t go there!

Posted by: jmat on 27 Sep ' 11 at 05:29

Aghhh! Three times the daily allowance of salt.. in one starter. The lobster and crab had been defrosted and refrozen so many times that the crab legs bent like plastic when you tried to crack them open.

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