Rock Bottom Café

Location: - TECOM
Tel: 04 450 0111
Travel: Sheikh Zayed Road
Cuisine: Bar Food
Times: Open daily noon-3am
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  • Nate Jun 03, 2013 03:32 pm
    Who in the world eats at Rock Bottom - especially sushi? Might as well review the menu offerings at a Sharaf DG....
  • Sarah Mar 16, 2013 10:10 am
    After reading some previous reviews I was sceptical about dining here, however I had already bought a Groupon voucher for a fantastic sushi deal so I went anyway. My advise to everyone is to ignore the past comments and try it. I had a brilliant experience, with knowledgeable, polite and helpful staff. The sushi was Great and the Chef who hosted the sushi lesson provided me with valuable information into the history behind sushi and also how I can make my own. I will definitely return to this Restaurant!
  • Heidi Oct 19, 2012 07:32 pm
    Food not good at all, especially for the price. Service slow. There are much better places in Dubai than this for a night out.
  • andrea g Jan 18, 2012 09:38 am
    We have been to Rockbottom before, for a much needed beer after a hectic tuesday during the world cup games. The atmosphere was friendly, and the beers were cold. It seemed like it would be lively after 11pm. However we received a groupon coupon and went to the establishment for dinner last night. I ordered the "mushroom and cheese burger" without mushrooms (just wanted a cheeseburger) and hubby ordered the blue cheese and strawberry spinach salad, as well as some chicken wings.
    1- his salad was either unwashed or fell on the floor and was scooped back into the bowl. there was sand or something all over it. and for the first 10 minutes he was wondering if it was a seasoning in the salad dressing. Then the chicken wings came out and they were basically like "frog legs" as he affectionately called them. no meat on them at all. he asked for spicy. i clarified "not wimpy american spicy, but breathing fire indian level of spicy" and a newborn baby could handle the spice level of the wings, but the wing sauce wasn't bad.

    After taking my burger order it took me a few minutes to realize he never asked me how i wanted it cooked. When we finally spotted the waiter to tell him i wanted it cooked medium/medium well he said he put the order through as well done and it was already done cooking. He offered to make another burger, but i have worked in restaurants before where the chef/cook gets angry that a patron does not like his food and does deplorable things to it. So i decided to eat it anyway. plus im pregnant and should only eat well-done due to bacteria risk but whatever. i saw it as a sign to eat it well done form this place. I opened the bun to adjust the "fixins" to my liking and got a whiff of something god awful. It smelt like my dog's breath. Granted my sense of smell is heightened due to pregnancy but it did not smell like a burger. It smelt like they cooked it on a grill that hasn't been cleaned for ages. Bleh. I also asked for pickles on the side so i can stack some pickled cucumber on my burger. (when its placed on the burger i find the pickle juice gets all over the bun and soaks it. gross.)
    he said sure no problem

    brings out the food without the pickles. says "they will be here in a minute"

    10 minutes later a bus boy brings me a bowl of shredded cabbage and says its the side salad for my dinner. i said " i asked for pickles can you please bring them"

    10 minutes later still no pickles.

    FINALLY the waiter brings them and half of my dinner is now gone as it was an eat now or eat cold.

    THEN THE TIP OF THE ICEBERg -hubby ordered a plate of nachos. i think he felt like HE was the pregnant one lol. it literally seemed that they took a bag of Amigo tortilla chips, added them to the deep fryer, and brought them to our table with shredded cheese and some ground beef on top. Thats it. #1 - greasiest chips i have ever seen in my entire life. #2 - just meat and cheese on chips. No salsa, no jalapenos, no olives, no onions, no tomatoes, just meat and cheese. for 40 dhs. Ridiculous.

    This place is great for a beer, has a great lively bar atmosphere, but do not order food unless its typical bar food only. aka something deep fried or a quesadilla.

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