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Dubai's best takeaways

We couldn't bear the heat, so we decided to order in. Here are the best of our findings 10 Comments

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Brick Lane
Ease of ordering: Excellent.
Delivery time: 40 minutes.
Verdict: Classic British curries (including the infamously hot phall) done to perfection by Scouse-Bangladeshis.
Delivery range: Barsha (04 399 6786).
Dhs25-40 per person

British Tandoor

Ease of ordering: Very easy.
Delivery time: 55 minutes.
Verdict: A no-frills British curry house offering great comfort food.
Delivery range: Everywhere, although some destinations have a delivery charge (04 321 1778).

Curry Box
Ease of ordering: Very easy.
Delivery time: 70 minutes.
Verdict: Great food – the best jalfrezi (a spicy, tomato-based curry) in town, plus gorgeously fragrant coconut rice. Butter chicken comes with plump chunks of breast and a creamy gravy that feels deceptively light. There is, however, a huge waste of packaging: everything arrives in enormous cardboard boxes that feel like an environmentally costly gimmick. Plus, you don’t get popadoms unless you specifically request them.
Delivery range: From Barsha to the Green Community. Minimum orders depend on location. (800 2877 9269/ 04 4343 043,

Ease of ordering: If you know what you’re getting in advance, ordering is easy. The menu, however, explains almost nothing, so be prepared to experiment.
Delivery time: 60 minutes, even though our closest outlet is located right across the street.
Verdict: The food takes a long time, but when you unpack it, it’s obvious why. The biryani comes in a clay pot covered in a breaded shield (proving its authenticity), and contains a feast of juicy mushrooms and fluffy rice. Food is stunningly good, without exception.
Delivery range: Everywhere (04 359 8555,

India Palace
Ease of ordering: The telephone operator is quick, efficient and willing to recommend particular items from the menu.
Delivery time: About 60 minutes.
Verdict: Food arrives hot – boiling hot. We had to wait 10 minutes for our curry to cool before we could take a bite (okay, we jumped the gun and burned our mouths). Still, this is among the best takeaway curries in the city. Dishes are, without fail, expertly spiced, blissfully nuanced and surprisingly light (there are no puddles of oil to be found). Go in for the kadai gobi – cauliflower in a fragrant tomato gravy.
Delivery range: Garhoud (04 286 9600).

Kabab Rolls
Ease of ordering: Simple (but be a little patient).
Delivery time: 35 minutes.
Verdict: Chicken tandoori is succulent and well flavoured.
Delivery range: Everywhere, with minimum charges. Barsha (04 325 6166), Jumeirah (04 349 3936), BurJuman (04 396 0755).

Karachi Darbar
Ease of ordering: Good, if you stick to simple dishes.
Delivery time: 25 minutes.
Verdict: Fast, huge portions and darn cheap. Just shy of Ravi’s.
Delivery range: Karama (04 334 7272), Bur Dubai (04 353 3177), Deira (04 272 3755).
Less than Dhs25 per person

Paratha King
Ease of ordering: A little tricky.
Delivery time: 60 minutes.
Verdict: This place serves every type of paratha (stuffed bread) imaginable. Yum.
Delivery range: Karama (04 397 9110), Bur Dubai (04 351 5121).
Less than Dhs25 per person

Royal Kebab

Ease of ordering: Be sure to enunciate clearly.
Delivery time: 40 minutes.
Verdict: Simple curry at its best. The butter chicken is rich and creamy.
Delivery range: International City (04 362 3800).
Dhs25-40 per person

Rupee Room
Ease of ordering: Very easy.
Delivery time: 40 minutes.
Verdict: Overpriced, but great quality if you want a treat.
Delivery range: Dubai Marina (04 390 5755,

Student Biriyani
Ease of ordering: A pleasure.
Delivery time: 30 minutes.
Verdict: Too much rice and not enough meat with the biryani. Still, the taste isn’t bad.
Delivery range: Bur Dubai and Karama (04 336 9992).
Dhs25-40 per person

Sukh Sagar
Ease of ordering:
Verdict: Large portions of veggie curries. The seasoning is a bit safe.
Delivery range: Karama (04 396 7222), Dubai Marina (04 437 0188).
Dhs25-40 per person

By Daisy Carrington
Time Out Dubai,


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