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This is an article from 2010. For 5 top Dubai pizzas, click here.

It’s thought that pizzerias account for nearly 20 per cent of all the world’s restaurants. This fact alone speaks volumes about the popularity of this humble Italian dish that has, over the years, been adopted and modified by hundreds of different countries and cultures. And Dubai is no different, with well over a hundred of the city’s restaurants serving this ubiquitous dish. But what makes pizza so popular?

Being the grizzled, investigative journalists we are, we researched this question thoroughly online. And the best answer we found? ‘Because they taste like hot sandwiches.’ Indeed. Aside from this interesting assertion, we believe that the pizza’s popularity is largely down to the fact that it consists of simple, cheap and tasty ingredients, which can be easily interchanged to suit the tastes of different cultures and ethnicities.

But let’s not dwell on the technicalities for too long. The fact is that pizzas are just downright delicious and, luckily for us, there are plenty of pizza options across Dubai. In celebration of Italy’s greatest gift to the
world and, more tenuously, USA Pizza Month this October, Time Out’s dedicated staff have eaten their way through 30 of the city’s top pizza restaurants to bring you Dubai’s very finest.

Al Barsha & Sheikh Zayed Rd

Al Fresco: The quattro stagioni is divided into four slices, so sharing it is a bit difficult, but the vegetarian is tasty, if not a touch bland. The base of each pizza is thin, but with a nice thick crust. All pizzas are one size (not so good if you’re feeling greedy).
Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 331 1111)
Quattro stagioni (Dhs52); Vegeteriana (Dhs56; with extra pepperoni)

Red Tomato Pizza:
Red Tomato’s pizzas aren’t too heavy and certainly aren’t too light. The hand-tossed brown dough is hard to come by in Dubai and the toppings prove fresh and well-picked. Go for the spicy pollastrona with its marinated grilled chicken, roasted capsicum and touches of parsley, although you’d be hard pressed to find anything wrong with any of the other menu options – pretty, sweet, delicious.
Shop 7, Saleh bin Lahej Building, Al Barsha (800 866 286)
Spicy pollastrona (Dhs44)

Pizza Pazza: This budget chain boasts a traditional wood-fired oven and al-fresco seating area. Expect your run-of-the-mill pizza options here, though the cooking methods are reassuringly genuine – chefs toss dough in the air, slap it down on the work surface and apply toppings right in front of you. The quattro stagioni with extra chilli has a crispy crust, while the consistency and flavours of the topping are surprisingly decent. No-frills, classic pizza.
Al Barsha, next to Mall of the Emirates and Citymax Hotel (04 399 6628)
Quattro stagioni (Dhs45)

By Oliver Robinson
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: ahmad on 28 Feb ' 14 at 13:10

Its Friday and all I wanted togo is relax , order food , watch movies !! And papa johns ruined the day for me.
I really advice you not to order by phone from them . I placed my order over 2 hrs ago and till now got nothing . They kept or trying to make false excuses ... in the end I ordered from hardees and I got my food within 20 min !!!!!!!

Posted by: A.H. on 19 Oct ' 12 at 17:12

To Valerio and all the Italians who think they know about pizza: have you ever looked inside RossoVivo's oven? We have. Where's the wood?

Posted by: Valeroi on 12 Aug ' 12 at 18:07

Some people should be not allowed to write reviews about pizza places (also known as 'pizzeria' in Italy) and this simply because they would not be able to distinguish between a flat piece of bread topped with some doubtfully sourced ingredients from a real pizza. Well, in a few words, if you are looking for the latter this is not the place you should go to. Firstly the pizza is cooked in a gas fired over (which equals to blasphemy in the Italian pizza cooking). Secondly the ingredients are bland and somehow "fake" - the so called mozzarella cheese became awfully chewy after a couple of minutes and there was not trace of basil on my Margherita.
They are apparently renowned for their Tiramisu (which I haven't tried myself) so my recommendation to the shop owner is to go for a rebrand and strip the word "pizza" from their business name.

In my opinion the perfect Italian pizza replica can be enjoyed at Rossovivo in Dubai Millennium Tower, Bur Dubai. All ingredients are real and absolutely fresh.

Posted by: on 15 May ' 12 at 11:36

Papa Johns actually makes a wicked Pizza in Dubai. This was suprising I have to say. Hopefully they come to Australia soon

Posted by: Fadhel on 01 May ' 12 at 08:39

Best pizza in Dubai is in ROSSO in Rotana JBR!

Posted by: giovanni K. on 12 Apr ' 12 at 10:27

best pizzeria in dubai is LA BUSSOLA in westin hotel!

Posted by: valerio on 09 Feb ' 12 at 09:44

this restaurant is not italian because don t have 1 person european inside all staff is from afganistan and indian and the quality food is not fresh

Posted by: Abulbees on 18 Nov ' 11 at 16:00

I know that it could be late to reply on this review. But sInce it is still posted and hence it is worth to mention that personally I would not want to argue with people claiming to be Italians however I just want to note to you that pizza is something that originated in Italy but it was far different than what is served as italian pizza these days. It got improved whether the improent happened in Italy or some other country it doesn't matter.

Back to the subject I believe this article is doing injustice to many places that were not included in the review. After trying many pizza places I am now settled with Verona Pizzeria in al Barasha . They do deliver and they do have a small done in. I did once object on them calling it Swedish pizza but I found out that this is something known to the Swedish population. They know it didn't originate in sweden but they say that they improved it.

Posted by: N Sayed on 17 Nov ' 11 at 13:37

Think twice before going to Papa johns pizza - their pizzas are not bad but the service at the garhoud one is real bad. I nomrally do a take away but many a times they havent even started making my pizza. I stopped going there when after making me wait for sometime they mentioned they had accidently given my order to someone else. When i asked for a customer service number - they said they dint have one.!

Posted by: Pf Changs is Opening up in Mirdif City Center on 18 Oct ' 11 at 11:10

all of you have no clue, all the listed are fake pizza restaurants. go try casa mia @ les meridian dubai airport,. A real chef and his wife cooking italian food.

Posted by: Stephen on 26 Jul ' 11 at 16:32

The Best Pizza in Dubai is Pizza Hut!

Posted by: Khalil on 22 Dec ' 10 at 17:28

I Agree with Rajaa, best real italian pizza is at Emporio Armani Caffe MOE.

Posted by: Rajaa on 22 Dec ' 10 at 11:28

I think 800 Pizza and Emporio Armani Cafe in Mall of the emirates does the best pizza in Dubai both do think crust and the best Italian pizza outside Italy

Posted by: A H on 03 Dec ' 10 at 12:51

The Best Pizza Places I would Say Are (For Margarita that is)

(2)Pizza Pazza

Dont bother anywhere else.

Posted by: Roberto on 23 Nov ' 10 at 05:49

What a joke! Seriously? At the very least, don't call this article 'The Best blah blah blah' but entitle it for what it truly is: 'Where to Find Food that Looks Like Pizza in Dubai.' A bit more wordy... but much more accurate.

Posted by: Tony on 03 Nov ' 10 at 06:25

800 Pizza is the BEST. Try it!!!

Posted by: Reza on 27 Oct ' 10 at 13:51

800Pizza - JBR

Posted by: Emanuele on 27 Oct ' 10 at 10:11

I always love it when probably "non-Italians" are judging how a "true Pizza" or the best Pizza in Dubai should be. When you say that the Pizza of 800 Pizza has a "tasteles crust" or does "not come in thick crust", then my eyes start tearing, as many people probably believe it should be like a filled thick crust as offered at Pizza Hut.
Are we talking about real Italian Pizza or "barbarian" (sorry) American? As an Italian who like true Italian Pizza, let me tell you, 800 Pizza comes very close to the original. Always keep in mind that besides the flour, the oven, also the water really influences the taste and outcome of a real Pizza, so you judge yourself how difficult it can be here in Dubai.
I was really sad to see Papa Joens on this list, which made me again cry, as this really has nothingand Round Pizza to do with a real Pizza, but it is a Pie (Pizza Pie) that can be enjoyed with some extra ketchup on top, just like the Americans would do it. Well, enough, I just say that me, as an Italian, would never dare to judge the best Indian Curry, maybe I could as I have the educational background, but yet I do not have the Indian palat. Ciao and greetings from a Italian Pizza lover (Emanuele

Posted by: Guido on 26 Oct ' 10 at 11:04

Reading the comments and adding my own opinion to the fray the article was poorly named. You should have maybe said:

"The Great Pizza Test"

or maybe more aptly

"We randomly tried 30 pizza venues and here is what we think of them"

Anyway, nice having an opinion on a bunch of places that I didn't try before - there's now maybe 2 I want to try and plenty which I'll skip, thank you very much.

Posted by: Curt on 26 Oct ' 10 at 07:17

Best Italian pizza in Dubai is in Mezzaluna. They're at Intercontinental Residence in Festival City. Due to its location, you won't find the place to be crowded, maybe empty...but don't worry, just try the pizza and food. My Italian friends second me on this.

Fresh ingredients such as buffalo mozzarella and porcini mushrooms are there.

Posted by: She on 24 Oct ' 10 at 16:30

Been here 5 weeks from Italy.........have tried a few mentioned above. Cannot find a good pizza. :( (or coffee, pasta or anything really)

Posted by: Amina F on 23 Oct ' 10 at 11:01

I can not believe that half of the “Pizza Restaurants” even made it to the list!? In my opinion, the best Pizzas in U.A.E can only be found at Debonairs Pizza in Al Garhoud! They are generous with the always fresh and tasty toppings and have a nice and thin crust. My favorite pizza is the Pizza Filla (two layers of pizza), I have not eating anything that comes even close to this pizza at any restaurant. I live in Jumeirah but drive to Al Garhoud once a week. The only negative thing is that their location is a bit far away from my side of town :(

Posted by: martina on 21 Oct ' 10 at 17:45

In my opinion Pizzeria di Italia has the best pizza I have ever tasted!!!

Posted by: xee on 21 Oct ' 10 at 07:51

PAPA JOHNS ALL THE WAY... nuthin beats papa johns man...

Posted by: Dana Saamne on 20 Oct ' 10 at 09:45

I went to La Vigna restaurant in Century Village and their pizzas were AMAZING!! Definitely one of the most authentic pizzas I have had in Dubai. The wood-fire oven gives the pizza a great crisp and the toppings are just delightful!! :)

Posted by: Pizza Lover on 20 Oct ' 10 at 09:45

you missed the best pizza in Dubai from Desert Palm Resort and their Epicure venue. Crispy thin base pizza with traditional toppings cooked perfectly every time

Posted by: Shiraz on 20 Oct ' 10 at 06:07

The best Pizza in Dubai is Papa Johns :D Nothing beats it. I have tried at least 10 on your list. I will not agree with the rating especially the 5/5 ratings for Pizza Express and Frankies. What were you thinking? Pizza Express tastes like frozen pizza..

Posted by: Suleyman on 20 Oct ' 10 at 04:28

Edited by

This article somewhat fails to be what it states it will be. Why suggest that it is a "Top 30" type list, and then: a. Include known duds and obvious "not applicables" (places that don't even claim to be pizza specialists) b. Miss out some obvious very well known players such as the Met's Don Corleone (the best Calzone I've found in Dubai), or Rydges Il Rustico. c. Get basic, easy to check, facts wrong, such as failing to note that 800Pizza has two outlets and both offer dine-in. Not one outlet, delivery only, as reported. The writer is entitled to opinions - that's what we expect - so I'm not arguing his scores even where I disagree, but please be logical and accurate. thanks

Posted by: Nayantara Abraham on 20 Oct ' 10 at 03:06

Edited by

In my opinion, Midnight Cafe in Karama has the best pizza I have ever tasted (and I live in Chicago!). The chef is delightfully generous with the toppings and the pizza tastes just as good even when it's been frozen for days/weeks. I've even taken a couple on a flight back with me. My personal favourite is the YOI (now called the Big Mama). PS Their frankees are also to die for!

Posted by: ugh on 19 Oct ' 10 at 20:40

sounds like an indian wrote the critique ... please get us real critiques!!!

Posted by: Ali on 18 Oct ' 10 at 21:49

i'm a pizza fanatic.. though i like both american and italian types, i like the gimmickery too! like Dominos has a double crust pizza with lower crust filled with cream cheese... or pizza huts Crown Crust (with either meatballs or cream cheese) and Crispy Flakes Crust... or the Garlic Sauce and Peppercini (pepper soaked in vinegar) add-on at Papa Johns.

Hey you forgot Pizza Express, their Diavolo and Polla ala Fungi and Arabizza are great choices... more-or-less italian. I like eateries where they give alternate bases to tomato.. e.g. white sauce or cream bases... Round Table offers 3 different kinds of pizza basis.

btw great review by timeout! keep up the good work

Posted by: Catharina on 18 Oct ' 10 at 20:27

it is a sad to read only about all the new italien restaurants. Pr the once in the hotels.I know you all are new people here in Dubai. But me i am a long time here. I know the first italien restaurant here in Dubai with very good pizza or i can say the best once.
It is Capri italien grill on the Sh. Zayed Road in the World Trade Centre Apartments block B. It is a nice restaurant very cozy. It is there for more than 30 years.And that means something right? So people lets talk about that restaurant not about the new once. Also the price is very good there.

Posted by: Grumpyoldwoman on 18 Oct ' 10 at 11:26

Try Pizzeria Italiano behind new Choitrams Al Wasl Road!!

Posted by: rashid on 18 Oct ' 10 at 09:35

i guess you are quite new in dubai if you dont know that the 2 best pizza in town are "Capri" italian grill restaurant trad centre accomodation bldgs and Pizza Corner bani yas (Creek) road, you can have Calabaria and Gambritto at Capri and chicken or suprimo at Pizza Corner, also worth to mention Corleone at Metropolitan al habtoor sheikh Zayed

Posted by: Ghassan on 18 Oct ' 10 at 08:20

Pizza Pizza is one of Dubai's best Pizzas!!!!!!!
I dont think so..

Posted by: almayer on 18 Oct ' 10 at 07:05

Only an anglosaxon could include in a pizza review such junk food chains like Papa John’s & Pizza Express (most famous pizza in London? Is that a reference???). And sorry to shock you but no, Spicy pollastrona does not exist (thanks god) in Italy, it's something closer to Pizza Hut. Quite amazing also that possibly the best pizza in town, by Fratelli La Bufala in Mirdiff, is not even reviewed. Try reviewing pudding and other delicacies, Mr Robinson, but for pizza you 're the wrong reference.

Posted by: margherita lazzati on 18 Oct ' 10 at 06:16

Best regards

Posted by: Elesar on 18 Oct ' 10 at 05:48

You should visit Pizza D'one in International City... Best pizza in Dubai.. especially with their XX-Large Pizza.. i believe that largest Pizza in Dubai... the simplicity of its taste is amazing... i have made my friends try it.. and even since all they order ti Pizza D'one....
Their no 04-422 7338

Posted by: Elisa on 18 Oct ' 10 at 05:41

I'm Italian and I totally disagree with your review!

Posted by: Nicola Siotto on 17 Oct ' 10 at 10:21

Sorry to say but it looks quite straight this guide is made to compliment all pizza restaurants in Dubai and definitely it's not been made by an Italian. However any pizza expert, regardless of his nationality, would back off this review. I did eat awful pizzas in Dubai and here these are compared to 3* Micheline choices. Com'on TimeOut you can do better than this...!

Posted by: John on 17 Oct ' 10 at 07:33

The worst pizza I've ever had in Dubai was at Napoletana, but you give it five out of five. And the service was terrible.

The best is consistently Marzano, but that only gets three.

And you don't even bother including Round Table.

What's going on Time Out?!

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