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Dark chocolate fondant
With the huge servings on offer at More, it’s a surprise that anyone ever finds room for dessert – but it’s worth it for this little number. The fondant is basically a capsized cupcake in a sea of vanilla sauce, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream perched on top. Push your spoon into the cake and a torrent of thick, dark chocolate sauce oozes out. With so much vanilla on the plate, though, it could be argued this isn’t a ‘pure’ chocolate dessert, because the ice cream and sauce dilute the chocolate impact.
Dhs35. More Café, Garhoud (04 283 0224).
Chocoholic rating: 3.5/5

Chocolate and peanut butter milkshake
This super-sized American-style milkshake uses chocolate and vanilla ice cream, plus a generous scoop of peanut butter, topped with a mound of whipped cream. Thick, creamy and not too sugary-sweet, it isn’t the chocolatiest treat we've tasted, but the peanut butter adds a delicious twist. The sheer volume of molten ice cream you’re consuming means it’s more of a dessert than a beverage, so you may want to give pudding a miss.
Dhs24. Johnny Rockets, The Dubai Mall (04 434 1526).
Chocoholic rating: 3/5

Coque au chocolate et poire ‘Belle Helene’
Trust the French to come up with possibly the most intricate, complicated and decadent chocolate dish that we stumbled across (and wolfed down). Le Classique’s chocolate shell with pears features a rich, dark chocolate casing that gives way to juicy pear chunks inside. Just to make things all the sweeter (literally as well as figuratively), the dish is doused in a warm, thick chocolate sauce. Don’t forget about the side of almond crumble and vanilla ice cream.Tres délicieux.
Dhs50. Le Classique, Emirates Golf Club (04 380 2222).
Chocoholic rating: 4/5

Frozen red berries with hot white chocolate sauce
This unusual dish is served as a glass of frozen red berry mush with a jug of hot white chocolate sauce on the side: pour the molten sauce into the glass and it transforms the berries into a deliciously warm smoothie. The warm chocolate and cold berries then melt on your tongue, making this a more interesting, lighter pudding than many chocolate choices. However, we found the white chocolate very rich – we’d advise going easy on the pouring.
Dhs50. Vista, Holiday Inn Express Dubai Internet City, Knowledge Village (04 427 5500).
Chocoholic rating: 3/5

Spicy chocolate soup with white chocolate granite
If you’ve bored of your standard milk chocolate dessert and are after something spicier, here’s your fix. Although dressed as a soup, don’t expect a bowl of liquid chocolate. What you’ll find is a moist dark chocolate truffle-laden pudding capped with some intricate chocolate work, and a pouring of chocolate sauce bedded on a slab of refreshing raspberry sorbet. The hints of chilli and South American spice, and the mix of textures and temperatures, all work beautifully. It’s heavenly and devilish all at the same time.
Dhs60. Asado, The Palace Address, Downtown Burj Khalifa (04 428 7899).
Chocoholic rating: 4/5

Which Mississippi mud pie is served with a river of chocolate sauce?>

By Oliver Robinson
Time Out Dubai,

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