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Hot chocolate

Liquid-chocolate drinks to die for
Armani Caffé
We expected glitz and glamour from the Armani brand, but were instead served a fairly understated cup of choc: it comes in a glass mug and tastes like a typical home-made powdery hot chocolate (think Cadbury’s or Waitrose). Though thin in consistency, it’s a light, refreshing, no-frills beverage. They’ll offer cream, which you can add to your taste.
Dhs29. The Dubai Mall (04 339 8396).
Chocoholic rating: 3/5

Avalanche Cafe, Ski Dubai
This mid-slope cafe dishes up a mean mug of steaming hot choc that will give you a much-needed sugar boost – if you’re still feeling a little hypoglycaemic, the mountain of whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkle of M&Ms will do the trick. It’s definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. The best bit? Using the long spoon (supplied) to fish out the molten M&Ms from the bottom of the mug.
Dhs17. Avalanche Cafe, Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates (04 409 4333).
Chocoholic rating: 3.5/5

The takeaway hot chocolate option from Galler is served in a small paper cup – at first glance, it hardly seems enough, but once the thick, heavenly chocolate hits your lips you won’t be complaining. Choose to add sugar or keep it natural to experience the bittersweet goodness of a real cocoa kick.
Dhs18. The Dubai Mall (04 339 9604).
Chocoholic rating: 4/5

Served in a comfortable armchair setting away from the neon lights of the busy Dubai Mall, the hot chocolate at Hediard is poured from a china pot into tea cups, alongside an icing sugar-dusted biscuit. Very nice. The drink itself is perhaps not as thick as other offerings, but provides enough of a sugar rush to kick-start the second half of your spending spree.
Dhs16. The Dubai Mall (04 339 9917).
Chocoholic rating: 3/5

Organic Foods & Cafe
This organic offering comes in a huuuge mug, but rather than being topped with sickly cream it’s finished with cappuccino-style foam, making it less sugary than its rivals. The drink itself is also mercifully free of that sickly aftertaste and tooth-fuzz that comes from too much added sugar. The downside? It's served scaldingly hot, so you'll have to be patient while it cools.
Dhs18. The Dubai Mall (04 434 0577).
Chocoholic rating: 4/5

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Our Facebook fans reveal which chocolate bites make them crazy

• ‘The Chocolate Room at the Al Qasr Friday Brunch (04 346 1111)! A whole room full of divine chocolate delights!’
Chantal Ariëns

• ‘I love the chocolate molten cake at Chocopologie Dubai (Dubai Marina Pavilion, 04 232 9880).’
Ray Ray Hildebrand

• ‘Galler at Wafi (04 327 9120). The dark chocolate is fantastic, and so are the smoothies. And I'm NOT a chocaholic...’
Eva Streich

By Oliver Robinson
Time Out Dubai,

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