30g rice
1l fresh milk
1l water
240g sugar
1tsp vanilla essence or a single vanilla stick
1tbsp rice flour
Pinch of cinnamon powder

• Wash the rice and put in a pan with the litre of water and bring to a boil.

• Once boiling, reduce heat to a gentle simmer and cook until the rice is very soft and has almost absorbed all the water.

• Pour the milk onto the rice, add the sugar and vanilla essence, cook until the liquid begins to bubble.

• Put two tablespoons of rice (or 1.5 tablespoons of corn flour, if preferred) into a small cup, add a little bit of water and mix together, then add this into the rice pudding. Whisk thoroughly until consistent.

• Pour the rice pudding mix into individual containers and put in a preheated oven to 250˚C for 10 minutes (or until the colour of the top of the pudding begins to turn a golden colour).

• Remove from oven and leave to cool.

• Serve with cinnamon powder and ice cream.

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