Bubble tea in Dubai

Global drinks craze is taing Dubai by storm. Find out more 12 Comments

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Where to drink bubble tea in Dubai

Ping Pong
Guests can sample fruity varieties of high-end bubble tea at this Asian restaurant chain, which hails from London.
The Dubai Mall (04 339 9088).

Check out Thomas’s store in Dragonmart for a rainbow of bubble tea flavours.
Dragonmart, Zone B, International City (050 116 3280)

Mongolian Barbecue
As well as serving meaty Mongolian fare, this restaurant shows its sweeter side by serving a range of bubble teas.
Mall of the Emirates (04 341 1154). Other location: Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha (04 335 8330).

Panda Chinese
Panda offers Sichuan staples alongside contemporary dishes such as orange chicken and, of course, bubble milk tea.
Mall of the Emirates (04 341 1156). Other locations: Deira City Centre (04 295 0041), The Dubai Mall (04 339 9321), Dubai Outlet Mall (04 425 5934).

Sino Chai
This venue serves two bubbly flavours: black tea and green tea.
Dubai Healthcare City, Oud Metha (04 435 5650).

Sun Tour
A Time Out fave – this authentic Chinese restaurant in Dragonmart stays true to its roots serving an array of bubble tea flavours.
Dragonmart, International City (04 368 7070).

Where does it come from?

While everyone more or less agrees that bubble tea was first concocted in Taiwan in the’80s, there is some debate about who is responsible for the phenomenon. Some believe it was created by chef Liu Han Chieh, owner of Chun Shui Tang in the city of Taichung, who took to mixing syrup, milk tea and pieces of fruit, while others trace the origins back to Hanlin tea shop in Tainan, where Tu Tsong He Hanlin first added the tapioca pearls to cold tea. The jury is out.

By Oliver Robinson
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: Jerome Somera on 02 Jan ' 14 at 12:03

Ive tried many brands of bubble tea when I was in asia and they tasted just the same. I went to bubbles and boba in dubai mall and I was very surprised about the twist they put into the drink. Theyve given an American-asian combinations of flavors and it tasted really good! taro is delicious but taro is not satifying anymore once youve tasted the combination of their Taro-Coconut Smoothie. Bubbles and Boba is still the best and original bubble tea concept here in UAE.

Posted by: Mariah on 11 Feb ' 13 at 01:19

I have tried Booba in Dubai Mall, love it, I tried a melon and banana combo it was yum I like that they don't try to fill half the drink with loads of ice as some of the bubble tea outlets here do I tell Booba no ice and the drink is still tasty as ever. They also make other stuff like green tea, muffins and macaroons. Their customer service is outstanding, prices are reasonable and their staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. I also tried Bubbles & Boba in Dubai Mall they are more expensive the blueberry yoghurt bubble tea is nice although quite watery and they also sell bubble tea DIY kits and bubble tea ingredients. However in terms of taste and price I prefer Booba.

Posted by: Taiwanese on 18 Dec ' 12 at 17:02

As a pearl milk tea lover from Taiwan(pearl milk tea is originally from taiwan) I know pretty well how an authentic pearl milk tea supposed to be,I was very disappointed that the quality of share tea dubai is going down.Ordered a pearl milk tea today,the pearl was too soft with no taste regardless of its freshness(it had black sugar taste when i first bought it),the milk tea was very watering with no MILK flavor,it's definitely not worth 16 AED to get such horrible quality pearl milk tea!! no recommended anymore!

Posted by: Alen on 28 Nov ' 12 at 09:22

There is great Bubble Tea brand opened in Dubai Mall in Lower Ground food court next to the entrance of the TOP, its called BoBoQ its franchise from Germany, its original bubble tea and the tase is amazing

Posted by: Mary on 21 Jun ' 12 at 14:35

@ princess : Share Tea at Deira city center metro station will open end of next week :-)

Posted by: Princess on 10 May ' 12 at 06:11

Hi @liu, I am really excited for the Bubble Tea shop in Deira City Center coz it's near my place, do you have any idea when they will open? thanks

Posted by: liu on 08 May ' 12 at 12:57

And also there is new bubble tea shop in Deira City Centre Metro Station Exit 3 coming soon which is one of best brand in Taiwan called Share Tea , Share tea Share your world and happiness !

Posted by: tariq on 04 Mar ' 12 at 06:42

hi is there any supplier of bubble tea ingriedient and machines here in duabi

Posted by: vindalooqueen on 20 Nov ' 11 at 17:21

Thanks for this review- I became addicted to this stuff back in Manchester ! Any more bubble tea places that anyone knows of in DXB? Thanks

Posted by: Alex Mir on 21 Oct ' 11 at 09:11

Dubai Mall's first dedicated Bubble Tea Concept will launch soon.

Posted by: lloyd on 20 Sep ' 11 at 12:42

There is also one shop in dragon mart Called Sip & Scoop which they serve bubble tea and frozen yogurt. They offered me this mocha flavor with this black balls and i really liked it and my friend offered them a green milk tea and it is also tasty.

Posted by: Ben on 22 Aug ' 11 at 10:30

Have also had this in Brazil and Australia and was expecting more prevalence of this here. Can anyone tell me if anywhere in New Dubai serves it?

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