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Cake is the ultimate celebratory treat, and with Time Out Dubai preparing to celebrate its 10th birthday on October 1, we thought it was high time to dedicate the next five pages to everyone’s favourite dessert. Or snack. Or, occasionally, breakfast. We’ve spent the past few weeks visiting as many restaurants, bakeries and boutique patisseries as possible to sample the city’s sweetest, most sugary offerings.

Our in-depth research showed that cakes of the chocolate variety dominate Dubai’s dessert menus, followed by carrot and the ever-popular cheesecake. Then there are the fruitier cakes, from banana to sumptuous strawberry. You’ll notice that we haven’t included cupcakes (apart from giant ones) because, in our opinion, cupcakes are an entirely different category of cake. Yet there’s still a cake here to suit every taste – providing you have a sweet tooth, of course. In no particular order, take a look at our mammoth list, which will help you to have your cake and eat it. Enjoy!

Carroty cakes

Baker & Spice’s carrot cake
This moreish treat is one of Baker & Spice’s bestsellers, combining carrot, spices and brown sugar, topped with a cream cheese filling that is deliciously sweet, yet not as sickly as the topping on many other carroty creations. We like the walnutty spiciness and little carrot pieces – surely we can count this as one of our five a day?

If this cake was a person, it would be… Nicole Kidman – the most glamorous carrot-top we know.
Our cake rating: 4/5
Dhs25 per slice; Dhs230 for a whole cake. Baker & Spice, Dukkan Al Manzil, Downtown Dubai (04 427 9856).

Circle’s carrot cake pudding
Served warm, this soft, spicy carrot cake is one of Circle’s specialities. The soft, mildly spicy base is accentuated by fresh, creamy icing – a great way to finish off a long, lazy lunch.

If this cake was a person, it would be… Lindsay Lohan – full-bodied and deliciously naughty.
Our cake rating: 4/5
Dhs22 per slice, Dhs140 for a whole cake. Circle, Dubai Media City (04 391 5170).

The Cakery’s carrot cake
Carrot cakes are two a penny these days, but The Cakery’s version sets itself apart with its rich cream-cheese frosting that offsets the sweet, spongy carrot flavour wonderfully. Meanwhile, the candied walnuts offer a welcome crunch and the ginger biscuit crust – with a hint of lemon – rounds off an excellent cakey treat.

If this cake was a person, it would be…
Christian Bale – full of different layers and dimensions.
Our cake rating: 3/5
Dhs150 per 23cm cake. (050 286 2971).

By Time Out Dubai Staff
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: Dana on 29 Sep ' 11 at 13:52

Try the date pudding in Cafe Bateel! It is amazing! You might need extra excercise afterwards, but it is totally worth it!
They also make bigger cakes for Bdays, etc.

Posted by: Faris on 25 Sep ' 11 at 09:35

California Pizza Kitchen and Gourmet Burger Kitchen have both recently launched brand new dessert menus featuring Red Velvet Cake, New York Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake & a sundae!

Posted by: faisal ali on 24 Sep ' 11 at 09:42

for all the cake lovers please try the honey cake at katrinas in abrajeel mirdif and then ask time out to create a new category. i have tried cakes all over the world but this is something special

Posted by: Farah on 20 Sep ' 11 at 10:41

dear Mr./Ms.

i am just wants to check if you baking cake for dibeties
because my daughter is 5 years old she is dibetic for that is deficult to find such a kind of cake

pls. reply and i will need you location if you baike this kind of cake

thank you

Posted by: Natalie on 20 Sep ' 11 at 10:34

Chocolat Chic in Dubai marina makes the most innovative & delicious birthday cakes I have ever tasted. They customise everything to your desires & for very reasonable prices &also deliver all across Dubai. Everything is super fresh & delectable. Check out facebook page CHOCOLAT CHIC CAFE DXB

Posted by: Bateel on 19 Sep ' 11 at 03:01

Check cafe Bateel the best cake in town with fresh ingredients and a lot creativity!!!!

Posted by: Marina on 14 Sep ' 11 at 12:53

100% agree with Marie!

Katrina sweets and Confectionary!!!

I drive every week from Jumairah to Mirdiff just to get one piece of home made Carrot cake for my 3year old daughter! She likes carrot cake only from this place! My favorite is sour cream cake, MUST TRY!!! Plus all cakes and cookies made from fresh and natural ingredients! No preservatives and artificial colours!


Posted by: Peaches Plaza on 14 Sep ' 11 at 09:20

How come Sweet Lane's not appearing on this list ?

You gave them such great reviews on your kids' cake feature, so I just had to order and try them out - and OMG, their carrot cake tastes incredible !! And looks impeccable too - had my mother's cake done like WWF game on iphone - and it was perfect !

Just giving out my two cents' worth :)

Posted by: Anita on 13 Sep ' 11 at 10:24

I feel you guys left out one of the tastiest cakes in towm. Try Chocoa's near Emirates Mall. Excepcionale!

Posted by: AARTI BHATIA on 09 Sep ' 11 at 21:38

I have tried cakes from bluebay desserts and they are just awesome.Their cakes stand out because of their freshness and their creativity that goes into their presentation. check out their facebook page.

Posted by: Hussain on 08 Sep ' 11 at 09:28

how could you miss out the most amazing Carrot Cake of PF Changs!!! Go try it out not and update your selection list accordingly!

also indulge yourselves in molten choclate cake from Shakespeare & Co.

Posted by: DJT on 08 Sep ' 11 at 04:49

how can you miss Magnolia at Bloomie's??? i mean seriously???

Posted by: Alia on 06 Sep ' 11 at 12:41

You forgot the amazing cakes in Chocolat Chic at Dubai Marina....definitely best cakes in Dubai!

Posted by: Alnasir Khan on 06 Sep ' 11 at 06:08


Great article on "Cakes in Dubai". Need to point you to the best exclusive new cake studio in town. Please take a look at

Once you have tried their creations, you will want to include them on your next article.

Posted by: Mubin on 06 Sep ' 11 at 04:05

I think you should have reviewed bake mart plus too. Their chocolate ganache cake is amaaaazzing!!

Posted by: Richard Kimble on 05 Sep ' 11 at 12:20

Calling them the "scrummiest cakes" and comparing them to celebrities? You're turning into a women's magazine. Uurgh!

And you missed off the carrot cake at The Lime Tree Cafe in Jumeirah which is still the best.

Posted by: Marie on 05 Sep ' 11 at 10:57

What about

Katrina Sweets and Confectionery

It is the best and most authentic bakery in town
Family managed by Katrina and her two sons they prepare all types of delicious and homemade cakes
On top of that you can even order the special cake of your and, believe as I have ordered to their bakery several times, they will follow even your most delicate and detailed instructions
Regularly they also propose new ideas so why Time Out did you forget to test this delicious place ?

Yum, yum, YUMMY for Katrina !!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Rowena Alderson on 05 Sep ' 11 at 09:39

How you can review carrot and chocolate cakes and not reference The Lime Tree Cafe is baffling. We have become the most popular relatives since we moved to Dubai 5 years ago, and without fail, every 'guest' gets The Lime Tree Cafe treatment for what has to be the best carrot cake and chocolate brownies in town. The chocolate brownie cleverly oozes warm liquid chocolate when cut into, and the carrot cake is a large slice of cake heaven with the best frosting I've ever tasted. If they were people the chocolate brownie would definitely be Denzel Washington with his liquid brown eyes and the carrot cake would be Jane Russell - lusciously large.

Posted by: sherbanu on 05 Sep ' 11 at 08:29

to add to the list - arwa federal does the most amazing cakes - tapping the sight and taste senses! they are delicious and a visual treat. check her out on

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