Four Dubai chefs under the age of 30 have been chosen to compete for the title of Time Out Dubai’s Young Chef of the Year, based on the strength of recipes made from a limited number of ingredients. The chefs will present their four-course meal at the Miele Gallery on Sheikh Zayed Road on November 15. Here is what they will cook ...

Braised beef topside croquettes, celeriac remoulade, pickled pear, truffle spinach and celeriac, braised beef, tomato and chervil salad

Tomato and saffron consommé, red snapper and corn ravioli, salmon and zucchini tian, fine salad

Main course
Slow-cooked rack of lamb, butternut squash puree, mushroom parcel, fondant potato, lentil du puy, roasted sweet shallots, red pepper air, basil

White chocolate soufflé, Pandan ice cream, ginger and lemon grass Anglais, Jasmine rice mango, Arancini

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