Can’t afford a truffle sandwich? Head to these outlets for a few cheaper options

Brooklyn Diner
In an ideal world, this restaurant would carve a niche for itself by specialising in New York-style pastramis. However, it seems to have lost its way a bit by trying to serve a bit of everything. But since Dubai’s sandwich options are relatively limited, it’s worth dropping in for a ‘famous’ tuna fish sandwich.
Marina Restaurant Pavilion, Dubai Festival City (04 232 9764).

Feri Kasif Tehroon

Feri Kasif Tehroon’s specialities are the ‘special Iranian sandwiches’, which are similar to traditional New York pastramis, only ‘sloppier’. Said sandwiches are served in club-like loaves and come bursting with beef mortadella, chicken, mayonnaise and crisps (seriously). However, as fun as these concoctions sound, they’re served a little too soggy for our tastes, but they could be just the ticket for anyone stumbling past after a night on the tiles.
Diamond 4 Building, near Dubai Marina Mall (04 457 2919).

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

This Chicago-based sandwich franchise serves sizeable pastrami-style sarnies, such as ‘The Wreck’, which is bursting with farmyard favourites: turkey (smoked and turkey breast) and cow (beef salami and roast beef). A lot of meat, yes, but the fact that Potbelly can’t serve a certain curly-tailed creature limits the taste and texture of its sandwich options. However, if you’re in Dubai Mall and in need of a sandwich fix, this outlet is far superior to other fast-food delis.
The Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj Khalifa (04 325 3090).