James Kang at Sonamu, Asiana Hotel
‘My mother helped me learn how to make this; it’s healthy and mixed with vegetables for a great flavour. I buy my ingredients from 1004 Mart on Sheikh Zayed Road (04 323 4536). As an alternative option, Koreans sometimes make this dish with pork.’

2kg Beef sirloin
30g Shiitake mushroom
20g Shimeji mushroom
20g Spring onion
60g White onion
15g Garlic
100g Pear
50g Chopped onion
40g Chopped garlic

Bulgogi sauce
360g Soy sauce
180g White sugar
160g Brown sugar (optional)
2g Ground black pepper
12g Sesame seeds
45g Sesame oil

1 Prepare the beef by cutting it into very thin slices.

2 Mix together the soy sauce, white and brown sugar, black pepper, sesame seeds and sesame oil.

3 Marinate the beef in the mixture for as long as possible (overnight in the fridge, ideally).

4 Slice the mushrooms, pear, garlic, and white onion, then cut the spring onions into pieces about 5cm long.

5 Pan-fry the marinated beef to taste (approximately 7-8 minutes).

6 Place assorted mushrooms, spring onions and sliced onion in a hot frying pan, and cook for approximately 4-5 minutes.

7 Before serving, sprinkle the dish with chopped spring onions and chopped pine nuts.