Pan Fried Sea bass
5 fillets of sea bass
25g fresh thyme
10g salt
5g white pepper corn
300g potatoes
210g cocktail onions
200g mix wild mushrooms
125g veal bacon
25g parsley
150g butter
250g duck fat
5g bay leaves
8g fresh garlic
25g chives
50g sugar
125g shallot
125ml skimmed milk
125ml cream
175ml chicken stock

窶「 Ask your butcher to scale, fillet and debone the fillet of sea bass for you.

窶「 Season the fillet of fish and pan fried them with a bit of fresh butter skin side till ツセ cooked, turn them over and finish for 1 more minutes.

窶「 Peel, and cut in regular dice the potato, wash them properly, cover them with goes fat, thyme, bay leave and garlic and cook them slowly till ツセ cooked.

窶「 Sautテゥ the cocktail onion with fresh butter and lot of sugar till they get a blond color.

窶「 Sautテゥ the wild mushrooms with fresh butter, add thin slice of veal bacon, add the potato and caramelized onion and finish with chopped shallot and parsley.

窶「 Clean the mushrooms and cut them all same size, keep the trimmings, sautテゥed them with fresh butter, add some slices shallot, and cook for 2 minutes, add chicken stock and cook again for 3 minutes, add milk and cream and cook again for 5 minutes.

窶「 Blend all ingredients together and pass through a chinois.
Recipe courtesy of Empire, Monarch Dubai & Chef Axel Godefroid