Ballottine d窶僊gneau Bourgeoise et Pomme Mousseline
Serves six to eight
1 shoulder of lamb
4tbsp olive oil
140g onions, roughly chopped
140g carrot, roughly chopped
140g celery, roughly chopped
140 leek, roughly chopped
ツス head of garlic, crushed
4 ripe tomatoes
1 bouquet garni
600ml lamb stock or chicken stock

窶「 Preheat the oven to 160/325f/ gas 3.

窶「 Bone the shoulder of lamb, removing as mush excess fat as possible. Form the shoulder into a cylinder and then tie the shoulder tightly with a butcher string.

窶「 Seal the shoulder all around in a casserole with the olive oil, add the chopped vegetables, garlic, bouquet garni, tomatoes and cover with lamb or chicken stock and season.

窶「 Braised for approx. 2 hours. Leave the lamb in the stock to cool. When the lamb is cool enough to handle, carefully lift the shoulder and place on to a piece of cling film or foil and roll to get a tight cylinder shape. Keep in a warm place.

窶「 Strain the cooking juice through a fine sieve into a bowl pressing down on the vegetable to extract as much of their juices as possible. Adjust the consistency of the sauce and taste for seasoning.

To serve

Cut the warm lamb into equal portions; pour the hot cooking sauce around or on topped and garnished with creamy mashed potatoes.
Recipe courtesy of Le Classique, Emirates Golf Club & Chef Francois Porte