Taste of Raspberries
1 raspberry macaron cut in 2
1tsp raspberry sorbet
Sprig of mint
3 fresh raspberries
raspberry tuille
100g butter
100g flour
100g sugar
25g raspberry puree
120g liquid glucose


窶「 First make the tuille. Place all the ingredients into a mixer and whisk together till everything is incorporated and smooth.

窶「 Take a baking tray and a silicon mat. Make small balls and place on the mat, (keep about a 1 inch gap between as they will spread while cooking).

窶「 Take a fork and pat the balls down, like you would if you were making brandy snap. Cook for 5 minutes in a 200c oven.

窶「 Remove and leave to get cold.

窶「 Take your plate, which you are going to serve and put 1 dessertspoon of raspberry coulis in the center of the plate. With the back of the spoon, make small circular movements so the coulis spreads out in the center.

窶「 Take the macaroon and cut in 2. Put the bottom of the macaroon on the raspberry coulis. Place a quenelle of raspberry sorbet off center, then place the sprig of mint and fresh raspberries. Lay the lid of the macaroon up against the base so it stands up.

窶「 Take a tuille disc and place in the raspberry sorbet.
Recipe courtesy of Legends, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club & Chef Max Grenard