Crispy Chestnut Dumplings
200g chestnut
200ml water
100ml simple sugar syrup
1tsp lemon juice
2tsp cream fraice
16 wonton skin sheets
1 egg beaten
Oil for frying
Icing sugar for garnish

Cognac and mascarpone sabayon
4 egg yolk
50ml vanilla single syrup
2tsp orange zest
40g mascarpone
20ml cognac

窶「 Boil 3/4 of the chestnut in water with lemon peel for few minutes.

窶「 Soak rest of the chestnuts in the warm syrup for few minutes, strain and keep aside.

窶「 Puree the first chestnuts with syrup, lemon juice and cream fraice.

窶「 Place a syrup soaked chestnut and a spoonful of puree on a wonton sheet and prepare a dumpling with beaten egg and another sheet of wonton.

窶「 Fry the dumplings in hot oil until golden colour and dry them on a kitchen paper.

窶「 Beat egg yolk, vanilla syrup and orange zest in a bowl over a boiler until right consistency and cooked properly.

窶「 Mix in the mascarpone and cognac into the sabayon.

窶「 Pour the sabayon on to the serving bowl and place the crispy dumpling on it and garnish with icing sugar.
Recipe courtesy of Signatures restaurant, Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa & Chef Didier Gusching