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Posted by: Sara on 16 Sep ' 15 at 09:46

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Toni im glad that I finally met you, you gave me an amazing look. I just wan to highlight an important notion,when booking with Tony, at the Address Dubai Marina, make sure that you are literaly booking with Tony, to make it easier just call him straight to book your appointment

Posted by: Olga on 29 Jan ' 15 at 17:51

To all of you out there I just recommend Toni at Jacques La Coupe, Address Hotel Marina, I had the best experience ever, thank you Toni for the amazing hair ....

Posted by: Noelia on 20 Jan ' 15 at 12:52

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Toni, Toni and Toni thanks to time out comments I found you... I have been looking everywhere to have such haircut and now I can say you are my hairdresser he is the best ladies out there give him a try won't be disappointed he is at Jacque la coupe address marina ....

Posted by: Noelia on 17 Dec ' 14 at 15:41

I got my look done and ready to the festive season by Toni at Jacques la coupe address hotel, Marina, he is the best and I mean it wish I can download my photo with the new look

Posted by: Noelia on 17 Dec ' 14 at 15:36

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This the second time I cut my hair at Toni's at jacques la coupe at the Address hotel marina, he did a fantastic job and can't wait for toni to come back from holiday as my wife want to change her look, thanks Ton

Posted by: suraya hasan on 14 Dec ' 14 at 12:04

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Need the name of her Yanni's salon and phone number please ...thanks

Posted by: Ayeda on 14 Dec ' 14 at 09:49

Hands down – Yanni @ Yanni Salon is the best hairdresser in Dubai! Not only are her cuts and her color immaculate but she has an uncanny way of knowing what you want. What she does is more than simply cut hair – her salon provides a total mind, body and spirit experience so you come home with more than just a good haircut – you come home refreshed and renewed !

Posted by: Tracey on 11 Dec ' 14 at 06:26

I went to chill salon, its my second vist . Its a great salon. All the staff are expats. I highly recommend.

Posted by: Jamie on 10 Dec ' 14 at 17:19

Toni you make me smile everytime, dont know how you do it but you kicking it, he is the man to cut your hair he has golden fingers and he rocks thank for making the holiday cut.
Toni at Jacques la coupe address marina .

Posted by: Brigitte on 19 Nov ' 14 at 07:45

I am french i love my hair cannot trust anyone to cut my hair well I went with a my friend of mine she wanted to cut her hair at TOni, who is an ex Toni and Guy style director and nowat Jacques La coupe adresse Marine I ended up cutting my hair Too, Toni is an expert in cutting, he listneed to me he advised me and then I got the best look ever frenchy with and edge, couldnt help my self to put a comment coz I am loving it, Merci Toni, Superbe.

Posted by: Aziza on 16 Sep ' 14 at 07:46

Yesterday I went to salon in Harvey Nichols in MOE,that calls Profile,there is one Lebanese girl,she has cut my hair,she did really nice hair cut for me! I'm in LOVE!!! I'm not sure,but I think her name is Sarah ( but I'm not sure) I forgot suddenly. But ,Oh my God she is AMAZING! it's really difficult to find such a good Hairstylist in Dubai, but I found one! I advise her to everyone!!! I completely trusted her and did not regret not even second! She is very sweet and attentive master! And the price is not expensive for such a great haircut for my long hair,it worth it! I'm so happy that last night I went exactly to this salon!

Posted by: Helen on 06 Aug ' 14 at 06:11

well done Toni for everytime you cut my hair, its long Shiney and healthy thanks again for your tips and the treatement you have given me suits my hair and works wonders.
Toni is an Ex Toni and Guy he works for Jacque La Coupe Adresse Hotel Dubai Marina.

Posted by: Cicile on 18 Mar ' 14 at 20:51

Toni thanks for the lovely makeover you have done today, this is what a I call a true hairstylist you are a great listener, adviser and your hands make wonders give him a try he is a real expert, graduated from Toni and Guy London, at Jacques la coupe Marina, the Address Hotel

Posted by: Christina on 18 Mar ' 14 at 20:38

Try toni at Jaque la coupe he's ex toni and guy

Posted by: Dalia on 06 Feb ' 14 at 05:42

May you please post the following review about Yanni. Thank you!

I've always struggled to find a hairdresser that could truly understand what I want or what I like especially whenever I'd opt to chop my hair into a daring boy haircut. However, that all changed when I met Yanni at Ibn Batutta Gate Hotel (8th floor). Yanni understood my needs instantly and truly gave her time to listen attentively to my preferences and dislikes. I showed her images of haircuts that I'm fond of before asking her to chop my hair into a form that she felt would suit my face the most. I was blown away when she was done for she gave me a haircut more beautiful than any of the ones I had just shown her. To add to the thrill, it was not only exceptionally stylish but also equally easy to manage.

Walking into Yanni's salon makes you feel like you're stepping into an art exhibition for whichever way you turn the walls are surrounded with stunningly detailed and illustrated classical portraits. The staff are exceptionally welcoming and the level of service to cost is unbeatable. Unlike most salons and hairdressers, Yanni never pushed me to buy her products or extra services, even though both are of extraordinary quality. As a matter of fact, when I informed her that I was thinking of changing my hair color or getting lowlights or highlights she actually discouraged me to do so stating that I have natural hair and that I should try to protect it for as long as possible. She also commented on how my dark brown hair suits my complexion, whereas every other hairdresser I've come across has tried with relentless effort to either change the color of my otherwise natural and healthy hair or to opt for some treatment offered at their salon.

She was the only stylist who actually cared about what was best for my hair rather than trying to make a few hundred extra bucks. As I got to now Yanni more, her beautiful spirit, lovely persona, and exceptional skill as a stylist made me feel a loyalty that I had not previously felt towards any other salon. Not a single time did I walk out of her salon feeling less than exhilarated with my hairstyle.

Other than being an extraordinary stylist, she also happens to be one of the most genuine and honest people I have encountered. For the first time in my life, I finally found a hairdresser that I never wanted to change!

Posted by: Daleka on 16 Jan ' 14 at 18:59

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there is a place in JBR, called Lavender nail spa, they do have best hairdresser ever, +they use very good products in their salon, and i went with extrimely short and burned hair, i was about to cry or shave and couldnt decide what to do first, and just walked in the salon searching for help and advice, so first they gave my mythic oil tester for few days and also inoa mask testers for the home use -absolutely free, after i went for an appointment for the hair treatment cost me about 150 together with blow dry, so i start going there and i can see the improvement since 3 weeks now and i did my root color with them 200 aed only and this salon is really great ...2 russian girls anna and tatiana, both are great = can do mani pedi and facials and ect, tatiana is the best for color and cut, anna doing amazing hair styles..i recomend to visit them..they also have these machines for the pedicure , they call it e file, i ve never seen same in any other salon in dubai..this is definetely place to visit.

Posted by: vigesh on 15 Jan ' 14 at 18:42

dubai modren gents saloon is best saloon in dubai i love the way of their cutting and all services

Posted by: Marie Smith on 25 Oct ' 13 at 04:46

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Alexandre is one of kind hairstylist , he works like a magician his technical style is dry cutting , he is from Paris and also work in NY Tokyo , not only he is fabulous is also do make-up.

Posted by: James Fuller on 02 Oct ' 13 at 15:25

Joseph at Toni & Guy has been cutting my hair for 7 months now and I can genuinely say he is the best person that has ever cut my hair in over 20 years. Takes allot of time and pays attention to detail.

Posted by: Helen on 16 Jun ' 13 at 18:26

Hello everybody, I have just read all the comments and would like to introduce you to the best hairdresser ever (not only in Dubai). I stayed in Dubai for 5 years and always went only to Fadi from Pace e Luce salon which is located near Dubai Mall in Al Manzil hotel. Now I moved back to my home country and missing his job a lot. Highly recommend him, his name is Fadi Rashwani, hope my note will help as I know how difficult it is to find a good hairdresser.

Posted by: Anna T on 12 Jun ' 13 at 18:10

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I have been in Dubai for 5 years and experimented with many hairdressers. I had come to the conclusion that I would never find a hairdresser I would be happy with until I visted Yanni at Ibn Battuta Gate,following a friends recommendation. Yanni was professional, competent and very skilled at cutting, on top of all of this she is a truly lovely person. I walked out of the Salon feeling so great, and my husband was even happier as for once I didn't complain about the hair cut! I was actually happy! I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Posted by: Rone on 03 Jun ' 13 at 12:56

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I am an avid customer of Ricky's Salon in Dubai & I would say that they always have satisfied my need & met my expectations right from the start. I've tried so many salons in the past but none of them have I ever entrusted my hair as much as I do with the Ricky's Salon. I go to salons mainly for hair treatment & for a decade now, I've only been patronizing the Ricky's Salon. All the staffs just couldn't be more efficient. They are all very friendly, accommodating & pleasant to deal with. Their hair keratin is superb & the treatment they use has zero formaldehyde. They also offer reasonable prices for each service. They cater women & I would highly recommend this salon to everyone especially those who are hair fanatic just like me.

Posted by: Karen. Williams on 29 May ' 13 at 12:03

For 6 years I put off going to the hairdresser here. Made do and went when I was back home for holidays. Took the plunge today and went to YANNI Ibn Batutta gate hotel, 8th floor. Superb haircut! I am indeed happy! I will def go back ! And I am fussy!

Posted by: Luke Bingham on 29 May ' 13 at 06:25

Hello. Chill Salon is still open. As always openfor Business. Come choose from one of our many european stylists..

Posted by: Yasmene Aweti on 28 May ' 13 at 12:42

Y-12 Salon at the Ritz DIFC gets my vote! It is a breath of fresh air compared to the standard numerous ‘cut and paste’ chain salons that are littered around Dubai...

I think most women would agree that in your lifetime, finding a good hairdresser is as important as finding a good bikini waxer, for those of us that have moved to Dubai recently.. and have had to start this process again..I am sure you will agree that once you have found ‘the one’ you don’t hesitate to commit.

My first experience with Y-12 salon was after my boyfriend Rich went. Rich takes pride in his hair and spends more time getting ready than I do. He has a hairdryer more with more wattage than mine not to mention owning a pair of GHD’s when we first met. Before moving to Dubai he had a regular stylist that he went back to time and time again so for him to come back home as happy as he was, I knew that I wanted Y-12 to give it a try. I recommended the salon to a colleague at the time who wanted the name of a hairdresser and has been going back ever since.

My visit came sooner than expected when several weeks ago, I experienced a bad hair condition with an excessively oily scalp. The oil was stiff in consistency and as much as I tried to wash it out, it just would not go. Was I not washing my hair properly? Was I using the wrong shampoo? After several days, I started googling what could be causing this growth of spawn in my hair and found that the substance was called sebum and it was due to excess secretion generally triggered by stress, hormones or rich food. I was experiencing a particularly stressful time at work, and stress usually resonates in my body but by way of rashes. There were a number of DIY suggestions and being at the point of desperation I was ready to try them all. I even marinated myself in balsamic vinegar because someone’s blog had suggested this. The outcome was me smelling of vinegar for several days. It did not help.

On reaching the two week mark, and having exhausted the Kim Kardashian style up do. I had reached my limit. The absolute cherry on the cake was when on my journey to work on the Thursday my rather glamorous friends began organising a girls night out for that evening. I knew I would not be able to wear my hair down. I started raking through my bag of excuses for a reason to get out of it. As a last ditch attempt I called Y-12 and made an appointment.

I didn’t hold any hope out for a result, or cure of the problem that I had been experiencing for two weeks now. I was actually quite apprehensive about going to a fancy salon where everyone would have fabulous hair and fashionable work clothes.

Quite simply, I cannot recommend enough the service I received at Y-12. It was good enough for me to go back time and time again, good enough for me to recommend the Luca to friends, and also to write quite a personal recommendation that could moonlight on the set of TV programme ‘embarrassing bodies’.

I received a genuinely warm welcome and extremely professional service throughout. Although the salon is newly opened, the owners Luca Comella and Giampiero, have both been in the business for years. Luca gave me my consultation and hair treatment to combat the problem. Luca’s expertise and professionalism was apparent from the get-go and I was equally impressed at how much he made me feel at ease, from the minute I started explaining the problem to him to taking my hair down to show him where it was. As someone who has experienced a bad haircut once (who hasn’t?!), the consultation process is such an important part of the haircut/colour/treatment that so many salons in Dubai get wrong or miss out on altogether. Luca knows his stuff and he got it spot on. He gave me a treatment, intense scalp massage, and blasts of scolding hot water. We repeated this process again. As he was blow drying my hair, I was nervous unnecessarily, the treatment worked. It cleared the majority and I returned for a second treatment which completely cleared the remaining excess. That Thursday night, I went out with girls with a fabulous blow dry by Luca and felt fantastic. As well as restoring my hair back to its glowing condition, he also restored my confidence, and for this I couldn’t be more grateful. I would recommend Luca and Y-12 salon time and time again. I hope Y-12 flourishes. If you are looking for a stylist that will listen to and meet your needs, this is worth going to.

Posted by: Fiona on 27 May ' 13 at 07:02

I love Mounia at Nail Point in Marina. And good thing is that i can get my nails done in the same time, a massage, or whatever i need... So far, excellent!!

Posted by: Lida on 17 May ' 13 at 15:56

I did the best highlits natural blond with Jacques la coupe with Jacques , it's a bit pricee but its deserve what I payed for , he appreciate the condition of my hair and he didn't over color it , I like his technique , it's nice place peaceful , I have befor and after on my Facebook :)

Posted by: Elena on 14 May ' 13 at 08:47

Is Chill Salon still open? Every time I try to call them no-one picks up the phone...

Posted by: pauline on 05 May ' 13 at 16:53

My hairstylist Khaled should be in the list, he has done great job on my blonde hair for 4 yrs now. I have followed him from one salon to another and now he has his own place. Colour Masters Hair Salon in The Jewels Tower Dubai Marina. I highly recommend him. he listens to what I want from the trim to the colour of highlights.

Posted by: Natalia on 20 Apr ' 13 at 15:06

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I have been going to famous beauty salon and spa. It's perfect. I had the best treatment done on my hair and face and feet and body. I don't know how to describe it.mi even had a massage while I was having my pedicure!! There are consultation before doing anything to make sure your getting the best treatments and it freeeeeee!!! Most of the girls are European which was good for an English new in Dubai. Just want to say thank time out for recommending it. Natalia

Posted by: Tatiana on 20 Apr ' 13 at 10:50

With all my respect to all the comments , every time I read a comments I go and try the hairdresser , some are good but few , and the others doesn't deserve to be on the list , now I came from the Address Jacques La Coupe , his super good , i did a huge change , he make Ombre it's amaaaazing I wish I can put a picture , and he told my hair is good doesn't need a haircut , atleast his honest .

Posted by: Luca Comella on 14 Apr ' 13 at 09:49

We are very proud to announce the opening of Y-12 salon located on the first floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in DIFC. Drawing inspiration from the fashion industry and its Italian owners,Luca Comella and Giampiero Renzetti, the salon offers the very best of everything; from the international stylists to the treatments to the authentic artisan Italian coffee!

Posted by: Maya on 05 Apr ' 13 at 20:12

Try Donna at Elite Beauty Studio in Jumeira, She is great and really knowledgeable in hair styles and hair repair...spent a fortune around Dubai only to end up with modest hair cuts and weakened hair...I tried them in Paris and they do an even better job here...

Posted by: Amna on 29 Mar ' 13 at 05:29

My best gift on Mother's Day was a make- over with Jacques at Jacques La Coupe , I never thought that short hair will look good on me , but I look much younger :) and highlights amazing , go to Jacques and tell him ur friend of Amy ;)

Posted by: Marie Louise on 18 Mar ' 13 at 12:55

I am starting my own scandinavian hairdresser "Feldvoss" in JLT with well educated scandinavian hairdressers who know what good quality is. Furthermore I have made agreements with the best product suppliers in the beauty business. The salon is opening in June 2013

A little bit about my self:

I am educated at PER salon in Aarhus - who is one of the market leading hairdressers in Denmark. This means that I am use to working with quality demanding customers who know what they want

Posted by: Lisa on 17 Mar ' 13 at 13:44

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Can't believe it found a good hairdresser here In dubai who cut my hair and blow dried it so beautifully that even when I went back to the uk didn't have it done, to find out she has left the salon. Does anyone know where lamia from n style JBR has moved to. The salon won't tell me. Thanks

Posted by: Ulya on 10 Mar ' 13 at 12:22

The best Salon is Version Francais in Dubai Marina .You can go to Ferry or Kate its close to marina walk opposite to pinaccle tower.

Posted by: Rani on 27 Feb ' 13 at 06:37

Kindly help give contact details for Yanni .
as per reviews posted on Timeout eager to get new look from Yanni :)


Posted by: Na screen Ajmeri on 26 Feb ' 13 at 16:19


can you please give me contact no for Yanni ....need to go to good hairstylist urgently

Posted by: Stefany on 24 Feb ' 13 at 11:13

Jacques Jacques Jacques , the best of he best try color or cut and you will loooooove your hair and u wil love him too looool , always new trends and best product it's worth what I'm paying .xx

Posted by: Dee on 05 Feb ' 13 at 07:34

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Hello. I'm Dee. After been in Dubai sometime I have never really found anyone to do a good cut on my hair. My friend went to Simona, in The Chill Salon and loved her hair. As they have a branch in Bur Dubai I thought I would go there. If you go on the website at the moment they do a 30% discount at the branch. So I called and booked a appointment and mentioned the discount. What a great hotel, (little bit hard to find) and salon. I had a lady by the name of Sadaf do my hair. She is a great girl, with a lot of conversation . The salon was not busy so she really took her time with me. The result was Fantastic. I'm so happy to have gone and will next time be back for my colour. Highly recommend

Posted by: Sarah on 03 Feb ' 13 at 09:48

Love Yanni! Went over yesterday after seeing the recs here and she's an absolute darling. I didn't think my hair was salvageable after this stylist somewhere else botched my hair... but somehow her magic fingers did its work and now its this really lovely blonde :) I get compliments on it all the time, can't say I don't love the attention!!

Posted by: Franck on 02 Feb ' 13 at 13:32

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My wife gave a try at Chill Salon Media city, She is asian with black straight hair. She was cut by Simona. Frankly it's one of the best cut she ever had. She is very happy and I like it too. We paid 300 AED for a cut. Tomorrow I have an appointment in the morning. Will let you know how it is going on the men side....

Posted by: Patzy on 28 Jan ' 13 at 16:05

I search online to check for a good hair dresser, i found the name kristina- Famous Beauty Salon. I called them and booked for a cut and hair color. When i came for my appointment i've been little upset because Kristina is a russian lady who doesn't speak english. I almost want to cancel my appointment but my mind said give her a chance, because even it's difficult to communicate with her I've been impressed that she is trying her best to understand what i want to do to my hair. And she is professional in her way in doing consultation. And after her work, amazingly i've never been happy before as what i experienced that time, the colored and highlights are perfectly suit my skin tone and my new hair cut give a new look to me, i have a round face and it's really scary for me to try new looks, but definitely she gave an outstanding new look to me. If your looking for a good professional hair dresser, try Kristina, surely she can help you.

Posted by: Poonam Chawla on 26 Jan ' 13 at 17:32

thanks Time out for telling me the whereabouts of Yanni....she is simply superb .Lost track of her when she left Pretty lady salon n they were not even courteous enough to give her whereabouts .

I have been getting my hair cut from her since last 5yrs n she is just amazing ,knows her job very well n always listens to her clients .....I am so elated to find her whereabouts ........

Posted by: wise on 09 Jan ' 13 at 20:27

i just wanna say that this conversation isn't trusted and isn't useful any more . the good hairdresser will be known without this . just ask your friends don't care about Internet ....... sorry and thanks

Posted by: l.a on 07 Jan ' 13 at 09:30

HELP!I search the hairdresser Charbel El Khoury. He doesn't work in the salon Urban Male Lounge anymore. He is great!

Posted by: l.a on 07 Jan ' 13 at 09:27

I search the hairdresser Charbel El Khoury. He doesn't work in the salon Urban Male Lounge anymore.
He is great!

Posted by: Chill Salon on 12 Oct ' 12 at 18:02

Chill Salon has opened Salon number 2
So if the Media City Branch is not to close to you
Vist the beautiful new Melia Hotel just off Mina Road Bur Dubia
Hope to see you soon

Posted by: Anthony graham on 11 Sep ' 12 at 20:13

I am so so happy that Nicloa is back in Dubai to cut my hair,she has been doing it for the last 2 years and I would never go to any one else!!

Posted by: Nosheen on 09 Sep ' 12 at 11:21

Chill Salon is the best salon in the UAE. Just got my haircut done again and couldnt be any happier. Luke does fantastic work with hair. I am a local who has looked everywhere for good hair stylists, and nobody does hair better than Luke. I get compliments even when I go abroad. I hope Chill Salon will always be in Dubai. Dont waste your time searching, just contact them and ask for Luke. Never have I had such a wonderful experience.

Posted by: tanyanasser on 30 Aug ' 12 at 19:47

i want some one to give a nice hair cut

Posted by: Amna on 20 Aug ' 12 at 08:31

Im 38 years and this age drive me crazy I should say , so I became veery picky I don't know why , but my long hair is very important for me and I decide to color it for the 1st time and i went to Jacques so thanks God I did the best decision and Jacques like they said he's master with colouring , I think I have feeling I look younger :)

Posted by: Dima on 14 Aug ' 12 at 11:51


Posted by: Shahira Lalani on 13 Aug ' 12 at 10:52

Hi Nosheen, You should try Luke at Salon Chill, he is ex Tony and Guy and very very good.

Posted by: Amanda on 13 Aug ' 12 at 09:20

I'm surprised not to see Yanni on this list! I've been going to see her for almost 10 years, and she's never set a foot wrong with my hair. She really listens to what you want, then comes up with her own ideas on how to make it better in a way that will suit your face and your colouring. She's a GENIUS with colouring, always love it, love her, cannot recommend her enough. I've followed her from Pretty Lady Salon to the Ibn Battuta Gate hotel, where she has her own, gorgeous men's and ladies' salon now but really, I would follow her anywhere.

Posted by: jemma on 29 Jul ' 12 at 11:03

Hi this is Jemma from Chill Salon. just wanted to let everyone know the Chill Salon has relocated to Loft Office, Media City. Our full salon address is Loft Office 1, Entrance B, Office 407. we are just swapping our phone lines over currently, so for appointments please call salon owner Luke on 0505788506. Thanks

Posted by: Chantal Ariens on 27 Jul ' 12 at 10:06

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I love Rami! I had been going to the same hairdresser in Amsterdam for nearly 8 years and was quite scared to have a new do in Dubai but Rami took care of it! He listens to you but is not afraid to give you his opinion and that's exacly what I need! He is friendly, social and never let's me down! After every cut my hair looks great and stays that way for weeks! Thanks Rami for being such a wonderful hairdresser and person!

Posted by: Danielle on 16 Jul ' 12 at 07:35

I have curly hair that noone has been able to cut properly except for Nicola.
She did my hair twice, but both times looked great! I now have a very trendy, short asymetrical do. She used to work at Chill Salon in Shatha Towers but the slaon seems to have closed. Anyone know where to reach her??

Posted by: kathy on 08 Jul ' 12 at 10:53

Tried Zouari Hair Salon yesterday. Well I appreciate the patience and effort made by the stylist. But I'm quite disappointed with his work. I can't believe that this Salon in a luxury hotel hired a stylist from Sri Lanka without any oversea experience. I just need to get back to my original bob, which took him 1.5 hours!! I had to tell him to trim here and the past, this salon had a brilliant stylist and I would feel comfortable to let him do his job. This morning, after the first wash, I need to keep trimming some extra hair at the left side.
This stylist told me that he is the only one in this salon avoid Zouari for now.

Posted by: Stefany brown on 03 Jul ' 12 at 09:31

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After my 1st visit at Jacques I said I will never go there again it was so busy , but after I did my highlights with Jacques the Master with colouring I should say , I was reaaaly happy and it was the best highlights so I'm glade I found this beautiful salon , I should say thx to timeout

Posted by: Leti on 21 Jun ' 12 at 11:19

I have been going to Adriana from Loft 5th Avenue in Dubai Mall for hair colour. She is really good at this. I am very nervous customer when seated at the salon chair, however with her I fully relax and know I will get my hair in the shade I wish for. I have had so many disastrous hair experiences, so am not thinking to change her as long as I can..

Posted by: Sabine on 21 Jun ' 12 at 09:34

I went to Franck provost at the marina for my color and highlights , and it was the WORST experience ever from the phone appointment till the end very bad. After that I search for a good hairdresser in marina area and after reading and some recommendation from some friends I went to Jacques at the address marina , he try to fix my hair and really help me and did great job to makes it look better , thank a lot Jacques and Timeout

Posted by: haylie lewis on 21 Jun ' 12 at 05:46

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I’m surprised that you Janelle had this experience, especially with Rami. I have been his client for more than 2 years, and whenever he is running late with his schedule he always informs me with an apology and I never waited more than 15 minutes. He is a real gentleman and he never lets me down or any of my friends that I have recommended to him. As well as he has never passed us on to anyone else. Especially when it comes to an important service like cutting or colouring.

Posted by: Janelle on 07 Jun ' 12 at 15:15

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Nosheen, I was also fooled by the comments in Time Out. After reading rave after rave, I made an appointment with Rami JLC at Address Dubai Marina. He was very angry when I showed up, as he only wanted to do hair extensions and updos that day, and the salon had booked me for a haircut. He told me he didn't have time for me unless I wanted to do the haircut between other clients. Thinking of all the rave reviews, I agreed. He gave me a nice haircut - not terrible, not spectacular. But his customer service, and the salon's, was awful. It took over 3 hours, he never once apologised for the communication mistake or thanked me for adjusting my schedule around his. Afterwards, he had the nerve to ask me to write a glowing review on Time Out. (I didn't.) 6 weeks later, I went back for a fringe trim, and he passed me off to another guy, who absolutely butchered my hair. STAY AWAY from JLC salon, and especially Rami. Dubai has enough divas already.

Posted by: anthony on 07 Jun ' 12 at 11:54

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No-one mentioned YANNI at Yanni Salon in Ibn Battuta gate. With over 20 years of international experience with men and ladies, she's the best hairdresser in Dubai.

Posted by: Alicia Miller on 28 May ' 12 at 09:17

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I went to get my hair coloured with Nicola at Chill Salon, My hair is blond and I wanted the roots touched up and some highlights. When the results were finally revealed to me. Instead of nice shiny hair with various shades of blond I had dark grey hair. She told me it would wash out in a few weeks but who wants to wait that long to look normal. Next she said, she'd colour it again the next week but I was leaving town on holiday in 2 days. I don't trust her and will never go back.

Posted by: stephanie on 24 May ' 12 at 23:43

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I am very surprised that FAMOUS Beauty Salon & Spa's Hair stylist, Kristina was not on this list! As a retired New York City hair stylist for over 25 years, I look for perfection when it comes to someone putting their hands in my head. After seven years of living in the DXB, I have finally found someone who can professionally cut, color and style exactly like the TOP stylist in NYC. I needed a color correction that was very challenging. Kristina was kind, she ask the right questions, I felt comfortable with her immediately and she fixed my color concern with stunning results!!!. She is definitely a hidden gem. Maybe next time, TIME OUT, you will list the fabulous Kristina! Cheers!

Posted by: karina on 22 May ' 12 at 07:52

Please let us know where is the hairdresser salon where NICOLA is working??tnx!

Posted by: Nosheen on 21 May ' 12 at 12:09

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After reading so many comments about the salon in the Address hotel Marina, and about Rami I decided to give it a try (have been going to Toni & Guy for 9 years) Unfortunately he didn't even show up! After waiting for 30 min I asked the ladies in the salon where he was; apparently he was not in the Salon. Very disappointing. Anyone can recommend a good stylist? I just want a cut. I have trusted Toni and Guy for a long time but I want someone to give me an excellent cut, not just good.

Posted by: karen on 20 May ' 12 at 12:26

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i have a curly, coloured hair and I really want to have a haircut and change my hair color. who would you recommend? I'd really prefer a hair stylist who really handles curly hair. thanks

Posted by: Sophie on 19 May ' 12 at 13:00

I visit Jacques for color and crystal treatment for the first time and the guy is cool and did a great job so I recommend him , and the salon is clean amazing , btw he speaks French ;)

Posted by: nikki on 17 May ' 12 at 10:00

NICOLA AND WHERE DOES SHE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Ben on 13 May ' 12 at 09:30

I've been getting my hair cut by Nicola for 7 years and referred a number of people to her, none of whom have had a bad word to say about their experience!

Every time I see her I get honest advice/suggestions, a great haircut and a damn good laugh without fail.

Her down-to-earth approach is really refreshing, couple that with her expertise and technical knowledge she really is a rarity in Dubai.

Posted by: Franck on 09 May ' 12 at 18:37

Went to Jacques La Coupe at Galleries Lafayette Dubai Mall yesterday evening.

I was cut by a good looking Syrian guy.
He was very friendly but with regards to the cut, OMG it was the worst ever.

1. I had gel on my hair, he didn't even wash them prior to start the cut, but just sprayed them resulting in fighting with the comb for it not to stay stuck in my hair.

2. He had no technique at all, I've never seen that in my life, looked like he had no plan before starting, switching from the sides to the top, to the back in a strange way.

3. The result was looking correct with wet hair and the gel he had put in my hair, but the next day after washing, I realized that my hair wasn't evenly cut on the sides and my colleagues made fun of me at work...
Even my wife could see the defect thru the webcam on Skype.

4. I paid 150 AED for that.....

Will never go ever again, I think it's very hard to find a good hair dresser in Dubai at least someone who's has been trained.
There is a good hairdresser at B.shine in Bloomingdales level 2, his name is Bassam, at least even if he won't give a fantastic modern look to your haircut, he has the basic techniques and knows how to hold a pair of scissors. The problem is that he is not always there.

Other option is the French Hairdressing Academy (Formul'A) near Marina, I will try next, at least people there should have a minimum of technique..

Posted by: Catherine on 08 May ' 12 at 10:07

Sumeea (or Summer as I call her as her personality is so warm and welcoming) who works for Profile Hair Salon in Harvey Nichols is the BEST hairstylist and colourist I have ever come across anywhere in the world. I highly recommend her - you will not be disappointed! Catherine

Posted by: Nina on 06 May ' 12 at 09:23

Everyone is recommending Nicola! so where can I find Nicola? where is she/he located? Can anybody help me? planning to dye my hair in such trendy colors like pink, purple or soft blue just like katy perry *_* in which salon can i find this colors? waiting your recommendations! ciao

Posted by: Liya on 02 May ' 12 at 12:37

I think no one can satisfie everybody especially for the hair , I think it's all about if you feel comfortable with your hairdresser , anyway after so many years in Duai I only trust few hairdressers and they left ,and now recently I went to Jacques and he's really good and a good listener and just gave me what I want he's so good in colors and highlits, and he doesn't talk a lot , I respect this salon and I highly recommend him .

Posted by: Lina on 01 May ' 12 at 01:26

Nicola is amazing. I went to see her for highlights and a cut. I wanted to have darker roots and highlights which are natural, to achieve a sun kissed look. Nicola sat with me, listened and gave suggestions and made sure i am comfortable and I understand what she proposed. The look turned up great and exactly what I wanted. The best part is that the look is low maintenance, i can grow my roots more and it will still looks good, so i dont have to go and do the highlights every 6 weeks. Nicola is great in listening what you want so che can give you the best option that will fit you depending on your face shape, skin colour and hair type.

Posted by: Abbie Harris on 27 Apr ' 12 at 17:08

So disappointed after my first visit to Jacques. I'd hoped for a simple and decent trim to my thin, fine hair and wanted only a straight inch off, with no layering. My hair was washed without a consultation to ask how it sits or analyse the texture of it. Two minutes later Jacques came along and just kept saying "No problem, don't worry" to everything I said. He wasn't even listening to me.
The haircut was done in 5 minutes. He'd chopped off my hair and left me with a mushroom cut. Absolutely devastating.
Someone else then came to give me a blow-dry. It usually sits nicely after a quick-blow dry but it took more than 30 minutes because he couldn't manage the short layers, that I'd insisted from the beginning I didn't want.
It will now take at least six months to grow my hair back, because of a hairdresser didn't care or listen,
The worst service ever, And they charged me 400 DHS to ruin my hair.

Posted by: maria on 25 Apr ' 12 at 13:04

Being new in Dubai i followed the excellent comments on JLC, i am now convinced that the majority of these comments are been made by JLC staff. He never listens to what you want and is doing what he thinks you want, he can make you wait for hours as socializing for him is more important. I went there and spent 4 hours to come up with PINK hair (instead of strawberry blonde) and did not have time for a haircut. Go, try and then please come back and post your experience to save people's hair! He may be good with Arabic type hair, forget about him if you are blonde or need to become one.

Posted by: Hassan on 23 Apr ' 12 at 07:04

Nicola has been cutting my hair for the last 5 years and shes amazing .. Every haircut is better then the last .. I have almost been know for my hair through University and now in my work life, little do they know it's all thanks to Nicola ..:)

Posted by: Feline on 19 Apr ' 12 at 05:12

Bonjour I'm celine and I have long beautiful blond hair and I suffer a lot in Dxb with my hair , I saw the article and went to Jacques at Jacques La Coupe I took the risk but hanks God Jacques is fabulous he's amazing with colors he's professional

Posted by: Lamia on 16 Apr ' 12 at 10:10

Jacques is a savor , he color my hair for the first time and give me just the color I always dream , and he's sooo professional , I come from Abou Dhabi to see him .

Posted by: JAY on 10 Apr ' 12 at 08:46

tony he deserve 4 this.his very friendly,hve a patience,very hardworking.and most of all he love his work.tony is my idol when it comes cutting mens hair.his very stylish,passion.every client that tony does is very CONGRATULATION "TONY".

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