From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2010
It’s a bold move, combining Peruvian and Japanese food. There’s no doubt it has worked – the creations of Nobu Matsuhisa have become some of the most respected in the world, with his chain of restaurants repeatedly topping rankings around the globe. Everything at Nobu has a kick, which means the combination of silky-soft Japanese cuisine with the demands of a piece of chilli takes some getting used to. But, once your palate has adjusted, it works marvellously – the tiradito scallops melt on the tongue with a no-nonsense crunch from bits of green onion cut on top – and then the chilli kicks in with a pleasantly lingering tingle. There’s a similar effect from the pepper cod, which combines soft flavours with a solid layer of pepper, only then to give a sweet tang in a bath of balsamic. The wood decor twists throughout like a wave of fire – otherwise the restaurant is simple except for a massive open kitchen. Service is intelligent, informative and timely – and special requests are carefully considered and well understood. A night out at Nobu will set you back heavily, thanks to the premium price of a celebrity brand, but you will find no disappointments, so, go on, treat yourself.