From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2010
Restaurants with real character can be hard to come by in this city, but JW’s is renowned among seasoned expats as the real deal (after all, the hotel in which it resides has been around for 16 years – ancient by Dubai standards). From the green leather-winged armchairs to the nameplates on the tables commemorating past guests, the place oozes old-school charm. Even the knowledgeable staff have the air of efficient butlers, providing discreet service interspersed with insider advice about the finer points of the menu. And what a menu. There’s nothing flashy or modern here, just top-quality food, with every item guaranteed to satisfy seasoned steak cognoscenti. The classic cuts sit alongside a few more unusual choices (grilled Omani lobster, bison steak), with every dish cooked and seasoned to perfection. But the best part is that while JWs exudes quality, class and venerable charm, it still manages to make you feel right at home.