From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2010
One of Dubai’s newer Thai restaurants, if you want to make the most of Thiptara – book an al-fresco table ahead. Nestled amid the sweeping Burj Khalifa Downtown complex, the restaurant boasts stunning views of the tallest fountain in the world, which ought to be seen (and heard – the water dances are accompanied by a classical and Arabic soundtrack) at least once. The restaurant itself is also mesmerising, encircled by dancing fiery torches that cast multiple shadows and render mini torches necessary to decipher the menu.

And a large menu it is, including all Thai classics whipped into several gut-busting set menus. Indeed, the food overall is on the heavy side, and likely to leave you lethargic as you collect the bill. While the king prawns and pineapple are lush and fresh and the slow-cooked lamb shanks simply delicious, the tempura is greasy and the dim sum arrives with an overly syrupy sauce. Still, these are minor quibbles, since the service is efficient and friendly, the place attracts a pleasant, older crowd (as well as kids) and the bill is just the right side of terrifying. All that’s missing is a cocktail menu (the waitress recounts the couple of standard ones available) and the completion of the Burj development around it. As Burj Khalifa’s bounty rises up – so too will Thiptara.