From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2010
You can’t help to be (slightly) endeared by the faux-rustic ambience of Da Vinci’s, and we certainly give a thumbs up for effort. The aesthetics of the food doesn’t quite match that of the venue, but taste goes some way to compensate. The insalata dello chef starter offers up Parma ham on the principle of quantity over quality, which results in an edible cheese basket filled with uninspiring greens. The grilled hammour main, meanwhile, emerges a success thanks to a smothering of garlic, oregano and tomato concasse. Sadly, the homemade shrimp and salmon taglierini in cream sauce is not quite as tasty. Service is friendly and swift (perhaps too swift in some cases), though the overall experience is an amiable one, not to mention relatively good value for money.