From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2010
A favourite with Japanese foodies in the know, Miyako has one of the largest menus in the city – so the fact that its staff are knowledgeable and willing to give an honest opinion is invaluable. Unless you’re seated at the teppan or the sushi bar, the space is somewhat uninspiring (not helped by the overly bright lighting) but — other than the bizarre amuse bouche of tuna mayonnaise — the food more than compensates. To kick things off, it’s tough to pick between the fantastically fresh sushi, ridiculously large salads, and expertly executed pickled veg. However, if we had to recommend a main course, it would consist of the achingly soft, sweet aubergine side and the grilled cod – so ethereal and succulent you’ll want to eat here every day. Oh, and for the full cultural experience, head upstairs to the karaoke bar afterwards and show ’em what you’ve got.