There's something quite loveable about Baithal Ravi's. You'd be forgiven for walking past it and dismissing it as just another cheap curry house, but step inside this lively Pakistani cauldron and you’ll be treated to a delicious marriage of spices. There's nothing complicated about Ravi's; its allure lies purely in the food. The first thing you'll notice about the menu is how incredibly cheap it all is. The paneer, albeit a tad oily, remains one of the finest in Dubai and the mutton kebab is scrumptious. At times, there's a danger of the chilli overpowering all the delicate and intricate work of each dish, but on the whole the chefs have balanced each dish to perfection. The food is consistently excellent across the menu, the portions generous, the service delightfully charming, and there’s a sense of satisfaction throughout the restaurant from the diners to the chefs.