The dictionary definition of a Bistro reads something like: ‘a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting.’ And Cafe Bistro is exactly this. Well, it is if you consider a marina location with view of million-dirham boats to be modest... In spite of the this bling setting, the food is affordable and decent. We started with the vegetable brushetta served on three slices of thick toasted bread – more than enough to keep hunger at bay until mains. My date opted for the classic fish & chips, which came in the form of battered hammour served with chunky potato wedges and a healthy serving of tartar sauce. The fish was tasty if not a little chewy, but enjoyable all the same. I ordered the teriyaki chicken which came cooked with mushrooms, cabbage and a tasty teriyaki sauce with a portion of fries on the side. My only complaint being that the crème brulee that followed didn’t have that classic crispy topping, though it was still tasty. In the winter months diners can sit outside on the terrace, though it should be noted that you’re not allowed to consume alcohol here.