From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2007

The city’s newest Indian restaurant – it opened in February 2007 – could soon be one of its best. It’s certainly off to a great start. The concept involves the picking of a number of small tandoori dishes from the menu, which arrive in the order they are cooked – something like Indian tapas. The only problem on our first visit was that this meant the rice arrived after we’d finished eating the curries. Still, the food is excellent.

A carousel of poppadums and bewitching dips – including a blowtorch-hot red chilli salsa, tongue-bashing lime pickle and deliriously sweet mango chutney – greets diners upon their arrival. Then you’ll be deluged with warm and wondrous mini naan breads of various hues. Also try the sensuous masala sauce with a fine catch of podgy prawn, and the tandoor chicken, cooked to crisp perfection. The salmon tikka, meanwhile, is a spice-infused celebration of dewy flakes that disintegrates with aplomb in the mouth. Then there’s the vegetable biryani with apricot, cashew nuts and figs, and the raan leg of lamb, which is intensely flavoursome if perhaps slightly too dry.

Desserts include a pleasantly tart cherry kulfi and a bountiful fruit platter laden with sweet passion fruit, fleshy mangosteen, crisp apple and pert papaya among other exotic offerings. Once it gets its story straight, Iz will be a very fine restaurant.