At night, DIFC may be about as busy as Paris Hilton’s private library, but during the day it bristles with suited and booted types breaking up their daily grind. Mercurries has nothing to do with Freddie, the flamboyant Queen front man, the planet closest to the sun, or the silvery liquid chemical element, but it does have everything to do with classic Indian food.

At lunchtimes, the new restaurant is packed to the rafters with office workers getting stuck into the buffet, which boasts soups, salads, curries, tandoori treats and desserts. But you’ll be glad you checked out the à la carte menu when you take delivery of the huge thick-pastry samosas riddled with hefty chunks of potato, peas and onion. This appetiser could double as a main course, so leave some space for the silky smoked butter chicken, which swamps tender blocks of boneless meat in a mild and creamy tomato sauce. Heap some fragrant basmati pulao with fruit and nuts onto the plate and scoop everything up with the basil-strewn naan bread before finishing off with a bowl of cooling kulfi.

Of course, there are better places in the city to snatch a quick curry, but the DIFC bunch are a captive audience who’ll probably work their way through all of the new restaurants opening in the complex. If you’re in the area and you’re looking for a fast fix of spice, you could do worse than rubbing shoulder pads with the suits and getting down to business here.