From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2008

From the seats to the tables, the (dry) bar to the walls, everything in this joint is fashioned from solid ice. An impressive sculpture of Dubai’s prominent landmarks stretch across one side like a strip of frozen stalagmites, while a glacial chandelier casts its cool beams across the room in softly changing hues, from tundra blue to sunset red.

Even the platters are made of ice. Unsurprisingly, the cold cuts come a shade too cold; a frigid sliver of smoked salmon has to be prised off the plate and defrosted in the mouth. Don’t bother with the canapés – a handful of mayonnaise-moistened morsels smudged onto squares of ordinary sliced bread are served stiff with frost.

You can’t spend much more than 40 minutes here – unless you want to turn into a fish finger – and the food comes across as merely an afterthought. As gimmicks go, it’s a pretty interesting one – but it might take an ice age before you want to return.