From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2008

This new restaurant by the Burj Dubai is a tribute to the traditional cuisine of the Levant region, showcasing the age-old delights and delicacies of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine.

The tabbouleh (from Lebanon), heavy with parsley and coarsely chopped, is fresh and full of zest, while the mohamara (a spicy Syrian dip of blitzed peppers and walnuts) is a thick paste brimming with matured flavours.

The raw lamb, also known as kibbey nayyeh, is a smooth spread of uncooked meat, ground with spices and bulgur wheat, that perfectly accompanies

the salads. A clay pot of mfaraket btata features crisply sautéed potatoes with fluffy scrambled egg and chopped parsley, while the fatat makdous (another dish with Syrian origins) combines white rice and aubergine softened in olive oil and slathered in lashings of creamy yoghurt.

If you munch your way through this lot, perhaps share a main between two – the huge mosakhan roll (Palestinian style) features half a chicken perched on a broad base of pitta bread, topped with sautéed onions and pine nuts, sprinkled with sumac and drizzled in olive oil.

The succulent and boldly flavoured meat falls from the bone, and the crisp, herby skin dissolves in the mouth with torn shreds of pitta.