From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
Ah, Ravi’s. The secret restaurant that’s now advertised in Emirates airline’s on-flight arrival pack: the side-street insider tip your mate who’s already been to Dubai will tell you about before you’ve even arrived here. Thankfully, the Pakistani restaurant hasn’t gained any airs or graces with all this widespread acclaim: the prices are still the same, the service is still efficient and amicably sloppy. It’s still a big deal if they bring out the little glasses for your post-meal chai, rather than the regular polystyrene. So what is Ravi’s secret? In this order: it’s crazy cheap prices (no matter how much you eat, the bill is always Dhs25. Math doesn’t seem to exist here), and its food. Specifically, its butter chicken. And, if we need another reason – its streetside setting. Ravi’s provides the perfect spot for those who live outside Satwa to witness the buzz of an authentic, cosmopolitan street scene, thriving with life, and history, and, dare we say it, soul. Be warned: on average we experience tummy trouble after every third Ravi’s visit. But this doesn’t stop us going back.